Every ‘Clone Wars’ Character Who Returned in ‘Rebels’

war of stars Characters have a habit of appearing again and again in new films and television projects. Animated characters are no different, and several fan favorites made the journey from the clone wars to his successor rebels.

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Many in attendance supported the Rebel Alliance, including Clone Wars veteran Captain Rex and freedom fighter Cham Syndulla. Others served the Empire, most notably the ex-Jedi who became Grand Inquisitors. Then there were the likes of Hondo Ohnaka, whose loyalty usually lay with the highest bidder.



During the Clone Wars, Gregor was a member of the Clone Commandos, an elite group of special forces that included some of the top soldiers in the Grand Army of the Republic. At some point in the war, he crash-landed on Abafar and suffered from amnesia from forgetting he was a clone.

When the Specters meet up with the clones on Seelos, Gregor is thrown off balance. Whether it’s due to the removal of his inhibitor chip or simply the sense of obsolescence felt by many clones after the war ended is unclear. Gregor, however, has not lost any of his fighting skills and takes part in the liberation of Lothal, giving his life in the process.

Gobi Glie

The struggle to free Ryloth from Separatist control was difficult. While the clone army led the charge, the Republic allied with the Free Ryloth movement led by Cham Syndulla. Gobi Glie was Cham’s lieutenant in the movement and took part in the defense of Ryloth under Master Di and the Republic forces’ subsequent counteroffensive.

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Survival on Ryloth was difficult even in the best of times, as the planet was home to several species of ferocious beasts and slavers often captured Twi’leks to sell. For decades, rebels like Gobi lived in hiding fighting the Separatists and the Empire. Gobi is fiercely loyal to its leader and in return gains Cham’s trust.


During the Battle of Onderon, the Separatists fought with the droid army commanded by General Kalani against Saw Gerrera and his partisans. At the end of the war, when all CIS units were ordered to shut down, Kalani refused, believing the order was a trap.

The ST-series droid commander spent more than a decade on Agamar in a crashed Dh-Omni supply ship. When the Specters and Rex arrived in search of equipment, Kalani challenged the clone and the Jedi to a final battle to see which side was truly the strongest, though the droid would ally with the rebels once Imperial forces began to attack the planet.

Gerra seen

Part of what would later become the Rebel Alliance was formed during the Clone Wars, when Rebels fought the Separatists on their homeworlds. One of the most effective was Saw Gerrera, the leader of the partisans on Onderon. When Saw lost his sister during the conflict, he became more extreme and turned to fighting the Empire after the war.

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Despite being a successful partisan, Saw alienated other rebel factions with the vicious, uncompromising nature of his attacks. Unconcerned about the use of torture to obtain information, he was viewed as a terrorist by rebels like Mon Mothma who believed he could turn public opinion against the Alliance.


While fighting on Ryloth, clone troopers Waxer and Boil encountered Numa, a Twi’lek child whose parents had been killed by the Separatists. Unsure what to do with her, they took her away. Numa developed a bond with the clones and called them “nerra,” the Twi’lek word for brother.

At some point, Numa joined the Free Ryloth movement under Cham Syndulla. Considering her one of his best fighters, he set her on a mission to capture the Imperial carrier orbiting Ryloth. When Cham went against Hera’s plan and attempted to destroy the carrier, Numa faithfully followed her commander’s orders.

Hondo Ohnaka

During the Clone Wars, pirate Hondo Ohnaka occupied himself with profiting from the conflict. Despite this, Hondo always considered himself honorable and imagined himself as a friend of Obi Wan. Years later, he meets Ezra Bridger and takes a liking to the young Jedi, aiding him on several occasions.

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Age seems to have softened Hondo a bit. Although he is still looking for the quick win, he is also willing to help others for no reward. During the rebels’ operation to liberate Lothal, Hondo agrees to go with them despite the desperate nature of the mission, stating he would do whatever is necessary to help Ezra.

Commander Wolfe

Wolffe is a respected Clone Wars veteran who serves under Jedi Master Plo Koon. He lost an eye in the conflict and replaced it with his trusted bionic. After the war he manages to remove his inhibitor chip and ends up living in an old AT-TE wagon with Rex and Gregor.

It seems he still has some loyalty to the Empire, as he sends a message to Agent Kallus when Kanan and the rebels meet them on Seelos, though he later helps them destroy the Imperial AT-AT Walkers. Though he does not immediately join the Rebellion, he agrees to aid the Specters in their unauthorized mission to liberate Lothal.

Bo-Katan Kryze

Originally a member of Death Watch, Bo-Katan fought against her sister Satine’s attempts to turn Mandalore into a pacifist society and firmly believed in her heritage as a warrior. When Maul defeats Pre Vizsla in battle, she refuses to accept the Sith Lord’s rule and works with Ahsoka to depose him.

When the Empire occupies Mandalore, Bo-Katan becomes an outcast once more as she struggles against the Clan Saxon administration. When Sabine returns to Mandalore, she gives Bo-Katan the Darksaber, which symbolizes her right to rule over the Mandalorian people and unite them against the Empire.

Grand Inquisitor

The few Jedi who survived the initial carnage of Order 66 had few options. While most chose to go into hiding, some joined the Empire as members of the Inquisitorius, an organization of Force-sensitives tasked with hunting down the remaining Jedi.

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One of the leaders of the organization was the Pau’an Grand Inquisitor, a former Jedi temple guard during the Clone Wars, he was ruthless in his mission. After discovering Kanan’s true identity, he relentlessly pursued him and his new apprentice, Ezra Bridger, until he met his end in a duel with the former padawan.

Wulff Yularen

Although most of the Republic military was made up of clones and led by the Jedi, there were a few other officers who had served before the war began. One of the most able was Admiral Wulff Yularen, who was often forced to follow Anakin Skywalker’s plans against his better judgment.

When the Empire replaced the Republic, Yularen remained loyal and later transferred from the Navy to the Imperial Security Bureau, where he served as an intelligence officer. He was one of the Imperial officers who believed Rebel Agent Fulcrum was actually his former student ISB Agent Kallus.

Captain Rex

It’s hard to imagine a more important clone than Captain Rex. He served throughout the Clone Wars, being present at many important battles and serving alongside Anakin and Ahsoka. He managed to overcome the effects of his Inhibitor Chip and successfully removed it.

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Rex chose to stay out of the rebellion at first and retreat to Seelos. He joined them at Ahsoka’s request as the rebels needed commanders with more battlefield experience to bring them into the war. He initially had a difficult relationship with Kanan due to the clones’ role in Order 66, although the two eventually came to trust and respect each other.

Cham Syndulla

During the Clone Wars, Cham Syndulla proved a formidable fighter, refusing to submit even when his planet was overrun by Separatists. Though he eventually managed to route the droids with Republic help, it was a short-lived victory as his planet would soon be occupied by the Empire.

For most of his daughter Hera’s life, Cham fought for his planet. As the empire grew, Cham’s relationship with his wayward daughter became strained. While he was focused on freeing Ryloth, Hera believed they needed to look at the bigger picture and work with the broader rebellion. Their disagreement would result in Hera leaving to start her own rebel activity as Captain of the Ghost.

Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka spent much of the Clone Wars fighting on the front lines with her master, Anakin Skywalker. She was a seasoned Jedi, but left the Order before her training was complete. She was targeted in Order 66 and went into hiding like most Force users.

She was an early collaborator with the Rebel Alliance, working with Bail Organa as secret agent Fulcrum to feed the Rebels with intelligence. She joined the Specters and Phoenix Cell after hearing about Ezra Bridger and helped train him. Her contribution to the Rebellion was cut short when she got lost on Malacore after her duel with Darth Vader.

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