GB News latest: Dan Wootton sacked from MailOnline in fallout from Laurence Fox row

Laurence Fox’s offensive attack on a journalist was broadcast live on GB News

MailOnline has sacked columnist Dan Wootton, a day after he was suspended from GB News for giggling while right-wing commentator Laurence Fox launched a “vile” tirade about a female journalist.

Last month, MailOnline suspended Wootton’s column amid an investigation into allegations he offered colleagues money for sexual images.

Wootton had apologized “unreservedly” for his behavior during Fox’s rant on Tuesday night, which sparked widespread outrage.

However, this did not stop GB News from suspending one of the men.

Fox, who attacked journalist Ava Evans by saying “Who would want that?”, has refused to apologize directly but said in a social media post: “I own up to my mistakes and take full responsibility.” Responsibility for it.”

He says he expects “the decision” at a disciplinary hearing with station bosses on Friday.

He said he “didn’t hear a word” from the station.

Shortly after Fox and Wootton’s suspension, GB News announced that a full investigation would be conducted. Regulator Ofcom has been inundated with complaints and says it is also investigating.


MailOnline dismisses Wootton as columnist

MailOnline has terminated the contract of columnist Dan Wootton, a spokesman for the news site’s parent company said.

The 40-year-old had written a regular column for the online magazine since 2021, but it was put on hold last month while the publication investigated allegations he used a pseudonym and offered colleagues money for sexual material.

MailOnline’s parent company said it had decided to terminate his column and his contract.

A DMG Media spokesman said: “Following the events of this week, DMG Media can confirm that Dan Wootton’s freelance column at MailOnline, which had already been paused, has now been terminated along with his contract.”

Jane DaltonSeptember 28, 2023 2:33 p.m


Baroness calls Fox ‘damned’ for GB News comments

Baroness Joan Bakewell on Thursday described Laurence Fox as “damned” over his suspension by GB News.

Fox responded to a snippet of the video shared on Times Radio, saying: “That’s completely acceptable.”

Athena StavrouSeptember 28, 2023 2:30 p.m


Fox pays tribute to Harry Potter actor despite GB News ban

Laurence Fox has paid tribute to Dumbledore actor Sir Michael Gambon amid his GB News controversy.

Actor Sir Michael Gambon has died peacefully in hospital aged 82, his family said on Thursday.

Fox, a former actor himself, paid tribute to the late actor on X, formerly known as Twitter.

He said: “I had the great honor of working with Sir Michael at Gosford Park. He was the most mischievous, hilarious and intimidating man. When he spoke, the whole room fell silent. His voice was otherworldly, as was his talent.

“A great loss of a great actor. REST IN PEACE

Athena StavrouSeptember 28, 2023 2:00 p.m


Who is Dan Wootton?

The GB News presenter has been suspended over an interview with Laurence Fox in which he laughed at “vile” comments about a female journalist.

But who is Dan Wooton? Barney Davis Reports:

Athena StavrouSeptember 28, 2023 1:30 p.m


Ava Evans claims MP presenters ‘accept’ Laurence Fox’s GB News comments.

Journalist Ava Evans has claimed MPs presenting GB News who have not spoken out against Laurence Fox’s “vile” comments about her are “accepting” them.

Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid asked Ms Evans whether it was appropriate for Conservative MPs to appear on a channel that broadcast “this content”.

Ms Evans said the fact that some MPs present at GB News did not speak out against the statements made by Fox and its presenter Dan Wootten implied that “they have accepted it”.

Ava Evans claims MP presenters ‘accept’ Laurence Fox’s GB News comments.

Athena StavrouSeptember 28, 2023 12:59 p.m


LBC’s Nick Ferrari says: ‘Ofcom will sharpen its teeth’

LBC’s Nick Ferrari has sent a message to Laurence Fox over his “vile” rant about Ava Evans.

The radio host said Evans started her career as a researcher on his show and that she was “a far better broadcaster” than Fox “will ever be.”

Ferrari then went on to suggest that Ofcom was likely to “sharpen its teeth” and take tough action against GB News.

“Don’t let them give the impression that they are being censored. These are repugnant, antediluvian views that have no place on any television network,” he said, speaking of Fox’s outburst, which Rep. Stephen Flynn also called “disgusting.”

“Ofcom will sharpen its teeth,” says Nick Ferrari of Laurence Fox’s GB News tirade

Athena StavrouSeptember 28, 2023 12:39 p.m


Laurence Fox expects “the blow” from the station bosses.

Laurence Fox says he is “waiting for the nod” ahead of a disciplinary meeting with GB News channel bosses on Friday.

The 45-year-old took to social media platform X to share his thoughts on the incident which saw him suspended for a “vile” rant about a female journalist.

Fox said he faces a disciplinary hearing later this week and is “awaiting the decision.” He also claims he “didn’t hear a word” from the station.

He has so far refused to directly apologize for the comments, but said in a social media post: “I own up to my mistakes and take full responsibility for them.”

Fox also said GB News had forgotten “why they were created” and was no longer the “home of free speech”.

Shortly after Fox and Wootton were suspended, the network said in a statement that it was conducting a full investigation into the incident.

Laurence Fox claims he has “not heard a word” from GB News.

(PA archive)

Athena StavrouSeptember 28, 2023 11:49 am


Laurence Fox: How a television journeyman from an acting dynasty became the resident opponent of the hard right – voices

As the controversy surrounding Laurence Fox and his “vile” tirade against GB News continues to unfold, Katie Rosseinsky asks how did he get here?

Athena StavrouSeptember 28, 2023 11:00 am


Review: What did Laurence Fox say?

On Wednesday morning Laurence Fox was suspended from GB News after he went on a “vile” tirade about journalist Ava Evans.

Dan Wootton, who moderated the segment, was suspended from the station shortly afterwards on Wednesday afternoon.

Fox’s outburst about Ms. Evans came in response to her discussion of men’s mental health during an episode of BBC Politics Live On Monday.

Speaking to Wootton during the live broadcast, Fox said: “We’ve passed the tipping point, so I can say this: Show me a single self-respecting man who would happily climb into bed with this woman, ever, ever, who wouldn’t Not an incel?

“This little woman was fed oppression day after day, starting with the lie about the gender pay gap. And she’s sitting there and I say, “If I met you in a bar and this was about sentence three, then the chances of me just walking away would be just huge.”

Laughing, Wootton replied, “Well she, I’m just going to offer her a little compensation because she actually responded today and said she regretted her comments but didn’t apologize.”

Laurence Fox made sexist comments about Ava Evans while appearing on a GB News show hosted by Dan Wootton

(GB News)

Athena StavrouSeptember 28, 2023 10:40


Voices: The cesspool of anti-woke and anti-science conspiracy theories, that is GB News

With both Laurence Fox and Dan Wootton suspended from GB News, Sean O’Grady Comments on the station’s “anti-woke” reputation:

Athena StavrouSeptember 28, 2023 10:15 am

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