‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Season 18, Episode 18 — ‘Stronger Than Hate’

No problem on the menu on Thursdays Grey’s Anatomy. We all know that when Nick attended a dinner party at Meredith’s, he was is the main dish. Will her new boo survive the barbecue from her friends and family? Continue reading…

‘I DON’T REMEMBER TO HAVE A WELCOME PARTY’ | When “Stronger Than Hate” begins, Maggie and Winston are busy preparing the Mers for a big get-together dinner. Amelia is help, too. enjoy glamorous time with Kai. Leaving Gray Sloan, Nick tells Mer how much he enjoys being in the same city as her. Nearby, Richard tells Catherine that he will not be coming to the soiree, that he is at the hospital while she undergoes chemotherapy. Amelia and Kai arrive at Mer’s house earlier than Nick arrives with barely enough wine on hand. Next in the door were Owen and Teddy being unreasonably punctual. As Mer was leaving, a woman named Alice was placed in the ER after being attacked by a man who hurled racial slurs. Looks like Nick will be on his own for a while.

gray-anatomy-recap-season-18-episode-18-strong-than-hateAs expected, Mer’s boyfriend had a delicious roast. And to his credit, he is as open as a book. When Link arrives, he politely acknowledges Kai – progress. When Bailey arrived, Teddy begged her to play Boggle. “Could it be that Maggie made some crackers?” Miranda asked. Or appeared? And guests keep coming. Next – uninvited – was Wendell, with flowers. (Interestingly, soon after Maggie had told Nick that wine was always a better gift, since it didn’t leave the mistress scrambling to find a vase.) Winston wanted to ask Wendell to go, but Maggie said it did. is unnecessary – even though her brother-in-law is “a street vendor.” Outside, Nick had an awkward small talk with Link and only became more awkward when Marsh admitted he was a fan of Kai.

gray-anatomy-recap-season-18-episode-18-strong-than-hate‘I WILL BE THE CLOSER; I ‘BIRTH OWNER’ | In the kitchen, Winston asks Wendell how bad his situation really is. Before the conspirator could answer, however, Nick interrupted. Seeing Wendell and Nick talk, Maggie wonders if Mer is dating a scammer, because he’s the only person she knows who has seduced her as much as her brother-in-law. In the end, Nick made some progress with Bailey when it turned out they were on the same page about Scrabble – it’s about math, not vocabulary. Briefly, Wendell admitted that the people he owed money to were not good people; That’s why he had to disappear for a while. Wait, Winston shouted, Wendell will hide from these people, and he will go to Mer’s house, with the weird kids there?!? Leave Seattle now, Winston ordered his brother. And with that, Winston left the house, leaving Wendell behind?!? WTH?

gray-anatomy-recap-season-18-episode-18-strong-than-hateBeing alone with Owen, Kai shared that they didn’t want to have children. “My career is my child. Why? Are you trying to unload your one? Kai told him he was like Amelia before she had Scout. Outside, Link was surprised to learn that Jo told Teddy they slept together. Does Link have feelings for Jo? when… maybe… a little.” Should he tell her that he has petty emotions from time to time? Uh, no, Teddy said.In the kitchen, Maggie and Nick bonded with their unkind sister and unkind brother-in-law. Finally, when Amelia rejoined Kai, they expressed once again that they did not want to have children. “I think it’s going very well,” Amelia said. Neither did Kai. But they didn’t want to take the lead on Amelia. When Owen and Teddy left the party, they climbed into their SUVs for a quick ride but interrupted by Bailey When Winston returned, Maggie revealed that she had given Wendell money to pay off his lenders. ” Ooo – that hurts.

gray-anatomy-recap-season-18-episode-18-strong-than-hate‘WE WE ARE ALWAYS’ | While Catherine was undergoing chemotherapy, she introduced her oncologist Richard for Simon and Kristen. Catherine told the couple, “Please tell me everything” about the baby. “I need distraction” because all her husband wanted to do was discuss trials and treatment options. Before long, Catherine lost more focus than she wanted to as Kristen was in double pain. It’s too early for contractions, so what is it? Braxton Hicks, Jo soon reported. Alone with Richard, Kristen shared that she was certain that Simon would beat cancer. If she gets pregnant, he must live, she thought. She hadn’t realized that if she hadn’t let him deal with the possibility that he wouldn’t survive, she’d left him alone with that fact.

gray-anatomy-recap-season-18-episode-18-strong-than-hateAs Mer and Levi treat Alice, Nico is called in for one-on-one consultation and immediately deduces that what happened to the patient was a hate crime. Understandably, the incident had a profound effect on Gray Sloan’s Asian doctors as well as BokHee. “Do you think we will never be considered foreigners?” Nico asked Michelle. “We are Americans,” BokHee told him. “Your face is American.” (I didn’t watch Gray’s In these first days; Was that BokHee’s first line?) Then Levi approached Nico to ask if he was okay. “I’m fine,” he said… despite the fact that his hands were so red, it looked like he had punched the wall. Then Alice crashed, and Mer jumped into action to save her.

gray-anatomy-recap-season-18-episode-18-strong-than-hate‘I WANT HER LIFE FULL OF LOVE AND FUN’ | As the episode neared the finish line, Mer worked tirelessly to keep Alice alive and was finally able to report to her family that she made it through. Without speaking to Kristen, Richard told Catherine that if she was going through chemotherapy just for him, she didn’t have to. She wanted to do it, she insisted. She just wanted to be in the moment sometimes, and he always was. “I have cancer, and it sucks,” she said, “but I still want to live. I still want to laugh. “So sweet, he offered to come up with a good joke. Finally, Amelia shared a moment of aloneness with Nick and acknowledged what he already knew: that people had considered him. “I think you make her happy and she deserves to be happy,” she said, adding that she wanted him to want that too. The last time Mer came, Nick had prepared a candlelit dinner for her. “I love you,” she whispered. “I love you too,” he replied.

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