Halloween Ends Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

Four years after the publication of his successful Halloween legacy sequel, David Gordon Green is at it again Halloween ends to finish his slasher trilogy. More than just packing a new one Halloween timeline, Halloween ends also promises to end the eternal conflict between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis). Of course that means that Halloween ends pushes the franchise to uncharted frontiers. Despite this, the new film does not forget the past as it contains several Easter eggs and references to the previous chapter of the franchise. So now this Halloween ends is in theaters and streaming on Peacock, it’s time for us to discuss all of the nods the sequel makes to the previous stories.

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Why do we know this piano song?

As Corey Cunningham (Rohan Campbell) arrives at the Allens’ house on the night of Halloween, Jeremy’s father (Jack William Marshall) plays a very recognizable melody on the piano. the song is Sebastian Bach‘s Toccata and Fugue in D minor, a classic theme used to portray villains in movies. The music has been used in dozens of films, including Disney’s fantasy1931s dr Jekyll and Mr Hydeand 1962s The Phantom of the Opera.

John Carpenter’s “The Thing”

In the opening scene of Halloween endsCorey babysits young Jeremy (Jaxon Goldenberg) on Halloween night. Desiring to become a kind babysitter, Corey allows Jeremy to watch a horror movie against the advice of the child’s parents. The film is nothing but the thinga classic directed by John Zimmerman. And for those who need a refresher, Carpenter is the creator of the Halloween franchise, along with Debra Huegel. the thing is Carpenter’s adaptation of the novella by John W. Campbell who goes there The book was first adapted by Christian Nby in the 1951s The thing from another worldthat was the movie Laurie let the kids she babysat see in the 1978s Halloween. That’s what we call a deep cut!

‘Season of the Witch’ credits recall

During the opening credits of Halloween franchises have stuck to shades of orange, Halloween ends uses an unexpected shade of blue. This is the exact color used in the 1982 opening credits Halloween III: Season of the Witch. This is relevant because Season of the Witch is the only film in the franchise not to star Michael Myers. Director then Tommy Lee Wallace and producers Debra Hill and John Carpenter wondered if they could turn around Halloween a kind of horror anthology. Since Halloween ends is about Michael’s evil spreading and infesting new villains, it’s fitting that they chose that color. The animation in the opening credits also reinforces the theme of cyclical evil, as new spooky pumpkins emerge from within each other.

Sondra is alive

Halloween ends reveals some people from Haddonfield resent Laurie for allegedly enraging the mold and leading him into his 2018 murder spree. One of these people is Sondra (Diva Tyler), who surprisingly survived her encounter with Michael Myers. Sondra is one of the victims of the killer in Halloween kills, where Michael cut her throat with a knife. in the Halloween ends, Sondra is seen in a wheelchair with a massive scar on her neck. As Sondra’s sister (Leila Wilson) confronts Laurie, we learn that although the woman survived the attack, she lost the ability to speak.

The Halloween weirdo is the original form

When Corey goes to a Halloween party with Allyson (Andy Mathak), he stumbles over a man with a big trench coat. The man shows Corey the dozens of dildos hidden under his coat and asks if he saw anything he likes. As it turns out, this Halloween madman is played by Nick Castlewho played Shape in the original Halloween Movie.

Laurie’s kitchen portrait

A picture of three young women hangs on the wall in Laurie’s kitchen. Photo shows Laurie growing up with two friends who became victims of Michael in the film Annie Marie Brackett (1978) (Nancy Loomis) and Lynda Van der Klok (PJ soles).

Revenge of the Knitting Needle

In the original 1978s Halloween, Laurie escapes the mold after sticking a knitting needle down his throat. During their last confrontation in Halloween ends, the figure returns the favor by using a knitting needle as a weapon against Laurie. It’s a fun callback to Carpenter’s legendary slasher.

Michael Myers survivors unite to say goodbye

After killing Michael once and for all, Laurie parades his body through the streets of Haddonfield to show that the figure is nothing but a man in a Halloween mask. The parade ends with Laurie crushing her enemy’s body in a car crusher. During this scene we see several characters returning from previous films. First we have Sheriff Barker (Omar Dorsey), who helped track Michael in 2018. He authorizes Laurie’s bizarre parade, despite some cops not feeling comfortable disrupting a crime scene. Sondra is there too, accompanied by the survivors Julian (Jibrail Nantambu), Lindsey Wallace (Kyle Richards) and Oscars (Drew Scheid) Mother (Holli Saperstein).

Halloween ends is available now in theaters and on Peacock. Watch the trailer of the film below:

https://collider.com/halloween-ends-easter-eggs/ Halloween Ends Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

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