Evil neighbour who killed mum and two daughters in house fire after row over bin bags is jailed

A twisted neighbor who killed a mother and her daughters in a terrible house fire after a row over bin bags has been jailed.

Jamie Barrow poured petrol through the mailbox of Fatoumatta Hydara’s Nottingham flat and then set fire to the house.

Fatoumatta Hydara (28), Naeemah (1) and Fatimah Drammeh (3) perished in the fire


Fatoumatta Hydara (28), Naeemah (1) and Fatimah Drammeh (3) perished in the fire
Jamie Barrow was jailed for the horror


Jamie Barrow was jailed for the horrorPhoto credit: PA

The 31-year-old then “casually” walked away despite hearing screams coming from the property.

Tragically, Fatoumatta (28), Naeemah (1) and Fatimah Drammeh (3) all perished in the fire.

carts has now been sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 44 years after being convicted of murder and arson for careless care that his life was in danger.

In a heartbreaking victim statement, husband Aboubacarr Drammeh opened up about his final moments with his family.

The father said he kissed his children on the forehead in their sleep and waved goodbye to his wife as he prepared to head to the US for work.

He was due to return to Britain a week after the fire to help organize the family’s move to America, but his plans were horribly thwarted.

Recalling the night he lost his family, Aboubacarr said, “That evening of November 19, the conversation was going normally.”

“I would fall asleep, nap, go to bed at night, and wake up for early morning prayers.

“While I was praying, my phone started ringing non-stop. I thought it was Fatoumatta who wanted FaceTime.

“We all know that wasn’t the case. It was my mother-in-law and my sister, so I called my mother-in-law back and she said there had been an accident and the children hadn’t survived and Fatoumatta was in intensive care.”

“But it wasn’t an accident, was it?”

The father also described Barrow as “a coward who knew exactly what to do and when to do it.”

He said there were “four grandparents and two great-grandparents who traded their lives for these people.”

Aboubacarr, who had to identify the bodies, added: “You had a choice, but you chose something different. Hatred, anger, destruction, I don’t know, but of all the choices you had, you chose the most damaging one.”

“I’m angry, I’m sad, I’m hurt, I’m heartbroken. At the same time I am grateful that they are a part of me. I am grateful to Fatoumatta and the children because they made me a better person.”

“I don’t hate anyone in the world, including you.”

Fatoumatta’s mother, Aminata Dibba, recounted how on the morning of the fire she went to a market in Nottingham to buy toys her grandchildren would never get to play with.

Branding Barrow a “heartless human being,” she added, “When I found out that my granddaughters’ lives had been taken by this monster, it felt like I would do anything in that moment to trade my life for hers.”

Terrifying footage was shown carts quietly leave the house Smoking a cigarette when the fire broke out.

Later he grinned police when he asked her how “bad” the fire was before spending time with the evacuees Neighbors at Nottingham Trent University.

When the police obtained a witness report from him, carts told them, “I have to tell you something about the fire next Door.”

Then he lowered his head and held out his hands in front of him as if he wanted to be handcuffed.

The killer later said, “I was going to turn myself in at Clifton police station today anyway.”

Nottingham Crown Court was told that about a month before the fire, Barrow made a “complaint” about rubbish bags being left in an alley behind her block of flats.

On November 20 last year, Fatoumatta and her children were sleeping when the evil neighbor set their house on fire.

carts had the same apartment layout as the family so knew the front door was the only way in and out – they were ‘trapped’ when the flames got the better of them.

He then stood outside and “did nothing to help” while the mother and her children cried out for help.

In his statement, Barrow claimed he did not realize that Fatoumatta and their two children were home when he set the fire.

But security cameras showed him walking past the apartment on two separate occasions while lights were on to buy beers.

In addition, there was always a stroller in the hallway, and the children were “loud and excited” while Fatoumatta was on the phone with her mother.

Barrow claimed he was “hypnotized” by flames and used fire to “relieve stress”.

He said he couldn’t remember everything from the hours before the fire, but recalled feeling like “a rubber band had popped in my head”.

Barrow added, “I knew I was going to light something, I just didn’t know what.”

Fatoumatta’s husband Aboubacarr Drammeh, 40, had returned from America after a fire ravaged the family home in November.

Tragically, his wife and children planned to move with him to the United States, where he worked as a biomedical engineer.

The family said in a joint statement: “Words cannot describe the suffering our family has suffered at the hands of one human being.” Man.

“We also cannot quantify the emotional, psychological, physiological and financial impact of the crime committed by Jamie Barrow against Fatoumatta, Fatimah and Naeemah.

“His actions were utterly heartless and cruel – and caused a generational trauma that we will never understand.

“Fatoumatta was a caring daughter, wife, sister, mother and friend. If love and compassion could make a man immortal, he would have lived forever.

“She had a pure heart and was loved deeply for her personality and qualities.

“She was the most incredible mother to Fatimah and Naeemah, two angels who deserved a happy childhood and a fulfilling life.

“Nottingham and the rest of the world have been denied the potential Future TeacherOfficials, doctors – who knows what that might have been?

“They lived a short but meaningful life, so much joy and happiness they brought to all of us.”

He was seen walking away after setting fire to the house


He was seen walking away after setting fire to the housePhoto credit: Nottingham Police
Barrow, too, smiled at police when he asked how


Barrow, too, smiled at police when he asked how “severe” the fire wasPhoto credit: SWNS
Tragically, the family had planned to move to America


Tragically, the family had planned to move to AmericaPhoto credit: PA
The children were asleep at the time of the arson attack


The children were asleep at the time of the arson attackPhoto credit: PA
Barrow had ignored her screams and calmly walked away


Barrow had ignored her screams and calmly walked awayPhoto credit: PA
Fatoumatta's husband Aboubacarr Drammeh was in the United States at the time


Fatoumatta’s husband Aboubacarr Drammeh was in the United States at the timePhoto credit: PA
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