How to Fix Static Noise Issue in Linux

For those who have recently installed Linux and are constantly hearing static noises from their audio devices, here is a quick solution to this problem.

Speakers emit unwanted static noises that can be hugely annoying when trying to concentrate and can significantly hinder your productivity. It is not a pleasant sound to the ears. If you recently switched to Linux and noticed your audio device is malfunctioning, this guide can help you troubleshoot and fix static noise on Linux.

Why did this problem arise?

While an audio device that emits static noises may have a hardware or driver problem, the actual reason is much simpler. The reason your audio device is making static or intense noises is due to your Linux distro’s power saving settings.

In some distributions, power saving mode on all peripherals is enabled by default to save battery on laptops and other battery dependent systems. Although it does not affect system performance, it can have side effects, a good example being a malfunctioning audio device.

Turn off Power Saving Mode in snd_hda_intel

To turn off static noise from your audio devices, you must turn off the power saving mode of the device snd_hda_intel sound module.

Start by checking the value of the snd_hda_intel module’s power-saving parameter:

cat /sys/module/snd_hda_intel/parameters/power_save

This command will return output, indicating that power saving mode is set to on. You need to change it to 0. Do this by manually editing the file with a Linux text editor or IDE, or using the echo command in combination with the redirection operator.


You may need superuser privileges to execute this command. So make sure to create a root shell before you run the command.

sudo su
echo 0 > /sys/module/snd_hda_intel/parameters/power_save

That’s all you need to do. Running this command can make a “pop” sound from the speaker and you should see that the static noise or the “humming” sound is gone!

Enjoy static free sound in Linux

With audio issues in mind, you can now focus on immersing yourself in the Linux experience. While you’re at it, it doesn’t hurt if you have a little tune in your daily life, and if you’re a true audiophile, you should definitely check out some of the best music player apps on Linux.

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15 Best Linux Music Player Apps

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