Fear the Walking Dead Recap: Season 7, Episode 14 — [Spoiler] Kills…

Fear the Walking DeadThe actor purge continues. Already, Season 7 killed John Sr. and Howard, sent guest character (Ali) after character (Paul) after character (Will), and slap expiration dates on Alicia and Charlie. And during Sunday’s “God’s Providence,” another major tournament if players are not fully utilized met their makers. Who? Continue reading…

After Alicia & Co. appeared at Tower’s “telephone booth”, for lack of a better term, Strand invited her out for a drink. Since Daniel also entered, uninvited – and going on about meeting Ofelia – Victor gave him a hiatus while he pleads his case for Alicia. When she was unmoved by his stalking, he ordered the beacon to be turned on. “You have your army. I have mine. And once the light has attracted his soldiers – you know, those walking in radioactive craters – her friends will all die gruesome deaths, and she will be trapped. in the Tower with him forever. (Or her word “forevermore” turns out to be that long.)

Soon after, Alicia released Strand and forced him into an elevator, which she intended to take to the roof to turn off the beacon. Instead, the elevator is closed – emergency protocol – giving Strand time to reach an agreement with Alicia: He will turn off the lights if she calls in her troops – and also agree to stay with him. any time she left . (Obsessed a lot?)

Fear the Walking dead recap season 7 episode 14 strand kill wesAlthough an agreement was signed, Wes, upon releasing the duo, was not interested in it. “Have you lost your mind?” he asked Strand to somehow remove what I needed to have. If the Strand doesn’t defend the Tower, Wes will. But it wasn’t long before he declared himself king of the Tower over the Strand, and Alicia was freed from his captivity. And just as Wes gave the order to kill Daniel, Ofelia’s father killed his guard.

Needing help getting past the rangers onto the roof, Strand and Alicia rented it to Daniel, then lied to him that his daughter was on the top floor. Before they could go that far, even with Daniel’s killer skills, Alicia fell. In the infirmary, Daniel finally learns that Ofelia is dead. Before he can kill Strand, as he usually does, it is pointed out to him that Charlie is still alive, if not nearly, and that he may be there for her. “Be the person you want Ofelia to meet,” Alicia urged him.

Yet again, Strand’s life was spared. (Forgot nine lives, the guy has to have 20, right?) When he and Alicia, with their adrenaline high, went up, up, up, they paused long enough for him to admit that yes, she It’s the closest thing he’s got to a girl. Will made Strand realize that he loved her. “That’s what this is about,” he insisted. “I just wanted to prove something to you.” Dude, next time, write a card…sheesh.

Fear the Walking dead recap season 7 episode 14 strand kill wesWhen Wes once again caught up with the duo, Strand completely changed the villainous tune he’d been singing all season long. After throwing so many people off the roof, today he feels it is a good idea to help people. (In this show, the engine changes faster than a corpse to a pedestrian.) In response, Wes revealed that he had found a transmitter among Alicia’s belongings. He added, if she called for reinforcements, they would never have had a chance.

Before Wes can finish Alicia, it’s Daniel’s turn to save her and get shot for his troubles. (Not that that slows him down one bit.) Alicia and Wes then find themselves in an impasse that abruptly ends when the Strand stabs his newest patron. “Why do you do that?” exclaimed Alicia, who thought she could reason with Wes.

Strand replied, “That’s also why I built the Tower the way I did. “So you won’t need to do so.” (Funny, I don’t remember Madison having to become a total monster while she was trying to solidify the baseball diamond…)

Fear the Walking dead recap season 7 episode 14 strand kill wesImmediately, Daniel runs outside with June, Wendell, and Grace to warn Dwight, Sherry, etc., to hurry into the Tower. Before they could, the rangers started shooting from the roof. They were quickly dispatched by Strand, but he hesitated to turn off the beacon. WTF? “You’ll never forgive me, will you?” he asked Alicia. “The damage is done.”

“We don’t have time for this,” Alicia replied. Two words: Thank you. Friend.

One story (Alicia tripping over a wire) leads to another (her bony hand punctures a gas can), all while Strand suffers from a teenage depression (“It won’t work”). never made you love me”). Finally, right after our heroine sends out a text call for help, she collapses again as the roof catches on fire.

So anyone else beat that Fear TWD beat a character with as much potential as Wes? Did you ever think that he was destined to be Alicia’s lover? Type in the comments.

https://tvline.com/2022/05/22/fear-the-walking-dead-recap-season-7-episode-14-strand-kills-wes/ Fear the Walking Dead Recap: Season 7, Episode 14 — [Spoiler] Kills…

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