How Daredevil’s She-Hulk Appearance Echoes His Comics Run

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Episode 8 of She-Hulk.There was a lot of cheering in various corners of the internet last week when She-Hulk: Lawyer brought Charlie Cox‘s Matt Murdock Into Orbit by Jennifer Walters (Tatyana Maslany). While Cox had previously appeared in Spider-Man: No Way HomeThis is his first full appearance as Murdock following the cancellation of the daredevil Series on Netflix. And Daredevil’s performance not only shows the potential path he’ll take in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but also draws on a fan-favorite run with the man without fear, in particular Markus Waid‘s work.


Waid is perhaps best known for his work at DC Comics, including the classic rich come miniseries with Alex Ross and Superman: Birthright With Lenin Francis Yu. But his Marvel work is just as impressive; his Fantastic Four Run with the delay, great Mike Wieringo restored why the First Family was one of Marvel’s premier super teams, and his SIGN Folded characters from the series Agents of SHIELD series in the Marvel Comics canon. But it was daredevil that really stood out because of Waid’s approach and a bunch of artists including them Paolo Rivera and Chris Sammee took.

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With daredevilWaid took the same approach as he did Fantastic Four and went back to the character’s bold roots. This daredevil performed insane acrobatics and delivered wry observations to his enemies. This approach served a total of 180 out Frank Mueller‘s gritter take, which had become the norm in Daredevil stories. Additionally, the artwork provided by Sammee, Rivera, and other artists were lighter than Miller’s work, played up the reds in Daredevil’s costume, and found a new way to represent his trademark “radar feel.”

The two biggest highlights of Waid’s run are how he’s managed to cement Daredevil’s standing in the mainstream Marvel Universe and Man Without Fear’s approach to the love life. During this run, Daredevil battled enemies like the Mole and Ulysses Klaw – the latter wreaking havoc on his superhuman senses. He also touched on other heroes like Silver Surfer and Captain America, which was a reminder that the Marvel Universe is a very large and very diverse place. As for Murdock’s love life, he has a brief fling with the Black Cat and soon forms a relationship with fellow attorney Kirsten McDuffie. He literally sweeps a bride off her feet daredevil #1!

These elements are present during Murdock’s appearance in She Hulk. When he first appears in costume, he wears a bright red and yellow getup, which also serves as a nod to his very first costume. He also continues to flirt with Jennifer, whether at the bar in her civilian identity or on the rooftop when he notices her heartbeat increase in his presence. They even end up spending the night together – leading to one of the most memorable moments of the episode when the man saunters fearlessly through a sunny California neighborhood. Murdock is even more acrobatic than in the Netflix series, leaping from building to building with the grace of an Olympic gymnast.

Using Waid’s streak as an influence not only provides a new source of inspiration for Cox’s future performances as Daredevil, but also proves that the character can grow and evolve. Actually the daredevil The Netflix series ended on a high note when Murdock decided to hang out with his friends Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson) and Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll). And although the forthcoming Daredevil: Reborn While the series appears to be taking inspiration from the Miller storyline, elements of Waid’s run may also prevent it from treading well-trodden ground — especially since that storyline was a key driving force of the Netflix series’ third season.

She-Hulk: Lawyer New episodes premiere weekly on Disney+ every Thursday. How Daredevil’s She-Hulk Appearance Echoes His Comics Run

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