Here’s How Anti-Wokers Lie To The Public & Endanger Teachers & School Staff

Parents being involved in their children’s education is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, the far right is using parental concerns, fueling unfounded fears, to infuriate the public and endanger teachers, as part of an attack on teachers. public education. Here is an in-depth example.

[Screenshot via Clark County School District/Facebook]

First, it appeared on TikTok’s Libs. This is a Twitter account that reposts videos, designed to give the wrong impression of libertarians, the LBGTQ community, and other groups or individuals, often helping to incite harassment of prominent people.

In this case, it was a short clip from a meeting of the Clark County School Board in Nevada. The clipped clip and the added text give the false impression that a mother is not allowed to read, at a meeting of adults, the words that her child is forced to read aloud at school.

This is wrong. As Newsweek Reportedly, the woman’s testimony was briefly paused while the panel members discussed the rules for decorating the meeting, and then allowed to continue.

Unfortunately, once it hits the internet, the lie is forever – especially if it hype up anti-wake activists.

It is especially unhelpful when the lie is amplified by the son of the former president, amplified by his millions of followers.

The district is quick to address misinformation, even providing a link so that anyone interested in verifying the facts can witness for themselves that parents are allowed to complete their time allotment. her and share her concerns.

In fact, when one watched the parent’s entire speech in its entirety, one learned something from the misleading clip on TikTok’s Libs: that the child didn’t tell her teacher she wasn’t wanted to read the document, that the parent had spoken to the district superintendent and believed the matter was being worked out, that she did not want the teacher – whom her daughter was enamored with – to be fired, and the council The council made it clear that someone would contact her directly for more information, even though the rules didn’t allow them to participate or answer questions in the process.

The district also addressed the concern on social media, assuring the public that it was investigating the incident, agreeing that the content was “not conducive to student instruction,” and warning public that it is not, in fact, content from the curriculum. , but something another student wrote.

(We all remember at school when we worked and exchanged lessons with a classmate, right?)

Even so, TikTok’s Libs posted a screenshot was only part of the district’s response, accusing them of “missing marks” by merely addressing the false claim that the speaker had been cut off – when in reality the district had addressed the content as you could seen above, and said they were investigating.

These facts don’t stop either Fox News from falsely reporting that a student was forced to read from a pornographic book – leading their audience to believe the content, apparently, was a conversation in which a character embodied what she was learning about one’s own sexuality, being distributed to students by a teacher, as approved and intended curriculum.

Other tweets show a conversation between the organization, Power2Parent, which joined the complainant at the meeting, and a trustee, Danielle Ford. Ford can be seen keeping opinions clear and addressing issues clearly – indicating that Power2Parent is training moms to interrupt the meeting, rather than resolve it through the usual channels.

When she was attacked by a Power2Parent member, she asserted the truth again – this to be resolved in the meeting, but Ford felt it necessary to request any additional documents as Power2Parent teased about the possibility of more content from a similar incident, saving it for use in an attack rather than resolving through the system.

Meanwhile, another Trustee, instead of contacting the complainant or working with the school to ensure that the concern is addressed, joined the attackers on Twitter, amplifying the aforesaid deviation. Fox News story – however, being in the room, she surely knows that the claimant’s request to be cut is a lie, and probably knows that the statement of content is a book assigned to the class as well. is wrong.

If you’re a parent, chances are you’ve encountered something in your child’s curriculum or school experience at some point that you don’t appreciate or approve of. You may have responded with one of these methods: explain to your child how to handle a similar incident next time; email or call the teacher; or contact the principal or superintendent. When those methods do not work, there is always an option, including turning to public discussion when necessary.

However, the current climate around education, with the far right urging followers to harass schools about teaching about racism, acknowledges the mere existence of gender and sexuality. , or requiring children to wear masks during a pandemic, makes these lies not only dangerous but potentially fatal for teachers and school staff – and public education is the goal. Here’s How Anti-Wokers Lie To The Public & Endanger Teachers & School Staff

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