Every song from ‘High School Musical 2’ ranked

What time is it?

Time to celebrate the 15th anniversary of High School Musical 2 by ranking every song from the exquisitely cheesy sequel to the hit movie musical that started it all.

Where were you when the TV event of the season premiered on Disney Channel? (I was on a sleepover, drinking Capri Sun and wolfing down those doughy, sugar-sprinkled grocery store cookies.) The year was 2007, the month was August, and school was just starting — but in that moment it felt real after that the actual summer had only just begun.

The original High School Musical movie – which was popular enough to spawn two sequels, a concert tour and a TV spinoff series on Disney+ – starred a young Zac Efron as Troy Bolton, Vanessa Hudgens as Gabriella Montez, Corbin Bleu as Chad Danforth, Monique Coleman as Taylor McKessie, Lucas Grabeel as Ryan Evans and Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay Evans.

For all the sane people out there who haven’t watched “High School Musical 2” a thousand times since its much-anticipated Disney Channel debut and need a refresher, the second film in the trilogy sees the East High Wildcats spend a summer working and/or lounging at the fictional Lava Springs Country Club in Albuquerque, NM

In the run-up to the country club’s talent show, there are many micro-conflicts, many Teenage angst follows and several stunning numbers are performed by the returning company. In the words of Sharpay, here’s how they rank, from “absolutely” to “…not.”

10. ‘Everyday’

Not even the endearing onscreen chemistry of Efron and Hudgens as hapless lovers Troy and Gabriella could save this talent show slumberfest. If you’re surprised by the final placement of this hollow number, I can only assume it’s because you forgot it was even in the movie, and I don’t blame you one bit.

9. “You are the music in me” (Sharpay version)

Before Taylor’s version, there was Sharpay’s version — but unlike Swift’s re-recorded gems, some of Sharpay’s demo tracks probably should have stayed in the vault (I’m also looking at you, “Humuhumunukunukuapua’a,” which is from a deleted scene, for which unwisely revived as an extended cut of the film). While co-president of the Drama Club’s rocking rendition of “You Are the Music in Me” is a tough jump on the “High School Musical 2” soundtrack, Efron and Tisdale earn points for performing a master class in physical comedy in this one scene .

8. ‘All for One’

The most memorable part of this poolside finale is Miley Cyrus’ fan-voted cameo of Miley Cyrus. (Who else feels they deserve some credit from the casting department for doing their civic duty and booking the Hannah Montana for this project?) The lyrics are cliche. The choreography is fun. What more could you want from the closing number of a High School Musical movie?

7. “What time is it”

While not inaudible, “What Time Is It” is definitely the weakest opening number of the High School Musical trilogy. To be fair, nothing would ever do justice to Troy and Gabriella’s karaoke kismet from the first film. But kudos to the choreographers for creating some of the most ambitious and innovative dance sequences ever performed in a school corridor.

6. ‘Fabulous’

I’ll concede that the mediocre placement of this fan-favorite number may be a result of it being overdone in late elementary school. (You had to be there.) Nonetheless, it’s an undeniable classic, and Tisdale deserves at least half an EGOT for this major achievement.

5. “Work That Out”

A brazen ode to capitalism and a labor rights anthem in a film musical? It’s called reach, folks. This number is like “It’s a Hard Knock Life” by “Annie” was 50 times better and Zac Efron did that cool wobbly leg pull too. you know him

4. “You are the music in me”

I’m a fan of a good Troy-Gabriella duet, and every harmony of this tune is really *cook’s kiss*. Salute to our geeky piano queen Kelsi (Olesya Rulin), who composed another smash hit for Disney Channel’s Romeo and Juliet in the early 2000s.

3. “I don’t dance”

The irony of this number, of course, is that Bleu absolutely dances – exceptionally well, in fact. So it’s nice to see the talents of the future Broadway star – and Grabeels, for that matter – in full here. Great props for anyone finding an excuse to choreograph an athletic showstopper for these unlikely duet partners that inspired a generation of viewers to ship Chad and Ryan. #ChyanForever.

2. “I have to go my own way”

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, no High School Musical movie would be complete without a juicy breakup ballad from #1 teen drama queen Gabriella Montez, and this one is easily the best the three. There are so many standout moments in this number, but my personal favorite is when Gabriella finally leaves Troy and runs to her mother, who I understand was waiting patiently in her minivan while her daughter spent almost four minutes trying to meet her boyfriend unload with a song. Unbelievable.

1. “Bet on it”

I mean, how could anything top an anxious Zac Efron prance and jump across a golf course while belting out one of the most catchy songs ever written for television? From the golf club choreography to the CGI reflection of Sadboi Troy peering into the abyss at Lava Springs Country Club, this delightful cheeseball of a number from arguably the cheesiest part of the entire franchise is pure gold. Plus, it gave us the iconic Troy Eats pizza meme. No notes.

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