Ghosts Is Enchanting Because of Sam & Jay’s Grounded Relationship

ghosts on CBS, a reimagining of the British comedy of the same name, immerses viewers in the adventures of the residents of the beautiful Woodstone mansion – both alive and dead. According to Sam (Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar), the happily married New York couple uproots their lives to restore the run-down mansion Sam recently inherited from a relative she barely knew, with the goal of converting it into a coveted bed and breakfast. Once they arrive, a fall down the stairs and contact with Death leaves Sam with the ability to see the dozens of spirits that haunt the land where Woodstone has been Thorfinns ( for decades, centuries, or millennia (Dewan Lang) case. As the series progresses, Sam and Jay continue to delve into the ghostly machinations of the other residents of Woodstone: Thorfinn, Alberta (Danielle Pinock), flower (Sheila Carrasco), Trevor (Asher Grodman), Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones), Hetti (Rebekah Wisocky), Sasappis (Roman Zaragoza) and Peter (Richie Moriarty). They have witnessed some crazy things like Hetty having temporary possession of Jay’s body and trying to leave the premises and find the centuries-old skeleton of Hetty’s hated husband in a hidden safe. Meanwhile, other ghosts come, cause trouble, and go—like teenage Stephanie (Odessa Azion) who sleep in all year, or the cholera victims with their knowledge of the water heater down in the basement – leaving little room for anything but the mental chaos.


Sam and Jay’s relationship is a breath of fresh air

However, when we do get a break, however small it often is, it’s incredibly well received due to Sam and Jay’s fantastic relationship. You really are a breath of fresh air. Left together in their own little world, the two become a kind of escape from the hilarious nonsense that has become their daily life at Woodstone (for them and for us). Everything about this couple really reads perfectly as the writers have found the perfect balance between their personalities so that they complement each other in the best way. They have such a deep understanding of each other as we’ve seen throughout the series’ various stories, including Jay’s full understanding of Sam’s desire to be closer to his family as she doesn’t have any and Sam’s understanding of Jay’s loneliness.

The first season of Ghosts explores the love and loyalty of Sam & Jay

The show’s first season is littered with moments that showcase the beauty of this relationship and show the love and loyalty they share through their actions for one another. A great example is the series premiere when Jay agrees to move into the Woodstone and remodel it, giving up his life in the city to make a fresh start with Sam. It’s a huge sacrifice, but he never blames her for it, nor does Sam ever feel a great need to “make amends” to him. However, when she can, she tries to make things a little easier and better for Jay at the Woodstone since he doesn’t have a group of ghost friends to talk to…or rather, hear an answer from. A prime example of this is Sam agreeing to play Dungeons and Dragons with Jay (and the ghosts) after Jay’s poor internet connection disrupts the game he’s playing with his friends around town. Although her desire to play is virtually non-existent, Sam wants Jay to be happy. Or Sam doesn’t harbor awkward feelings for Jay after finally making some local friends in the third episode of season two, only for those friends to attempt to invade the Woodstone after learning that they are members of a cult supposedly 700 vitamin patches sold -year-old leader came up with the idea in a dream.

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Additionally, one of the most obvious examples of what makes Sam and Jay’s relationship so incredibly pure is the simple fact that Jay wholeheartedly believes Sam can see ghosts. It took Jay a while to regain consciousness in the beginning and unwittingly made Sam believe it was all in her head and because of her concussion, but who can blame him? But once she was convinced that these were real people, ghosts, so did Jay. He believed blindly in Sam and trusted her to tell him the truth, something we rarely see on TV. The evidence — Trevor wrote on the mirror, Thorfinn played with the lights, or walked through Isaac and wished you’d died instead — came, but Jay didn’t need it to believe in his wife.

Sam & Jay’s relationship gives Ghosts a stronger backbone

That ghosts Writers could have made Sam and Jay’s relationship incredibly unhealthy and unbalanced in the name of comedy, as we see far too often on television. Instead, they’ve taken the time to build that relationship lovingly, honestly, and robustly, giving the series a grounded backbone to stand on amidst the ever-evolving world of the supernatural unfolding around it. The comedy surrounding their relationship comes from them getting into interesting situations together or little details like Jay being called out by the spirits for a white lie about eating all the Oreos. It’s the little things that can sometimes be the funnest of the episode, especially when it comes to Sam trying to explain a ghost thing to Jay. As brief as Sam’s bondage with the ghosts may be, their interactions just add so much to each episode.

Simply put, without Sam and Jay and their wonderful relationship and brilliant relationship, ghosts would be a shell of the show it is now. This relationship pulls everything together, making life at the Woodstone warm and even more enchanting. Their mutual struggle to start their business while dealing with the spooky happenings in their home is the ultimate reason to tune in to the show every week. The story started with them, made us fall in love with their relationship and chemistry from the start, and that really helped the series shine. Going forward, the only thing to ask for is more of those soft, grounded moments and stories between Sam and Jay. As much as we love the spirits of the Woodstone, Sam and Jay contribute so much to this world and are a nice distraction from the supernatural antics that make the Woodstone even more inviting.

ghosts continues every Thursday on CBS. Ghosts Is Enchanting Because of Sam & Jay’s Grounded Relationship

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