Four Costco brand products you’ll never see again – shoppers are still missing them

SHOPPERS are missing four popular Costco-branded products, which the chain pulled from stores without warning.

Costco fans know and love the wholesaler for its mass-produced items at affordable prices, but its dedicated private label, Kirkland, has also won many hearts over the years.

Costco shoppers have lost four of their favorite branded products


Costco shoppers have lost four of their favorite branded productsPhoto credit: Getty

Kirkland generally offers a large quantity at a relatively low price, and many shoppers swear the quality is superior to other stores and even name brands.

Products are discontinued for a variety of reasons, and companies often attribute the missing items to supply chain issues or customer complaints.

Most of the time, however, low sales are ultimately responsible for the disappearance of your favorite product.

The Sun newspaper has compiled the top four missing Kirkland products that shoppers are still hoping to see back in stores.

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A Costco employee confirmed to The US Sun that these four items are no longer available and it is not known if they will ever be available again.


When time was short and they were in the mood for a quick, easy dinner, Kirkland’s Signature Frozen Ravioli was always at the shopper’s side.

The four-cheese pasta dish was delicious for both parents and kids, and came in a 4-pound bag, topped with ricotta, asiago, parmesan and grana padano cheeses.

While Costco still has fresh Kirkland ravioli in its deli that shoppers could hypothetically freeze, some customers believe it’s not the same.

“I liked the pre-frozen resealable bag so you could just pull out the handful you needed. Very handy,” said one Reddit shopper of the now-missing item.


This cheese was eaten on sandwiches and as a snack


This cheese was eaten on sandwiches and as a snackCredit: Kirkland

Once upon a time you could snag a 120-slice box of American Kirkland cheese at Costco.

Shoppers loved using the cheese on sandwiches or eating it straight from the pack.

However, the fan-favorite cheese disappeared from stores four years ago, and it hasn’t been the same for shoppers since.

Many believe that the cheese has left stores due to poor sales and changing consumer habits.

“People are generally avoiding American cheese as the public has become more health conscious,” wrote one Reddit shopper. “American cheese is utter garbage and not even real cheese.”

There may be some truth to that statement, as according to a study by Euromonitor, American processed cheese sales fell 1.6 percent in 2018.

For many shoppers, it may be time to ditch processed cheese and opt for richer, tastier options like Gouda or Havarti.


Shoppers can no longer purchase the Kirkland body wash


Shoppers can no longer purchase the Kirkland body washCredit: Kirkland

It wasn’t just groceries that gave way to Costco on Kirkland’s product list.

Kirkland’s Signature Body Soap has been a fan favorite at the store for years, and many customers have complained that the other options just don’t come close in quality.

“I am devastated. I was out of supplies and went to Costco today to restock. Seriously, I almost burst into tears when I couldn’t find them,” said one Costco shopper on Reddit upon hearing the news.

The soap’s discontinuation was likely due to mixed reviews from buyers.

While some customers found them superior to all other soaps, others complained that the smell was too strong.


Costco's Kirkland Peanut Butter Cups were sorely missed


Costco’s Kirkland Peanut Butter Cups were sorely missedCredit: Kirkland

If there’s one cute Costco shopper who loves to stock up at the store, it’s the Kirkland Mini Peanut Butter Cups.

Shoppers across the country have felt the loss of the candy badly, and some have even reached out to the company in hopes of changing the situation.

“I wrote a letter to Costco regarding this, and they forwarded it to the vendor who made these,” one Redditor wrote of the missing peanut butter cups.

“Let me tell you what a nice company this is — they sent me their many peanut butter tubs in dry ice with the apology that they no longer make them at my location and at Costco.”

Though the candy hasn’t been available for years, shoppers can find it with a little research.

They are still sold online by the Linette Candy Company.

Aldi and Trader Joe’s also offer their own versions of the mini peanut butter cups.

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