Gotham Knights’ recent gameplay footage left some feeling disappointment

After the initial reveal at the DC Fandome, followed by the delayed announcement last year, things have been quiet for a while. Knight of Gotham. Last week, however, we got our first new look at Knight of Gotham games in ages, and something seems… off. What should have been met with extreme excitement from Knight of Gotham hopes instead left many in the community scratching their heads, with others expressing utter disappointment. So what’s going on with Knight of Gotham?

The first thing that pops out right away is the gameplay. More animations in Knight of Gotham looks clumsy and dated at this stage. The Arkham Batman series, which Knight of Gotham obviously lost great number of of inspiration, looks much neater in comparison. The difference is the last entry in that series, Knight Arkhamreleased seven years ago.

The crux of this game demo is to highlight the gameplay of two of the game’s leaders, Nightwing (Dick Grayson) and Red Hood (Jason Todd). As a circus performer, Nightwing’s style of movement is very acrobatic, as expected. However, the difference between what we see Nightwing doing and, for example, Spider-Man (or even Batman in the other installments) Arkham game) is how it is implemented. Dick appears to be playing the “lava floor” top-stakes game, and it seems to serve no real combat or purpose other than flashiness.

Likewise, as I would expect Dick to be quicker than someone like Bruce, the dialogue feels forced. It’s not complimented by the overall sound, as neither the sound effects or the music blend well into the atmosphere.

Gameplay of Gotham Knights

Jason Todd’s magic show

The enemy doesn’t seem to do much either. Although they surrounded the duo, the enemy didn’t seem to pose much of a threat. Before Arkham In the game, even someone like Batman can be defeated if he is surrounded by goons. The enemies are here in Knight of Gotham It looks like they’re waiting for their turn to hit like an old, poorly choreographed kung fu movie. Also, while the two-player knockdown moves look great, I’m hoping for more features that take advantage of co-op. The rest of what we see could easily be a single-player game without that one aspect.

Switching to Red Hood, we see his unique move method called “Mystic Leap”, making it difficult. Nightwing’s “Flying Trapeze” coaster means a lot to him. But giving Dante’s magic dance pad to Jason Todd just seems silly and has no basis for him to be a character. The game is also oddly confusing when it comes to Lazarus Pit or League of Shadows, which is where this idea comes from.

Why doesn’t he have a jet pack, or even rocket boots, something of a quick pace and short duration, is a question for me. Either part of the transmission technology seems much more appropriate for a stubborn, stubborn character like him. Also, the way he looks like a Gears of War The character doesn’t suit me. Jason can still be the ‘heavyweight’ of the group without looking like the goofy jerk you forgot about in previous games.

Gotham Knights Gameplay Disappointment Red Hood 2

One bird in hand is worth two in Hood

We can also use our Bat Signal on the dub and dialogue of the game. Conversations come about as a bit of a stagnation, with Dick and Jason appearing as ambiguous characters. Theoretically, they’re essentially at two completely opposite ends of the personality spectrum. Even in the comics when Jason cools down after being resurrected after being resurrected, he’s still very different from the other members of the Bat Clan.

Customizing and creating videos that are briefly featured has been a point of contention in the community. Personally, I don’t understand why the game can’t have just one skill tree like the other games in the series Arkham series. But I can understand that having a gear-based system isn’t inherently bad. However, based on the statistics displayed on the screen in Knight of Gotham the game we’ve seen, and all the numbers and arrows flying around, I can’t help but get it Avengers herd increases capacity.

And that’s one thing this game should not want to evoke. If the gear becomes too centered and becomes a steep grind, it can be an instant death for Knight Gotham. It’s too early to speculate if that’s the case, but I certainly hope not.

Finally, we come to the performance of the game. For a game that was just announced as leaving the previous generation of consoles behind, the game seems far more complicated than it should be. Near the end of the video, the boss battle features the Red Hood most prominently. The game’s low frame rate is obvious, but that sequence makes things crawl.

Gotham Knights Gameplay Disappointment Red Hood 1

To be fair, Knight of Gotham is still a work in progress and this could be because the gameplay has been around since a previous stage of development. It may have been a few months and the current build might work differently behind the curtain. Despite that, it’s not a good introduction to the game, especially since its original gameplay reveal at the DC Fandome looks so much better.

Robin and Batgirl will need a better performance

The Knight of Gotham The gameplay leaves other questions and slight concerns on the table. It’s weird that we’ve only seen Jason use the grappling hook without the developer confirming it’s something every character has access to. And it should be. As the game demo goes on, it’ll be harder to see Knight of Gotham as distinct elements taken from other open world superhero games. The Marvel’s Spider-Man-car chase doesn’t seem to add much to the game. All characters have unique rooftop movement modes. But why do they all share the same Bat Cycle?

Gotham Knight is expected to release this year and I am still looking forward to the launch. I want nothing more than a fun and exciting co-op adventure across the streets of Gotham. I’m especially excited to see developer WB Montréal take on one of the best Batman stories in recent memory – Batman: The Court of the Owls. For now, though, it’s hard to feel anything but anxiety (or outright anxiety at worst) for Bat’s sons and daughters. Hopefully when we see Tim Drake (Robin) and Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) in some more Knight of Gotham game, we will have more praise in the store. Gotham Knights’ recent gameplay footage left some feeling disappointment

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