How ‘The Midnight Club Sets Up a Season 2

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for the ending of The Midnight Club.

Mike Flanagan doesn’t shy away from leaving unresolved plot points in his TV series, usually to allow audiences to interact with his work and fill in the blanks themselves. And while The Haunting of Hill House, The Haunting of Bly Manorand midnight fair mostly resolving any conflicts between their characters, each finale is at least a little open-ended and shows how the world goes on after the main characters have made peace with the ghosts and demons that haunt them. The Midnight Clubhowever, foregoes all subtlety in favor of a classic cliffhanger teasing Season 2, which is actually planned by creators Flanagan and Leah Fong. And while we’re very happy to know that we may be able to spend some more time with the incredible characters of The Midnight Clubthis cliffhanger comes as a shock considering Flanagan has been invested in miniseries production up until now.


The Midnight Club follows a group of terminally ill patients from Brightcliffe, a hospice where young adults are spending their final months on that plane. These patients have to cope with the weight of death on their shoulders, and as they try to accept their fate, they tell themselves horror stories at night. They also make a pact to send signs from the afterlife upon their death. All patients want evidence of the afterlife and cling to the hope that there is something else behind the veil of death.

While The Midnight Club does a wonderful job of deepening Flanagan’s exploration of death, hope and faith, there are also a few supernatural mysteries intertwined with the patients’ story. First, Brightcliffe was once home to a pagan cult, the Paragon, who used human sacrifice to try to unlock the mysteries of healing and extended life. There are also ghosts from the past haunting some of the patients. But when the final ends The Midnight Club leaves too many unanswered questions about both storylines.

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The last scene of The Midnight Club had a shocking revelation about Dr. Georgia Stanton (Heide Langenkamp), the sweet doctor who runs Brightcliffe. As it turns out, Dr. Georgia has the Paragon symbol tattooed on her neck, teasing that she has a long history with the cult. She’s also bald, meaning she’s either terminally ill or has shaved her head, just like the cult’s leader, Aceso (Katie Parker). The Midnight Club primarily needs a second season to explain who Dr. Georgia is what her relationship with the Paragon is and if she is somehow using the terminally ill patients as sacrifices to prolong her own life. in the The Midnight Club, Death takes the form of a shadow lurking in the corners. And while this may just be a hallucination shared by the patients, the shadow may have supernatural origins. And if that’s the case, the Paragon and Dr. Georgia to be involved in this specter.

The first season of The Midnight Club It is also about accepting death and embracing life. First Ilonka (Iman Benson) wants to know everything about the Paragon in order to recreate their rituals and heal themselves and their friends. By the finale, however, Ilonka is willing to accept that these rituals don’t work. But is that so? The Midnight Club might leave the doubt hanging in the air, but there are just too many unfinished Paragon plot points that call for resolution. For example, we know the fate of the series’ main antagonist, Shasta (Samantha Slojan), who really is the adult version of Julia Jayne (Larsen Thompson), the teenager who was healed at Brightcliffe. The finale also shows Julia turning to Aceso to learn the Paragon’s secrets, but does not reveal what she was taught, how she used that knowledge, whether she sacrificed any of her Midnight Club friends, and whether the ritual can actually work.

The most urgent matter The Midnight Club However, what needs to be clarified in season 2 is the origin of the two ghosts that haunt Ilonka and Kevin (Igby Rigney). The series teases the spirits that might possess the pair, but never tells us why or what they’re looking for. If they are indeed ghosts, a second season can delve deeper into their relationship to the supernatural energies that power Brightcliffe, the Paragon, and the true identity of Dr. Surround Georgia.

During the first season of The Midnight Club great in its own right, it’s clear that the series was designed to be expanded towards new episodes. Now we just have to stay tuned for when Netflix will renew the series, giving us hope of returning to Brightcliffe as soon as possible.

All 10 episodes of The Midnight Club are available to stream now on Netflix. How ‘The Midnight Club Sets Up a Season 2

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