How did evil Lucy Letby manage to get away with her crimes for so long, ask heartbroken parents of one of her victims

Heartbroken, the parents of Lucy Letby’s victims last night asked how she got away “for so long”.

One father simply told The Sun: “I blame the hospital.”

The parents of Lucy Letby's victims last night asked how she got away


The parents of Lucy Letby’s victims last night asked how she got away “for so long”.Photo credit: Company news and images
Letby carried out a killing spree at the Countess of Chester Hospital


Letby carried out a killing spree at the Countess of Chester HospitalPhoto credit: News Group Newspapers Ltd

His twins – just named Baby L and Baby M – miraculously survived Lucy Letby’s attempts to kill them.

Baby L is still suffering from night sweats after being poisoned with insulin on April 9, 2016.

It is believed that on the same day, Letby either injected baby M with air or blocked his airway, causing the child to suffer brain damage.

The father said: “The punishment she gets will not be enough.

“There will be justice, but it will not be enough.

“She took everything — our joy, our happiness, everything.”

He and his wife recalled being “over the moon” when their firstborn had two healthy twins.

Sister Letby had been present at her birth.

Baby M later collapsed. Letby was present again as staff treated him.

The mother said: “She just stood there, very calm and cool.

“I didn’t know her name at the time. I only found out later.”

“I was just praying to my God and asking what happened to my child.

“I have never wronged anyone in my life, so why do I have to suffer?

“And then, after 30 minutes, he recovered.”

Letby seemed “more aggressive” towards them.

The mother said: “I think she was very upset with us for failing to kill our babies.

“She was very frustrated.”

And the parents said they were furious with Letby for “lying, lying, lying” every time she testified

They have told the twins, now seven, that they were being targeted by Letby rather than letting them find out from someone else.

The mother, a part-time carer, said: “They make a joke of it.

“They say, ‘We’re going to kick her, we’re going to bite her, we’re going to pull her hair, mom.’

“But they don’t get it yet.”

Her grandfather hadn’t witnessed Letby’s sentencing as he died last month – and “kept asking” about the trial.

During the 10-month trial, it emerged that warning signs were reported to supervisors at the Countess of Chester Hospital just a month after Letby began her year-long killing spree.

There was evidence that baby L had been poisoned with artificial insulin, but the parents were not told.

The mother added: “As soon as two or three babies died. . . Why did they wait until 17 babies were attacked?”

The couple are now calling for a public inquiry, saying in particular that then-director of care Alison Kelly had questions to answer.

They also fear the registrar Letby was in love with had forwarded her a confidential email about a review into the deaths of two triplets.

The mother said: “It is definitely a violation that needs to be investigated.”

The mum and dad have become close to the parents of baby F, who was severely disabled, while twin, baby E, was one of the seven who died.

This couple branded Letby a “hateful person”.

The mother recalled the harrowing moments when she walked into a room and found Letby holding baby E, with blood on her mouth.

She said Letby had a “really calm demeanor” as she stood across the room while the mother frantically comforted her dying child.

She told the BBC: “You know that feeling when it feels like someone wants to look busy but isn’t actually doing anything?”

As the baby’s condition worsened, the heartbroken mother watched through glass as doctors tried in vain to revive him.

After the baby died, cold-blooded Letby gave his lifeless body to the distraught parents.

The mother said, “She gave him a bath and then she put a little wool dress on him and gave him back to us and we held him for a while.”

Letby had presented the parents with a keepsake box containing a lock of the baby’s hair, casts of his hand and feet, and photographs she had secretly taken of him.

She even shared a picture of baby F turning around and hugging his brother’s toy bear.

But what they thought was a kind gesture took a chilling turn when they learned that newborns cannot roll onto their stomachs unaided.

An autopsy did not initially take place.

But experts have since concluded that his death was a result of internal bleeding and an injection of air into his bloodstream.

Baby F had suddenly fallen seriously ill within 24 hours of his brother’s death.

The mother, who stayed by his crib all night, recalled, “I said to my husband, ‘Please, not again – we can’t do this again, this mustn’t happen.’ ”

The doctors managed to save him.

Two years later, his parents learned that his insulin IV bag had been poisoned.

He was left with “many complex needs”.

The parents, who struggled to conceive, shared how they formed a friendship with Letby and often shared stories from their personal lives.

The mother said: “Never in a million years did I think it would be someone we felt we connected with.

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“I think she’s a hateful person.

“What she did changed the course of our lives forever.”

Letby imagined herself being questioned by the police after her arrest


Letby imagined herself being questioned by the police after her arrestPhoto credit: Reuters
Letby faces a life sentence


Letby faces a life sentencePhoto credit: PA

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