‘Flight Attendant’: Season 2 Episode 6 — Kaley Cuoco and Sharon Stone

PERFORMERS | Kaley Cuoco and Sharon Stone

PROGRAMME | Flight attendant

THE EPISODE | “Brothers & Sisters” (May 12, 2022)

EFFICIENCY | While last week’s episode was heartbreaking, due to Cassie(s) falling off the wagon, this week’s ride home was devastatedwhen Cassie and her estranged mother endure an unexpected and controversial reunion.

Before the aforementioned reunion, Cuoco had read Cassie’s letter to her and Davey’s unlikely father – so we were in her corner, hoping that any sort of “win” “Which will come. But when Lisa snarled at her children, “Jesus, Davey. You can give me an advance notice, “we know that another emotional ride is upon us.

Cassie did her best to set a gendered tone, but all Lisa can say is that her daughter and her friends once threw a party at her house and stole her. “Now that we’ve caught up,” Lisa snapped, “what are we going to talk about on the Christmas phone call?”

But a lot of needed to catch up more, when mom and kids moved to the kitchen and Cassie overheard Lisa whining about her presence. This is where Cuoco and Stone dive hard documents at hand, poking old, unhealed wounds and uttering harsh words.

“I’m sorry for being a – girl, especially after my dad passed away. I was a dysfunctional, alcoholic teen,” Cassie admitted. When that sparked a zero reaction, she added that “taking responsibility for my life and actions is an important part of my journey now” and apologized again for not ” kind” like a child.

And mom just…. Do not care.

“Is it? Because if that’s the case, I don’t think we’re dealing with it here,” Lisa said, as Stone crossed to stand beside TR Knight’s Davey, creating a sense of interference. “No. who gets mad at you for what you did when you were a kid” after his drunk driving father died. adult that’s important,” Lisa asserted, before explaining Cassie’s crazy, adult antics. “You thought an apology would just erase it all!”

During this dialogue, Stone makes it clear that Lisa is equipped with bears and has five things to get out of her breasts. In turn, Cuoco portrays the confused and injured Cassie, someone who truly thinks “I’m sorry” will erase a bad past.

Things have especially hairy like Lisa insists that her daughter is still no stranger to drinking. Cassie thinks it’s “hard to turn it off,” and then tries to turn it around and asks why did Davey, who actually left the house, get a free ticket? “You are suppose to grow and learn and move on,” Lisa countered.

Cassie admits that “Dad makes me feel special and not exciting at all” and that the time she spent with him left her “frustrated”. “It was horrible, and I’m sorry,” she offered again. Then when Cassie asked her what she had to do to prove she was getting better…. well, that made Stone and Cuoco’s biggest punch in a while. Lisa cupped her daughter’s sobbing face to say, “Cassie, honey, I love you. I do. But I do not like you. In all of. ” And with a sweet pat on Cassie’s cheek, combined with a stern (and undescribed) slap, Lisa makes the excuse of “going to work,” leaving behind a dreamy Cassie and introducing a lengthy movie scene. 9 minutes hard to watch but engaging. .

MEANING OF HONOR | Jessica Biel’s powerful and layered acting as the main character in Hulu’s Candy convinced even though Mrs. Roper wore a wig and oversized glasses, not because of them. It was through these glasses that we saw Sinner Alum’s smiley forms with her murderous character’s mood to reveal lust, guilt, deception, and ultimately bloody volcanic rage. The latter comes into play in the finale when Biel’s Candy uses violence and primal moans to unleash a world of fury that doesn’t suit the supposedly mild Betty. Why is Candy so angry? Was she shunned because of her restrictive society, her husband’s sexism and neglect, or was Betty really trying to kill her? Sadly, when it comes to the actual case, we’ll never know. Thanks to the diversion of the person playing the role of a suburban, starving, starving alpha mother who wields an ax to brutally kill her friend and free herself, Biel’s iteration with Candy is Scariest fictional movie to date.

Hacks Hannah Einbinder Part 2, Episode 2MEANING OF HONOR | In episode 2 of Hacks‘season two, Ava Daniels walks on eggshells, tormented by guilt over her duplicity of actions. Hannah Einbinder presents a whirlwind of emotions, between being an overcompensated “Yes Woman” and continuing the cycle of shame. When she finally comes clean, the actress makes us feel the remorse of her character with her dreary gaze and body language – especially when her boss forces her to have to read emails out loud, word for word regrettably. In the final moments, Einbinder continues to carry us through emotional blows, as Deborah seems to have let her out of the story. But that sweet relief was only temporary relief: Later, she learned Deborah was suing her for breach of contract. While Ava certainly deserves whatever comes her way, it’s Einbinder’s ingenuity that makes it all work.

flight attendant-season-2-episode-6-kaley-cuoco-sharon-stoneMEANING OF HONOR | We need just three words to describe our reaction to Gray Damon’s visceral performance on Thursday. Station 19: We. To be. Intestine. However, the tour de force deserves more than three. More ways. After the episode started with him infusing Jack with nervous excitement at the prospect of seeing the brother he never knew he had again, the actor delivered with small gestures and expressed the character’s cynicism and indescribable hurt knowing that he has even more siblings, all of whom have been raised by his mother and father. After that, Damon all but opened a vein as Jack released his agony of being “transitioned from carnivore to carnivore” in foster care, all because of his parents. … “They don’t want me,” he sobbed. Stunning work – raw, real and admirably vulnerable.

Which performance(s) did you beat yours socks this week? Let us know in the Comments section!

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