Here’s how to pack a weed-themed picnic basket

With the Fourth of July holiday past in the rearview mirror – and Labor Day barely visible on the horizon – the country has entered peak picnic season.

Over the next few weeks, patterns of gingham blankets will be spread out in grassy parks from coast to coast, where thousands of wicker knitters will dispose of their edibles for the benefit of the wicker. who want to dine outdoors. And with 19 states now allowing recreational marijuana consumption for those 21 and older, it’s highly likely that a pot product or two will show up on the trip.

As anyone who has left a cork on the kitchen counter can tell you, the first rule of picnic motivation is that the more effort you put into planning your picnic on the front, you will reap more benefits. . And that goes double if you’re planning to enhance the experience of fresh air that naturally comes your way back home hanging in the backyard (or anywhere else you’re using appropriately). legislation – laws vary from state to state). However, because many things sesh that come out cool as it sits on your coffee table (like gravity bubbles) turn out to be unwieldy or impractical in large environments, weeds love What should nature do?

To help answer that question, I mentioned two people whose enthusiasm for all things weed can perhaps only be compared by their love of travel and picnics: content creators marijuana on YouTube Alice and Clark Campbell, aka That High Couple. I recently asked them to pack a picnic basket (they pack two), get a blanket, and meet me at a grassy, ​​tree-lined park not far from their Van Nuys apartment.

There, in addition to a bunch of festive food (think strawberries, a trio of cheeses, a crusty bread, and a bunch of grapes worthy of a Roman emperor), they shared a their weed number (if that’s not the word, it should be). And, even if just one or two of the following make it into your wicker basket this season, you’ll still be well on your way to the perfect summer picnic.

1. TSUMo Fiery Hot

An orange square bag with bold letters atop a pile of delicious snacks

TSUMo’s savory snacks contain 10 milligrams of THC per 1-ounce bag.


Savory snacks are an integral part of any picnic, and front and center in That High Couple’s drawer is a bag of bright orange Fiery Hot cannabis cakes. Think of these extruded, corn-based, flame-retardant treats like their Cheetos cousins, where the only thing that’s (relatively) light is 10 milligrams of THC per serving, a 1-ounce bag. (If you’ve got a crowd looking for savory snacks, you’ll be fine. In June, the brand launched larger 100-milligram bags of Fiery Hot alongside other mainstream flavors: Hint: Hint.) of Lime, Zesty Ranch, Classic Cheese and Salsa Verde.)

2. Mary Jones Soda / Pabst Blue Ribbon High Seltzer

A pack of four bottles is like a brightly colored soft drink.

Mary Jones’s new traditional soft drink contains 10 milligrams of THC per 12-ounce bottle.

(Mary Jones Cannabis Co.)

No couple agrees on everything, and for the Campbells, a rare difference of opinion in picnic packing is in the THC-infused beverage division. In this case, Alice talks about the just-launched Mary Jones soft drink line by Seattle-based craft soda maker Jones Soda Co., 25, which adds 10 milligrams of THC to a 12-ounce bottle out of the box. 4 bottles of the brand. most popular flavors (green apple and root beer, among them). “Throughout high school, my friends and I all took pictures to try and buy bottles of Jones Soda because it was all [user] submitted,” she said.

“She’s reliving her high school years,” Clark quips. “[And] I am reliving my college years with PBR.” With that, he held aloft two small cans emblazoned with the iconic Pabst Blue Ribbon. However, instead of beer, each can contains a non-alcoholic flavored wine (in this case, strawberry kiwi and pineapple passion fruit on the other) and 10 milligrams of THC. “I have fond memories of beer pong and just celebrated with PBR.”

3. Camino watermelon passion fruit gummies

A round tin box decorated with a cityscape next to two or three red gum

Kiva Confection’s cannabis-infused watermelon gum.

(Kiva Confection)

“On the sweet side here, we have some Camino gum,” says Alice, explaining that the relatively low dosage (5 milligrams THC per marshmallow) and no finger-stick sugar dust makes them Become a good candy go optional. Clark added that the special edition Watermelon Lemonade hit the right note.

“It’s the kind of flavor I look for when I’m on a picnic,” he says. “Something that tastes like a slice of summer – it’s super citrusy.”

4. Puffco Budsy / Cupsy . Stealth Smoker

A bubble that looks like a water bottle

Puffco Budsy is a bubble disguised as a standard water bottle.


Even if you don’t necessarily try to get sly high, there’s something about the quiet, outdoor atmosphere of the picnic that feels tailored to the stealthy smoking device. . And That High Couple doesn’t lack that either, including an Empire Glassworks tube that resembles a mini bread, a cheeseburger-shaped jar and a tube shaped like a slice of pepperoni pizza. Clark’s favorite in this department looks like one of those popular wide-mouth Nalgene water bottles. It’s only when part of the screw lid is flipped up to reveal a hidden porcelain bowl that you’ll realize it’s actually a portable – and very discreet – bubble called a Budsy.

While it can still be purchased online, the company behind it, Puffco, has discontinued it and is now focusing on a smaller (and even more stealthy) silhouette designed to resemble a cup. take away coffee and named Cupsy.

5. Sploofy Personal Air Filter

A black, circular air filter next to a box with writing on it

Sploofy Personal Air Filter ($21.99) helps cut down on secondhand smoke.

(Sploofy brand)

Sharing your picnic blanket doesn’t mean sharing clouds of smoke thanks to the last item Alice pulls out of her vintage picnic basket and keeps aloft – a fish air filter A person named Sploofy. “Remember to exhale into the toilet paper tube filled with dryer sheets to reduce odors? That’s what inspired this,” she said.

In an email confirming Alice’s origin story, company founder Brian Huynh explains that his homage to the traditional smoke-stop trick has a three-part filtration system: a foam pre-filter to diffuses larger smoke particles, a HEPA filter to attract smoke and activated carbon to neutralize odors.

Since starting his direct-to-consumer company in his San Gabriel Valley garage in 2015, Huynh says he’s sold more than 1 million filters, which means the only thing you smell now the sweet smell of success. Here’s how to pack a weed-themed picnic basket

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