From hangover cures to problems keeping erections during sex, Dr Jeff answers your health questions

DR JEFF FOSTER is The Sun Sunday’s new GP and is here to help YOU.

dr Jeff, 43, divides his time between working as a GP in Leamington Spa, Warks, and running his H3 Health clinic, the first of its kind in the UK to deal with hormonal issues in both men and women.

dr Jeff Foster is The Sun on Sunday's new GP and is here to help
dr Jeff Foster is The Sun on Sunday’s new GP and is here to help

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Q) ANY tips on how to get rid of a hangover fast? mine are terrible I worry so much about getting one that I’m not enjoying myself. When I was younger I didn’t suffer at all, but now I’m in my 40s, they’re terrible.

Sandra James, Didcot, Oxon

A) People have suffered from hangovers since alcohol was discovered thousands of years ago, but despite this history, we still don’t know how to prevent or cure them.

Causes of a hangover include the effects of dehydration caused by alcohol; its inflammatory response to our immune system; the fact that alcohol irritates our stomach and digestive tract, causing our blood sugar to drop; and its effects on dilating our blood vessels and making us tired. Knowing these individual elements, we can try to prevent them by eating to slow alcohol absorption and reduce blood sugar drop. drinking water between alcoholic beverages to reduce dehydration; drink in moderation; and take it slow

The next day, taking acetaminophen, drinking fluids (not alcohol), resting, and eating to increase your sugar and salt levels can help relieve hangover symptoms.

Q) I AM a 30 year old male but have lived a sheltered life when it comes to sex. I was a Jehovah’s Witness until two years ago. I left religion and met a girl who wants us to have sex. I want to, but my penis goes limp every time I try to penetrate her. Please help me.


A) Half of men will experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. In your case, the key is to find out if your erectile problems only occur when you are with your partner, or all the time.

If you are able to achieve a satisfactory erection on your own, the problem lies with your nerves and your history.

You should make sure to rule out biochemical causes of erectile dysfunction, such as low testosterone levels or diabetes – these are less common in younger men.

From your point of view, the likelihood that erectile dysfunction is due to a psychological trigger is more likely given your history of religiously based sexual repression. This is a common problem among men who had a very sheltered youth and were unable to explore their sexual preferences as they developed due to ideologies that demonize or restrict sex.

My advice would be to talk to your girlfriend about how you’re feeling, and if the pressure is still overwhelming, consider speaking to a psychosexual counselor. From hangover cures to problems keeping erections during sex, Dr Jeff answers your health questions

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