From ‘The Walking Dead’ to ‘Cobra Kai’, 10 Terrifying Villains That You Love To Hate

Villains have been a crucial part of any good movie or TV show for decades, wreaking havoc on your favorite characters and attempting – and sometimes successfully – destroying their lives and anyone who stands in their way.

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From a barb-wielding assassin to a twisted karate sensei to a couple of slashers who always tend to take things a step too far, some fictional villains are so evil you can’t help but hate them.


Negan (“The Walking Dead”)

Negane (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) must be the most loaded character the Walking Dead: He started out as the villain who brutally murdered Glenn and slowly but surely became a popular member of the group that often caters to youngsters like Judith and Hershel.

When you think Negan has redeemed himself, he always says or does something to change the minds of the characters and the viewers, while also remaining one of the most hated but loved characters on the show.

Sam (“Trick ‘R Treat”)

When Trick or treat Premiered in 2007, the little pumpkin-lollipop-holding villain Sam (quinn sir) easily became the star of the slasher. Although Sam told numerous stories in one film, he always appeared far from any conclusion.

But if his cute costume doesn’t fool you, Sam turns out to be a rather terrifying villain, often using Halloween candies like a jagged lollipop and a razor-infested candy bar as weapons as he takes out multiple victims throughout the film.

Billy Hargrove (“Stranger Things”)

stranger things Villains usually consist of evil doctors and monstrous creatures, but there’s one character that fans have always loved to hate since Season 2 Dacre Montgomeryis Billy Hargrove.

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Billy remained a misunderstood antagonist on the show for two seasons, often mistreating his younger stepsister Max, before finally receiving redemption when it was too late. After being possessed by the Mind Flayer, Billy sacrificed himself to the Upside Down entity to save Max and her friends.

Puzzle (‘Saw’)

When Seen Premiered in 2004, the only clue to the film’s sick and twisted antagonist was a creepy, clown-faced ventriloquist dummy on a tricycle called the Jigsaw. And while Jigsaw’s human counterpart has since been revealed, this villain is especially loved in doll form.

A doll wearing a bow tie and riding a tricycle might sound like the opposite of scary, but Jigsaw has always invoked terror, trapping people in spooky scenarios whose only escape is to play his gruesome games .

Tate Langdon (“American Horror Story: Murder House”)

From all 10 seasons of american Horror Story, the series debut with the title murder house will always be a favorite among viewers. This season led everyone to a much darker side of Evan Peters, whose character Tate Langdon is among the many fan favorites he has played.

Tate turns out to be one of the season’s antagonists, the son of the notorious Constance, a ghost who resides in the murder house and haunts the newly moved family in a sadistic and terrifying way.

Oogie Boogie (“The Nightmare Before Christmas”)

Tim Burton‘s The nightmare before Christmas plays a cast of well-loved characters like the creepy, spooky Jack Skellington, his beautiful love interest Sally, and his spooky pup Zero. But one character will always be a fan favorite despite being the film’s antagonist.

oogie boogie (Ken Page) serves as the holiday movie’s villain, a boogeyman-like character who appears as a ghastly bag of bugs whose sole purpose in life is to take over Halloween Town from Pumpkin King Jack Skellington.

Pennywise (“It”)

From all the terrible StephenKing Characters, Pennywise has become a notable horror icon after the 2017 remake It. Arguably the scariest of all King’s creations, Pennywise transitions from dark to downright gruesome between the 1990 miniseries and the 2017 revival.

Pennywise (Bill Scarsgard) – or It for short – is meant to be a paranormal being that appears every 27 years to feast on children, and begins the film by biting off Georgie’s arm before completely devouring the child. This killer clown seeks out children’s greatest fears to lure them into delicious traps, but somehow remains a cheap villain.

John Kreese (“The Karate Kid”, “Cobra Kai”)

John Kreese (Martin Kove) proves that you don’t always have to star in a horror movie to be considered a creepy villain. Ever since he wormed his way into the lives of Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi in 1984 the karate kid, All Kreese has done is leave pain and anger in his path.

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When Kreese returned to the dojo Netflix‘sCobra KaiWith a motto like “no mercy,” it wasn’t long before he was making Johnny Lawrence’s life hell while battling his former rival Daniel to have the best dojo in the valley.

Thanos (“Avenger”)

You can’t have this Wonder superhero group The Avengers without the super villain Thanos (Josh Brolin). While multiple antagonists appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thanos is considered the franchise’s ultimate villain.

But even after killing off beloved characters like Loki, Gamora, and Iron Man, Thanos somehow remains a villain whose action figure every kid still wants in their own Marvel Universe.

Michael Myers (“Halloween”)

Of all the slasher villains in horror film history, none compare to the infamous Michael Myers. From his first kill in a clown costume in the 1978s Halloween on his upcoming fight with Laurie Strode in halloween ends, This killer will always be a fan favorite.

Whether he’s wiping out all of Haddonfield, sneaking into the lives of family members, or entering an all-out war with his one true rival, Laurie, Michael Myers remains one of the most popular villains despite his long list of kills.

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