How Rosaline Is Different From When You Were Mine

Editor’s Note: The following contains Rosaline spoilers.Rosaline is the latest film that brings a contemporary twist to the works of William Shakespeare – in this case his famous tragic romance Romeo and Juliet. This story focuses on Julia’s cousin Rosaline (Katilyn Dever), which is only mentioned in a few lines in the original piece. Rosaline secretly met with Romeo (Kyle Allen) while she was trying to marry her father Friar Laurence (Bradley Whitford). But things go wrong when Rosaline misses a masquerade ball and Romeo has to fall in love with her cousin Juliet (Isabela Mercedes). Rosaline tries to win Romeo back from Juliet while also grappling with a new relationship and her growing perspective on the world.


Rosaline However, it is not only based on a play by Shakespeare. It’s based on one Book that adapts Romeo and Juliet until modern times. when you were mine through Rebekah Serle puts on a modern spin Romeo and Julietand although Serle is executive producer on the film, there are some major differences between the film and the novel it is inspired by. Rosaline also has a secret weapon in the form of screenwriters Scott Neustadter and Michael H Weberwhose previous work includes adaptations of books, including The Spectacular Now and The Disaster Artist. Here are some of the key differences between Rosaline and when you were mine.

The attitude is different

Perhaps the biggest change is attitude. While most of Neustadter’s and Weber’s dialogue eschews Shakespeare’s prose and more modern structures, the setting still features elements of the Elizabethan era, including intricately crafted robes and talks about “the plague”. You are far away from that when you were mine, which moved the story to modern-day California and updated all the names. Rosaline is “Rose”, Romeo is “Rob”, etc. Cars and cellphones replace horse-drawn carriages and handwritten letters, which feels more like a perfect fit for modern dialogue than transporting it to a Shakespearean era. Ironic, Rosaline takes the opposite approach Baz Luhrman‘s Romeo + Julietwhich transplanted the original play into the modern era but left its dialogue intact.

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Julia comes off much better in “Rosaline”.

One of the better changes concerns Juliet, who doesn’t get the most favorable characterization when you were mine In the book, she is described as incredibly beautiful, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She also had a friendship with Rose that ended when they were young – her parents used to fight and Juliet eventually moved away. Juliet ends up stealing Rob from Rose, and soon rumors spread about her self-destructive tendencies, leading Rose to try to win back her crush.

Juliet comes off a lot better Rosaline, as she and Rosaline reconnect. Julia turns out to be quite naïve, searching above all for true love and taking everything Rosaline tells her at face value. This backfires when Juliet finds out about Rosaline and Romeo’s past relationships, and true to the original play, she secretly marries Romeo and plots to poison herself. However, the film takes a far less tragic turn than the original play, in which Rosaline convinces Romeo and Juliet that killing yourself is stupid. (Somewhere, many English majors breathed a sigh of relief.) The duo eventually sail into the sunset, though a scene in the credits suggests their relationship may not turn out to be the grand love story it’s portrayed as in the game.

Rosaline’s love interest is much more appealing

Rosaline eventually finds love in the arms of another man, but that man is very different between the book and the film. in the when you were mine, she falls in love with Len Stephens, a vicious loner who ends up working with her on a biology project. in the rosaline, the new love interest is Dario (Sean Teele), a soldier turned potential suitor. Both stories lead to Rosaline realizing that Romeo isn’t the type for her and moving on. However, neither Len nor Dario have a counterpart Romeo and Juliet. Dario is ultimately the more interesting character, largely due to Teale and Dever’s sparkling chemistry.

Rosaline’s friendships are more substantial

Rosaline’s support network is also very different in the film. She often turns to the advice of her pediatric nurse, Janet (Minnie Driver) as well as her lifelong friend Paris (Spencer Stevenson). In fact, the subplot of Paris marrying Juliet takes on a new dimension thanks to the fact that 1) Rosaline is the one who proposes it and 2) Paris is gay. It is this support network that helps Rosaline through the difficult time in her life and eventually leads to her starting a relationship with Dario.

In contrast, Rose’s friends Charlie and Olivia are essentially props when you were mine. The two of them worry mostly about Rosaline and being popular, and that’s about it. But even more scathing are the rumors they spread about Juliet, from her suicidal thoughts to her sex history. It gets to the point where you wonder why Rosaline is even friends with them, so shifting the focus to Paris and sister Janet was clearly the right choice for Neustadter and Weber.

Rosaline streams on Hulu. How Rosaline Is Different From When You Were Mine

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