Experts warn of seven items you should never keep on your windowsill

EXPERTS have warned Britons not to put these SEVEN items on their windowsills – don’t get spotted.

You can easily toss any old junk on the windowsill when you are in a hurry or are too tired to put things away.

Changes in temperature can cause chemicals to lose their strength and even aerosols can explode


Changes in temperature can cause chemicals to lose their strength and even aerosols can explodeCredit: Getty

But some of us leave items there that can be a health hazard.

Or even permanent damage to property.

Adam Pawson, a real estate expert from leading Safestyle window experts, shared his concerns with homeowners.

reflective item

Brits who use their windowsills as a beauty spot in the morning should think twice about leaving their mirrors out.

And, if your bed is right next to a window, you shouldn’t put a cup of water on the ledge.

Adam warns: “Make sure to move items like beauty mirrors away from direct sunlight and away from windowsills, especially during heatwaves.

“They can focus the sun’s rays and cause other nearby objects like clothing to catch on fire.”

Real estate professionals suggest keeping all reflective items off the windowsill, such as water glasses or vases.


It may go without saying, but this real estate expert reminds homeowners not to leave fragile or valuable items on our windowsills.

Mainly because if the window is open, the wind can knock objects to the floor.

If something heavy falls, it can crack the floor below – or if the glass breaks, there’s a chance someone’s leg or arm will bleed.

Adam also explains: “Depending on how your window opens, these widgets could potentially restrict access to your window opening and closing, which we don’t recommend because it restricts ventilation for your home.”


Window experts urge Britons to free their windowsills from cluttered and difficult-to-clean items.

This will allow the property owner to keep the frame of the home clean and maintain its value should the home be put on the market.

“Do not leave windowsills with birthday cards, vases, bottles and anything else to ensure that you can clean them effectively,” he says.

“Keeping it clutter-free will help ensure that you can clean your entire window, from the corners of the frame.

“This is also important if you’re looking to sell your home, as keeping your home clutter-free will help attract potential buyers.”


Sunlight and heat can cause aerosols, like deodorants, to explode if left outdoors for too long.

As summer approaches, the expert wants to remind Britons not to leave cleaning products or air fresheners on their windowsills.

“You should always keep your windowsill free of aerosols like deodorants and sprays,” says the expert.

“This is especially important during periods of hot weather.

“This is because when exposed to direct sunlight, these items can easily build up pressure and explode, which can cause long-term damage to your window fittings.”

If you don’t want to spend the summer repainting window sills or changing curtains – store your spray bottle in a dry cabinet.


A lot of people leave cleaning supplies on the windowsill, especially in the bathroom.

But this can limit their effectiveness.

Adam explains that different temperatures can cause chemicals to lose their strength and even aerosols can explode.

He encourages homeowners to keep products in the store’s dry cabinet.

This rule also applies to hygiene items like shower gel – experts note that sunlight can cause these products to become slimy.


We all love them, whether it’s for relaxing after a thorough cleaning of the room or hoping they set the mood for something more exciting.

But they pose a fire hazard if left unattended in direct sunlight.

“To avoid damage and mess on your windowsill and all of your window fittings, make sure to remove the candles as wax can easily melt and be difficult to remove,” says Adam.

“Another important reason to keep candles away from windows is that although they do not appear to be dangerous, if exposed to direct sunlight, they can ignite, creating a fire hazard.”

This happens when cleaning experts give their advice to keep your home safe.

A master housekeeper has sounded the alarm about a common but deadly mistake you must avoid.

Countless Britons are filling clear jars with their cleaning products – including wash tablets and toilet cleaners – to avoid messy boxes or bottles on the countertop.

But cleaning expert Ann Russell has warned that this “aesthetic” trend can be deadly.

Another expert urged Britons to be careful when cleaning for holiday guests, as the wrong method can kill pets.

They reveal oven cleaners, dishwashing tablets, bleach and even laundry products can make your pet seriously ill.

Plus, a home expert has highlighted a function you should never use on your oven – and doctors and firefighters alike agree.

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