How She-Hulk Sets Up the Next Big Hulk Story

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Episode 9 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

The final of She-Hulk: Lawyer saw Jennifer Walters (Tatyana Maslany), who takes on the cyber collective of incels known as the Intellegencia – shattering the fourth wall in the process to rewrite her own ending. Along the way, a few other superheroes popped up, including Daredevil (Charlie Cox). But there was a new character who has ties to Jennifer and her cousin Bruce Banner (Markus Ruffalo) and may indicate a specific storyline that Marvel Studios would like to adapt.

At the end of the finale “Whose Show Is This?” Jennifer is on top of the world. She beat the Intellegencia, she cleared her name, and she took a certain man out to dinner with her family without fear. Then Bruce shows up and he’s not alone. He introduces his son Skaar (Wil Deusner) that he brought from the planet Sakaar. Skaar’s appearance continues a trend for the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to continue their legacy in unexpected ways, despite the fact that, in true Hulk fashion, the storylines that led to his appearance had devastating consequences.


Who is Scar?

Skaar’s origins can be traced back to the Planet Hulk action of Greg Pak, Carlo Pagulayanand Aaron Lopresti. After one of his killing sprees almost leveled Las Vegas, the Hulk was launched into space by the Illuminati. Originally intended to land on a peaceful planet, he eventually ended up on the war-torn world of Sakaar. However, it turned out that Hulk was the “Sakaarson”, a being who was prophesied to rescue Sakaar from the Red King’s tyrannical grip. With a collection of alien gladiators, the Hulk did just that, becoming King of Sakaar in the process.

He also found a measure of peace and a deep connection with the warrior known as Caiera the Oldstrong. Unfortunately, this peace would not last. Caiera was killed when the shuttle the Hulk was arriving in exploded. Believing that the Illuminati are responsible for their deaths, the Hulk and his warbound arrive on Earth World War Hulk Miniseries by Pak and John Romita Jr. Hulk tears his way through his former allies with ease until it is revealed that one of his gladiators, Miek, was responsible for the explosion. Miek said that he saw the Red King’s loyalists sabotaging the shuttle, but chose not to interfere as he saw the Hulk as the only force that could protect Sakaar. Iron Man took advantage of this to deploy a series of weaponized satellites that hit Hulk with enough force to turn him back into Bruce Banner and he was imprisoned.

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A formidable warrior

Though Caiera was long dead, her son Skaar managed to survive and develop into a formidable warrior. Because of her connection with the force known as the One Power, she was also able to communicate with him from beyond the grave. This ferocity costs him everything when Galactus arrives, intending to consume Sakaar. Skaar’s refusal to step down results in Caiera absorbing the One Power and banishing him to Earth. Skaar intends to kill the Hulk, but soon learns that Bruce Banner has been stripped of his ability to transform into his gamma-irradiated form. In the end, the two make a deal: Skaar will travel with Banner, and Banner will teach his alter-ego’s son how to kill his father. Skaar becomes a hero, fighting enemies like the Intellegencia and Norman Obsorn’s Dark Avengers.

elements of Planet Hulk already entered Thor: Ragnarok, with Hulk becoming a gladiator and Miek showing up, although the insect was less malevolent than in the source material. With Skaar now on Earth, there’s a chance Hulk can teach his son how to be a hero, just like he did Jen. And a potential World War Hulk The adjustment could focus on the danger Skaar possesses. The Hulk has wreaked untold destruction over the years; What can I say, his son is incapable, or even worse? And how might the world react to his presence? With She Hulk and Captain America: New World Order Throw in more elements from the Hulk corner of the Marvel Universe and anything is possible when it comes to Skaar. How She-Hulk Sets Up the Next Big Hulk Story

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