How to Childproof Your Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo smart speaker is a perfect way to simplify everyday tasks around the house. Whether it’s finding the fastest route to work, finding the perfect chocolate cake recipe, or dimming the lights before bed, the Echo can do it all.

While these smart speakers are all about convenience, it means anyone can access their information, especially kids. We’ll show you the many ways you can protect your Amazon Echo device to help protect your kids from inappropriate content.

Schedule a “Do Not Disturb” Mode for Homework and Bedtime

The Amazon Echo is an interesting device that can alert users to calls, messages, and active reminders during all hours of the day. But this can become a problem at night. Young children can be spooked by Alexa’s voice at night when they are trying to sleep.

Alerts from Alexa can also distract your child from completing homework because they may want to join a phone call or reply to some text. Scheduling Do Not Disturb mode will temporarily block all calls and message alerts for a certain period of time.

To schedule Do Not Disturb mode, open the Alexa app on iOS or Android and go to Setting > Device settings, tap the device you want to change, select Do Not Disturb, and enable the feature. Then tap Plan and set the start and end times of your Do Not Disturb timer. This schedule will run daily until shut down. You can also use Alexa directly from the app.


You can also use Alexa on Windows to change these settings.

Turn on the clear filter to block inappropriate songs

When your kids are alone, or even having a party with a group of friends, it’s easy to let your smart speaker find entertaining music to put your mind at ease, but if you’re not careful, it can lead to serious problems. mistake.

Once your kids take control of your Echo device, you never know what they might stumble across. Whether it’s by accident or on purpose, your child will likely hear songs with obscene language.

The best way to combat this is to set an Explicit Filter to block Alexa from playing songs with inappropriate language. This filter will also limit the type of radio stations they can listen to.

To enable this filter, go to Settings> Musicand then turn on Clear filter. An alternative option is to ask Alexa to “block pornographic songs”. But if your kids are aware of this, they can ask Alexa to unblock these songs.

Turn off voice purchases

One of the scariest things your child can do is accidentally spend all your money without you around. One way to prevent this is to disable Voice Purchase through the Alexa app.

To do this, tap the menu and go to Setting. From here, go to Alexa account and then off Buy by voice. This will block any user from trying to buy something through your smart speaker.

If you’d like to enable Voice Purchases, there’s also an option to set up a four-digit voice code. When purchasing an item, Alexa will ask you to confirm this code to complete your purchase. Just make sure you keep it a secret.

Turn off drop in

Drop In is a cool feature that lets you use your Echo device as an intercom and check in on your kids, call people out for dinner, or even play a little prank. But in the wrong hands, this device can cause trouble.

This feature allows users to join a video call on someone else’s Echo Show or Echo Spot. This could turn out to be an invasion of privacy if people (even if they could be your friends) are using this feature to access ignorant kids.

Another problem that can arise from the Drop In feature is that children can use Drop In to spy on adults’ conversations and hear things they’re not supposed to.

To disable this feature, go to Settings > Device Settings and then find your device/devices that you want to change. From there, choose Communications then scroll to find Pop in and turn it off.

No need to worry anymore

Following these steps can help you step back and relax knowing that your Amazon Echo device is child safe and that there are safety measures in place to keep your kids away from inappropriate content.


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