How to Do Barbie Makeup 2022: Let The Pink Trend Brighten Your Mood

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Anyone who’s ever attended a ’90s theme party knows the 2022 Barbiecore makeup trend isn’t new, but it’s certainly evolved. Like most people, this trend has seen a new life among the TikTok beauty expert and other makeup enthusiasts show off Barbie makeup in the modern era. The predictable baby pink color has been replaced with a faded makeup look and graphic lining moments that still capture Barbiecore’s fun-loving nature.

Contrast the makeup spectrum from “aesthetic clean girlBarbiecore aesthetic Clearly derived from the super-feminine beauty trends of the ’90s and early 2000s, when hot pink Jeeps and Barbie’s Dream House were social currency and pink leather combos by Elle Woods is on every mood board. Both the beauty and fashion industries are in the middle of a Renaissance of the 90s and 2000sbut the release of the original photos from Greta Gerwig’s Barbie doll—To premiere in July 2023 — set the internet on fire with almost one wish: We all want to feel as happy and carefree as Margot Robbie does in a rosy setting. everything.

The big, light pink eyeshadow doesn’t cover your face, as do the glowing arcs of the pink Chest track your cheekbones. Just as others notice when you walk into a room like this — Barbiecore makeup is fully activated — your own mindset can change too. While you obviously look different, you feel difference. This is true for celebrity makeup artists Jaleesa Jaikaranpeople projected from my computer screen as we chatted over Zoom about the rapid proliferation of bright, magnified lights and mostly pink makeupfashion and decor — named “Barbiecore”.

She told me, “I have something different, and I said, ‘I don’t feel the vibe. “And now, I want to appear in front of the camera because I feel confident.”

On camera, so is Jaikaran, Barbiecore personified, but with a refreshing twist. She wore a hot pink sleeveless blazer that accentuated Mary Kay’s full face of makeup. From Cadillacs pink to lip color, Mary Kay is both synonymous with pink and a staple in makeup kits during the ’90s and early years into the TikTok era. Jaikaran created her eye makeup using Mary Kay’s Warm Hues Eyeshadow Palette ($39), a collection of six matte and shiny finishes. She says she often turns to this palette because of its versatility on skin tones and makeup styles.

barbie doll makeup 2022

Theresa Massony.

“You can have your everyday look, but you can also play with others [bolder] colors, like “Purple Vibes” or “Sienna Skies,” she says. “You don’t always have to do it the traditional way [eyeshadow] Locations. For me, I accentuated my bright color in the inner corner with a smooth eyeshadow brush. “

Paired with bold blush and pear lip gloss, Jaikaran’s eye – looking overall neutral to create a shimmery pink radiating from her inner corner – is not a heavy bag of pink as it is. an equal part gradient color. and wearable. There’s nothing wrong with the previous make-up, but Jaikaran’s softer Barbiecore makeover is sure to be easier and more accessible for those of us who need to dip our toes into the trend before was fully baptized in the Barbie church.

Trying out the Barbiecore makeup IRL is as fun as it looks.

My own makeup preferences include “almost no” arrive “face in a pile of glitter. I’m not scared about uploading colors, but I do appreciate a trend with range. So I experimented with Barbiecore’s versatility, first taking Jaikaran’s cue with a subtle Barbiecore makeover and finally turning that look into something… more subdued.

Following my typical light foundation routine Armani Beauty Neo Nude Foundation ($44), I took my own Mary Kay Warm Hues Eyeshadow Palette and hit in the reflected light of the shimmering shades before blending “Sienna Skies” into my crease with a smooth eyeshadow brush. Next, I took a smaller, slightly denser eyeshadow brush and gently swirled “Purple Vibes” into my inner corner, focusing on diffusing the outer edges into a soft gradient.

pink makeup trend 202

Theresa Massony.

To make the shadows appear a bit brighter and pinker on my skin tone, I applied layers of “Peach Daydream” and “Golden Possibility” with my fingers. I applied a mixture of “Dream Big Brown” and “Purple Vibes” along my upper and lower lashes, and I lightly shaded my brows with Benefit Cosmetics ‘Precisely My Brow Pencil’ eyebrow pencil ($25). I’ve been on top of the world with a healthy dose of TikTok-virus Maybelline Sky High Mascara ($9.48).

To complete my base makeup, I concealed the under eye area and any redness with Kosas Revealer Concealer ($28), and I carved my cheekbones with Charlotte Tilbury’s Glow Cream Bronzer ($56). For a peachy blush look, I applied the “Sienna Skies” shade from the Warm Hues palette onto my cheeks and dabbed a little. Highlight Liquid Luminizer by Rare Beauty ($22) on top of my cheekbones.

Then I crashed into Pat McGrath’s Lip Fetish Divinyl Lip Shine ($38) in “Boudoir Rosé”, followed by several swipes Mary Kay Lipstick Unlimited ($16) in “Pink Ballerina,” a favorite of Jaikaran. “Every time my friends ask me what I’m wearing, I say, ‘Stop sleeping with this lip gloss,'” she said. “It’s really light, non-sticky and feels super comfortable on the lips.”

With one coat, I can say the formula’s ultra-creamy texture is second to none. But since I spent the better part of my childhood with an unhealthy attachment to my own Ballerina Barbie, the name sold me out.

how to make up barbie 2022 how to make up Barbie doll 2022 & Boost your mood with pink (Not plastic)

Theresa Massony.

The result is a vibrant everyday makeup look that, for me, has captured the heart of the Barbiecore trend.

Not long after I finished this look, my extra genes started working like clock hands. A chorus of voices whispering “Come on, Barbie, let’s go to the party” in my head grew louder. Before I knew it, I had developed a brush full of SUVA Beauty’s Hydra FX Liner ($16) with neon pink on my eyelids. I frantically applied more layers of blush, using Makeup By Mario’s Soft Pop Powder Blush ($24) in “Poppy Pink.” I added more “Pink Ballerina” until it really flowed out of my lips. It is a lot, and it is perfect. I look like my cooler sister before, who killed your high school bully out of kindness and bought you alcohol when your parents weren’t looking.

barbiecore makeup trends How to do Barbie makeup in 2022 & Boost your mood with pink (Not Plastic)

Theresa Massony.

Barbiecore makeup has changed me – both physically and emotionally.

Both looks are cut from the same fabric. Though different, they use color in interesting ways and they convey the same sense of joy and positivity. Obviously, the Barbiecore trend is adaptable. But I didn’t expect that these looks would also lift my mood.

“There is definitely a connection between your makeup and your mood. When we think about happiness, we think about the things that bring us joy and the things that make us feel fulfilled,” said Rachel Wien, PsyD, psychologist and founder at NYC, said CBT is important. “Makeup can give us pleasure in enjoying the act of doing it and of course, enjoying how we look after doing it. It can also make us feel fulfilled in the sense of having done something for ourselves, [exploring] new trends, or getting better at perfecting a certain technique or look. “

Just to be clear, a bright pink makeup is definitely not a panacea for negative emotions or a list of doomsday headlines. However, it’s an easy way to lift your spirits or express your creativity. Of course, I can experience these emotions and be more positive when I’m not wearing makeup, but I’d be lying if I said that, sometimes, covering my face with glitters and colors isn’t easily evoked. a feeling of confidence or lightness.

I look like my cooler sister before, who killed your high school bully out of kindness and bought you alcohol when your parents weren’t looking.

I am not alone in this feeling. Several studies have supported the idea that Creation maybe make you feel happier. And according to Wien, makeup as a mood-boosting activity actually helps you make time for the things you love. “This can be true for many people – many people who wear bright, fun clothes tend to be more confident in their style choices and in their overall self. If someone is into fashion or beauty, playing with colors and trends can lead to excitement and fun.”

On the other hand, Jaikaran argues that people just want to have fun — something that is naturally tied to the Barbiecore trend. “Before, [the overall approach to makeup] like, ‘Well, you have to do this and you have to do it,’ she said. “And now, people are like, ‘No, I’m going to do it this way, and I’m going to be happy with it.'”

I tried my hand at Barbiecore makeup after a few months of wearing little or no makeup. If I’m being honest, focusing my energy on full color makeup looks futile, with the relentless cycle of current terrible events after current terrible events. But in the end taking the time to sit down and play with colors, it felt like I was coming home as the prodigal son. If only for a few hours spent with myself, stroking, mixing and painting, I felt calm and focused. Looking in the mirror after it was over, I felt like myself again, a girl who threw any color on her face with reckless abandon and fell in love with it. I feel ready to do everything and make all the plans and turn around laughing at things that aren’t even funny. With the spirit of Barbie, I feel like I can be anything. I won’t let that feeling go away anytime soon.


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