Horror’s Most Loyal Animal Sidekicks: From Jones to D’Artagnan

We’ve all seen our fair share of animal horrors – Jaw, pet cemetery, Cujo — most of which instilled an unhealthy fear in some of our own pets. Or made our next visit to some kind of body of water a little unnerving. But not all dire bulls are out to sink their fangs into something or someone. What about the horror animals on the protagonist’s team? Some were there to ward off evil, some to offer emotional support, and some were just too cute to forget. Below is a list of our favorite animals in horror that, in one way or another, fought on the side of the protagonist.


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Grandpa in Evil Dead (2013)

Grandpa evil dead

Grandpa doesn’t show up evil Dead for a long time, but he still has a special place in our hearts. Grandpa was David (Shiloh Fernandez) and Mia’s (jane levy) family dog ​​who had accompanied her to her cabin in the woods many times before (everything was creepy and possessed before). He came with David to help Mia with her heroin withdrawal. Unfortunately for Grandpa, he wasn’t the kind of dog in a horror that could sense the paranormal, leading to him being the first victim of Deadite-possessed Mia. However, for the brief shiny moments before owning them, Grandpa manages to brighten Mia’s day and make everyone smile. Until all hell broke loose.

Sam in I’m a Legend (2007)

Sam, also known as the best of scared girls, proved that dogs really are man’s best friend. Before the outbreak of the Krippin Virus, Sam was the Neville family’s adorable new German Shepherd puppy. However, when it came time to evacuate, military virologist Robert Neville (Will Smith) stayed behind in the military and his daughter gave him Sam as a companion. For three years, Sam remains Neville’s only companion, hunting, scavenging and fighting alongside Darkseekers. Sam is a true and loyal friend to the end, and while her untimely death brings tears to our eyes at the mere mention of it, there’s no doubt that Sam is a hero.

Nanook in The Lost Boys (1987)

Nanook will go down in history as the greatest vampire hound of all time. The Alaskan Malamute was Sams (Corey Haim) faithful pet that is constantly by his side and protective of his owner. Nanook had something of a sixth sense – the innate ability to sense vampires. As Sam’s brother Michael (Jason Patrick) is rotated, Nanook immediately senses this and leaps to Sam’s defense, biting Michael’s hand. Nanook even saves the Frog brothers from the vampire Paul (Brooke McCarter), throwing Paul into a bathtub filled with garlic. Buffy Summers could really use a dog like Nanook.

Jones in Alien (1979)

Dogs are universally recognized as heroes and companions in film, but Jones proves that cats are just as capable of being man’s best friend. Aboard the USCSS Nostromo, Ellen Ripley’s (Sigourney Weaver) Ginger Cat Jones served as the resident mouse catcher and was a great source of entertainment for the crew. When the Xenomorph attacks, Jones proves a formidable adversary, hissing to warn the other crew members of his presence. Even the Xenomorph doesn’t try to take on Jones. He’s a tough kitten. And having Ripley return to save Jones is a true testament to how much we love our pets.

The Beast in the Hills Has Eyes (2006)

Everyone who saw it The hills have eyes 2006 reissue knows that Beast is the unsung hero of the film. Originally, the Carter family had two dogs; Beauty and the Beast. Unfortunately, Beauty is killed and partially eaten by the cannibalistic mutants, but Beast gets his revenge. Beast doesn’t just rip Goggle’s throat out (Ezra Buzzington) – the mutant that ate Beauty – but he also kills the mutant Big Brain (Desmond Skew) while accompanying Doug (Aaron Stanford) to save his baby. Beast is one of the few beasts in horror that almost has a higher kill count than the hero. And we cheered for every kill. It goes without saying, but Beast is a very, very good boy.

Thor in Bad Moon (1996)

bad moon can be summed up as a film about a dog on a mission to save his family from the clutches of a murderous werewolf. Thor loves his family more than anything, so if Uncle Ted (Michael Pare) comes to stay, the hairs on the back of his neck standing up as he realizes something is wrong with him. Unable to warn his family of the danger, Thor fiercely protects them throughout Ted’s transformations. After a final showdown in which Thor severely wounds the werewolf, the pup pursues the werewolf until sunrise, eventually putting an end to Uncle Ted. In the end, it’s Thor’s love and loyalty that saves the Harrison family from this fearsome predator. We would choose Thor over silver bullets any day.

General in Cat’s Eye (1985)

StephenKing‘s cat eye is a horror anthology that follows a story through the eyes of a traveling cat. While his role in the first two short films is rather insignificant, the cat plays a major role in the third and final short film “General”. The cat is adopted by young Amanda (Drew Barrymore) and general called. Despite Amanda’s protests, her mother always sends General out at night when they go to sleep. Little do they know that a malicious troll has taken up residence in their house and is trying to steal Amanda’s breath away. General defends Amanda against the troll and eventually kills him, leading his family to reward him with an extra fishy breakfast and all the cuddles he wants.

Gunpowder in Sleepy Hollow (1999)

Gunpowder doesn’t play a particularly important role in this Sleepy Cave, but as one of our few horse buddies, he’s definitely worthy of recognition. The old workhorse is sent to Ichabod Crane (Johnny Depp) to travel through the forest to investigate the beheadings in the town of Sleepy Hollow. Gunpowder is a large, one-eyed, dusty workhorse named for his graying coat and fiery personality. He remained a loyal companion to Ichabod, and Depp loved the horse (whose real life name was Goldeneye) so much that Depp adopted it when he heard it was going to be euthanized after the film.

Chips in Dawn of the Dead (2004)

The dog Chips was discovered by a group of survivors living in a mall Dawn of the Dead and is adopted by Nicole (Lindy Booth). Luckily for Chip, the zombies in this universe have no interest in animal flesh, so Chip can roam around as he pleases. This pup proves to be of great help later in the film as the survivors use him to deliver supplies to a man who lives in a gun shop across from the mall. However, the man dies after a zombie follows Chips into the store. Nicole later gets trapped at the store trying to save Chips and — through no fault of Chips — accidentally kills six others as the group is forced to save the two and evacuate the mall. As silly as Nicole’s actions were, I think we can all agree that we would also go back for chips.

Sam in Dog Soldiers (2002)

Sam is Megan’s pet border collie (Emma Cleasby), but he forms a special bond with Private Cooper (Kevin McKidd) during the events of dog soldiers. Sam initially avoids the fighting when the werewolves attack the cabin where the group was hiding. However, he growls back when confronted after Spoon’s death. It is only when his owner Megan is killed (after being revealed to be one of the werewolves) and Sam is under Cooper’s care that he comes to his defense. The faithful pup attacks one of the werewolves chasing Cooper, distracting him long enough for Cooper to deliver the final blow. Sam saves his life and the two leave the cottage side by side.

Inga in Phenomena (1985)

Inga is a chimpanzee and serves as forensic entomologist John McGregor (Donald Pleasure) companion and companion. Why McGregor has a chimpanzee assistant we’ll never know. But you will soon be glad that Inga was there. The film revolves around a serial killer who butchers young women in a boarding school and later kills McGregor as well. Inga’s role in the film is pretty trivial until the end. Jennifer (Jennifer Connelly) is confronted with the killer in a final showdown. To her surprise, Inga shows up just in time, armed with a razor, and murders the serial killer in revenge. Inga and Jennifer hug once the ordeal is over. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been happier in my life to see a chimpanzee holding a razor with a manic grin.

D’Artagnan in Stranger Things

D’Artagnan is not a conventional pet. Well, he’s nobody’s traditional pet. In Season 2 of stranger thingsDustin (Gate Matarazzo) discovers what he thinks is a new species of Pollywog and names it D’Artagnan. Dustin raises it from a tadpole to a cat-eating monster, unaware that the creature is actually an evil Demodog from Upside Down. Before Dustin has a chance to eradicate it, Dart escapes and returns to his hive. The two cross paths again as the group tries to exit the tunnels under Merril’s pumpkin patch and Dart blocks their path. Luckily, Dustin wins it with a three musketeer’s bar and darts let her pass, saving her life. Dart may not be the cutest of pets, but he’s certainly a loyal one (as long as you’ve got a candy bar handy).

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