Expert reveals why it’s okay to go on holiday without your partner – but not everyone agrees

A relationship expert has revealed why it’s perfectly fine for people to go on vacation without their partner, but it turns out not everyone agrees.

Many couples expect to do everything with their partner, but that shouldn’t always be the case, according to Susan Winter.

Man booked vacation in Japan without taking his girlfriend (stock image)


Man booked vacation in Japan without taking his girlfriend (stock image)Photo credit: Getty

The author and relationship coach explained why separate holidays can sometimes actually be good for a couple instead of doing harm.

The topic arose because of a post on Reddit in which a man wanted to know if he was a bad person if he booked flights to Japan alone and without his five-year-old partner.

He asked others if it was bad that he booked his dream trip alone because he was better off financially than his girlfriend and he had always wanted to go to the country.

He wrote: “I am someone who has dreamed of going to Japan for a long time. I’ve told my girlfriend this a few times [and] during our relationship.

“Just between us, I’m more able to travel because I’m the one who earns more.”

“I felt a strong urge to go to Japan this year and I actually told her a couple of times to come with me but she told me she couldn’t afford to go to Japan just yet.”

The man explained that his partner was upset “because she felt like I didn’t include her in my decision and that I was super impulsive.”

“She also told me that not being able to travel with me hurts.

“It’s really hard for me because of course I want to share these experiences with her, but I also really wanted to do this journey for myself, even if I’m alone.”

The subject was brought to Susan to get her opinion, and she said that it’s perfectly fine for couples to travel separately and that people often need their own space every now and then.

she said inside hook: “We are used to going on vacation together as a couple, a great time.”

“Now we are discovering that many couples within a couple are choosing to embark on a solo journey to reconnect with ourselves and give our partner much more.

“Modern people take time within a couple to meet their own needs and goals, their personal goals. The end result, if done right, can be very beneficial to the relationship.”

Not everyone fully agreed with Susan, however, and others told the man he was being selfish.

One said: “I thought maybe they’d only been dating for a few months (not saying that’s an excuse) but when I saw they’d been together for FIVE years he just pulled it off.”

“Wow. It’s so incredibly selfish, and he obviously doesn’t look at her as a partner. If when he returns, the house is clear of her belongings, he shouldn’t be surprised.”

Another agreed, saying: “It’s what singles do. No one in a committed relationship would ever act like that.”

However, there was some support for Susan’s opinion, with one person saying: “I can understand your friend’s frustration but this is about your money and your vacation and you have no other commitments, financial or otherwise.”

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In the meantime, this man booked a first-class plane ticket, but put his wife in economy class.

And this woman also had to sit in economy class, while her husband and his friend sat in economy class first.

The man asked others if he was wrong about his solo vacation (stock image)


The man asked others if he was wrong about his solo vacation (stock image)Credit: Alamy

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