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Welcome to Gemini season! It’s getting hotter and hotter now and we’ve had all season of Taurus to hang out in a cozy cocoon, so now’s the time to work on some extra mental muscles (like the air signs). won’t do) when the planet of communication is in charge. That’s why, no shock here, our Gemini season sex tip is bullshit! From sexy whispers in bed to dirty texts sent to LDR (or some during quarantine happy hours), this is the time to take advantage of the powerful sexy organ that lives in the skull. yours and really let your imagination run wild.


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“Ruled by the dual sign of the twins, Gemini’s energy circulates rapidly and wildly. Gemini rules communication and this sign inspires witty ways of speaking and dynamic dialogue. Gemini’s transition is great for brainstorming and socializing. This sign also craves ‘double fire’ and benevolent spiritual energy, and is always ready for an intellectual meeting of the mind,” as astrologers say of the third sign of the astrological calendar. “Gemini can be smart and quick-witted, eager to deliver the hottest news and happenings to their friends via text messages and social media. And in case that’s still not enough, they will probably send you a Snapchat story for good measure.”

As always, every sign goes with a different season/planet! Your chart is filled with a wealth of cosmic knowledge depending on all the different planets that make up your astrological profile. So check your sun sign (your ego, your usual horoscope sign), your moon sign (your inner self, who you are when drunk, sad and lonely) and your ascension/ascension sign (the mask you wear, the things others can perceive you and your other planets for a complete zodiac picture. It’s absolutely possible to have your chart read by a professional astrologer – they can make you think and it’s a special experience! But, go back to Geminis and talk drrrty!

Ruled by Mercury (if you remember his mythology as the messenger god), a Gemini is not only a powerful communicator, but also deeply understanding and stimulated by all colors. attitude of communication. So that’s why, whether you’re together or apart from your partner, you can boost your sex life with a healthy dose of that energy. How do you communicate in and out of the bedroom? How do you start playtime? How would you like your partner to start?

“You love everything from sexy glances to naughty text messages that turn into raging sexual indulgences. The game is entirely your business. You love to play them and find the ones that are not completely boring. Trouble is, you’re not always good at distinguishing the fake from the real. You need a soulmate who is also your playmate. For you, the fun stuff is “serious.” Only a few special people get it – and these are the people you should go after.”

That flirty and fun talk can be awkward if you don’t feel like you’ve practiced a lot, if you’re self-conscious, or if it’s just your usual behavior. That’s totally fine! But don’t let it discourage you if this is something you and your partner want to strengthen. Start small: practice saying what you feel good about, what you like and what you want to do with/with others. Focus more on presence and less on “sexy” acts for your partner’s sake (you know what I mean there) and that will get easier.

And definitely use technology: Enhance your “thinking about you” text with a hint of some fun later. If you’re wearing (or aren’t) a particularly cute pair of sunglasses, take a few pictures (if that feels good and comfortable for you) and leave space to suggest what you have. can work together later.

We like to socialize in and out of bed to make things right around here (obviously), but Gemini season reminds you that talking (or listening) on ​​its own can be very enjoyable and engaging. guide. Humans are creatures that can be activated by all kinds of sensations and sounds and words included in them. So let’s do some thinking: What do you want To speak And what do you want to do? To listen?

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