How can I make scorched yellow grass green again? Expert tips to make your lawn lush and why it dies in the first place

EXPERT tips have been released to turn burnt yellow grass into a lush green paradise.

You’ll also get practical advice on what’s destroying your lawn in the first place – and some of the causes may surprise you.

Expert tips have been revealed to turn burnt yellow grass into a lush green paradise


Expert tips have been revealed to turn burnt yellow grass into a lush green paradisePhoto credit: Getty

As reported by the Mirrorthere are at least eight reasons your country could be suffering this summer.


Let’s start with an obvious problem, but while Brits may be enjoying the latest heatwaves, many of their gardens have turned yellow.

It only takes a few days to do the damage – but don’t worry there is a solution.

Simply soak the weed generously, preferably earlier in the morning.

If you have sandy soil, you may need to water your garden more frequently as different soil types drain water at different rates.

To give your garden the best chance of survival, make sure the water has reached the top 4 to 6 inches of soil – you can use a screwdriver to check.


While watering your lawn is essential, over-watering will destroy it.

This can encourage the grass to form shallow roots, meaning that as temperatures rise, it is unable to reach water further down.

Additionally, if the soil becomes waterlogged, the roots will lack oxygen.

The expert advice states that grass that is meant to be watered takes on a blue-green hue and does not spring back as quickly after stepping on it.


Homeowners could make one of two mistakes: over-fertilizing or under-fertilizing.

Your grass begins to turn yellow when it’s lacking in nutrients like iron and nitrogen.

To make the leaves green again, you can sprinkle some garden fertilizer over them.

But be careful, too much fertilizer will kill the roots.

Thorough watering can help dilute any produce and balance soil pH.

With a soil test kit you can be sure of whether your lawn needs more or less fertilizer.


Animal weeds can stain your lawn because they contain nitrogen that burns the grass.

If your pet has chosen a specific spot to urinate, this can lead to a result similar to overfeeding.

This is usually noticeable when the yellow spots are only in one place.

Although it can be difficult to tell your pet where to go, it can be a good idea to teach them to only use an area out of the way.

There are also outdoor litter boxes for cats.


Most people mow their lawns in the summer months, but watch out for spilled gas.

This will kill the green. So always stock up on gear away from the grass.

Or clean up as quickly as possible and water the areas that are already affected.

Cutting the grass too short can also lead to a hazard.

It can cause the leaves to not get enough moisture, causing them to start turning yellow.

Remember to let it grow longer next time if it turned yellow with the mower last time.

Another top tip: make sure your lawn mower blades are sharp, as torn grass will turn yellow.


Yellow grass can develop when the soil is too compacted, for example under garden furniture or where people take frequent walks.

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This means that the water does not reach the roots and the lawn dries out.

Ground aerators are an option, or you can use a garden fork to re-oxygenate the grass.

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