Don’t add sugar to Christmas tree water. Here’s why

While some people swear by adding something like sugar, soda, and even vodka to their Christmas tree water, our sources say soft drinks are the best option.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas each year, millions of Americans flock to Christmas tree farms around the country to buy a real, live tree for the holiday.

Online searches show that many people are wondering how to keep the Christmas tree fresh. Some VERIFY viewers and some websites claim that adding something extra to the plant’s water – like sugar, soda, and even vodka – can help the plant stay fresher longer.


Are there added sugars or other substances to the Christmas tree juice that help keep it fresh?



This is wrong.

No, adding sugar or other substances to the Christmas tree juice will not help keep it fresh.


According to the Michigan State University (MSU) Extension Agency, regular tap water is all it takes to keep your Christmas tree fresh over the holidays. On her website, one professor warns against adding any additives like sugar, aspirin, bleach or floral preservatives to the plant’s water.

Dr. Bert Cregg from MSU Extension writes: “The key to keeping a needle on your tree when it’s on display in your home is: fresh plants, fresh cuts, clean water.

Dr Kathy Crowley, assistant professor of plant biology at Unity University in Maine, tells VERIFICATION that adding things like sugar, soda or vodka can actually do more harm to the plant than it helps. She also says, “All the plant needs is basic fresh water.”

“I know we all love being able to add something magical to our water to keep our Christmas trees fresher. But really, the main thing you can do for your Christmas tree is make sure you have a fresh tree to start with and that your tree doesn’t completely dry out before you bring it home,” says Crowley.

“If you add too much stuff to the water, you could conceivably cause some of the water to be sucked out of the base of the tree instead of going up the tree — it’s better to let the natural process of water absorption take place. out,” Crowley added.

The National Christmas Tree Association (NCTA) says displaying plants in water with a traditional reservoir-style stand is the “most effective” way to minimize needle loss and maintain tree freshness.

“When you bring it home, make sure you cut off the base of the stem—just cut a narrow disc, maybe half an inch, to ensure that the base of the stem is open and water will be able to get through. inside the tree,” Crowley said. “Then make sure that the water always hits the base of the tree, and that way the tree will be able to get the water it needs to stay hydrated.”

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