How to Make More Money With Google Opinion Rewards

Want to get free apps, games, movies, TV shows and books on Google Play? Then it’s time to use the Google Opinion Rewards app, a mobile survey tool that rewards you with cash in your Google account every time you complete a short survey. .

With over 10 million installs, it’s a popular app, but are you using it to its full potential? Can you earn more with Google Opinion Rewards?

How does Google Opinion Rewards work?

Before we look at how to get more Google Opinion Rewards and tempt Google to give you more money, we need to look at how Google Opinion Rewards work. Maybe you’ve never used it, or maybe you used it once and forgot all about it.

Google Unlimited Opinion Rewards for Android Users. If you own an iPhone, you can also install it and benefit from the same paid surveys. Note that if you are using an iPhone, your PayPal account will be credited, while Android users will have the bonus credited to their Google account.

Download: Google Opinion Rewards for Android | Iphone

Upon launch, Google Opinion Rewards requires you to sign in to your regular Google account. You’ll then receive a preliminary “test” survey, partly to make sure you understand your part of this mutually beneficial relationship and partly to establish your demographics. friend.

Google Opinion Rewards typically survey you based on recent shopping experiences. If you’ve shopped, you should be able to come up with an answer.


Surveys take about 10 seconds to complete and usually end up with a few coins added to your account. In a few weeks, you can get enough Google survey rewards credits to spend in the Play Store.

Click Buying when you’re ready, make sure your Google Play balance is selected as the payment source.

Now that we know how it works, let’s see how to get more surveys in Google Opinion Rewards and earn more.

How to Enable Location Services for More Google Opinion Rewards

While you may receive questions related to online purchases, many surveys from Google Rewards give an opinion regarding your recent journeys. With location services enabled in Android, you’ll get a chance to receive surveys asking you where you’ve been.

But why interest?

In most cases, information is collected to help improve Google Maps. Make sure the Correct Location setting is selected by opening Settings > Lock screen and securityscroll to Privacy, and choose Place.

Sure Use location is set to Abovethen scroll down to Advanced and confirm Google Location Accuracy also set to Above.

This uses GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular networks to establish your location and is the best option if you’re hoping to earn some cash with Google Opinion Rewards. Note that it is also a privacy minefield.

What is the Best Placement for Google Opinion Rewards?

This is a difficult question to answer as it largely depends on other aspects of your operation.

However, you will get more Google rewards than living in the city and more active surveys than living in the countryside. There’s more to do in and around the city, with more places for your phone to register. Therefore, an active life of work, social and shopping in urban environments is how you get more surveys in Google Opinion Rewards.

As you know, more surveys means more earning potential.

Google App Update Opinion Rewards

In addition to enabling location services, you need to make sure the app is up to date.

Changes to the survey collection system may not be compatible with older versions of Google Opinion Rewards, so installing the latest version of the app is a big plus.

To make sure the app is up to date, open the Play Store app on your phone, find the menu and select Setting. Clap Shared Later Auto-update apps and make sure the setting is enabled. Use Only over Wi-Fi for best results.

How to Get More Surveys on Google Opinion Rewards

It would be nice to get a volume of surveys per day, but this is not going to happen. However, there are some things you can do to ensure that you answer as many surveys as possible.

  • Check the app daily and make sure you have Google Opinion Rewards notifications enabled.
  • Responding to surveys instantly will help you get more rewards for Google surveys.
  • Being a woman: it seems likely that high-spending, frequent-shopping women have a greater chance of generating rewards with Google Reward Opinions.
  • Frequent shopping trips to popular stores: sitting at home is not the way to generate surveys from Google.
  • Tell the truth: the app serves occasional “fake” surveys to filter out bad answers. Tricks may be asked if you have been to a place you did not visit or participated in an activity in which you did not participate. Fake questions are easy to spot but fake answers will make you less money in the long run.

Going out is profitable for your Google Play balance, so be sure to check the app, answer honestly and in a timely manner!

Get Google Opinion Rewards for Christmas

This shouldn’t really come as a surprise, but it’s worth mentioning: you’ll earn more from Google Opinion Rewards in the last quarter of the year (September – December) because this is when you usually Christmas shopping.

Companies that contract with Google to survey their users want to know about your shopping habits, so they’ll try to collect this information — thanks to “instant satisfaction” surveys then” by Google — during the time when you shop the most.

So, if you want to build Play Store credit with Google Opinion Rewards, make sure you have it installed, updated, and regularly checking in on it in the run-up to Christmas.

Get more Google opinion rewards by watching videos

Another way Google finds opinions is by submitting videos for you to watch and rate. This means you need to be ready to watch the videos when they are sent.

Typically, these are YouTube clips that Google uses to gauge your interest. They are almost always looking for recommendations for you, rather than advertising (although this happens sometimes).

All you need to do is watch the video, confirm that it played correctly, then give a rating.

After you complete this, your reward will be added to your balance.

Complete a Google Rewards survey to improve video recommendations

Additionally, Google can check to see if you’ve watched a particular video and use the information you provide to better tailor YouTube videos to your interests.

One such survey would start with the question “Have you recommended this to yourself on YouTube before?” and then prompt you to respond accordingly. Follow-up questions assess your confidence in the original answer and whether you would like to see such a proposal in the future.

Such a question can pay around 30c to your Google Rewards account, so it’s worth completing.

Don’t let your rewards run out!

It’s great to see your Play Store account balance grow. Every time you complete a survey, your updated balance will be displayed.

Google Credit Opinion Rewards expires in 12 months, so you need to keep using the app and spend the credit. Otherwise, you will waste your time and effort.

A good way to prevent this from happening is to keep a list of the apps and games you want to buy. You can do this by bookmarking them for later viewing, by clicking Add to favorites button. Favorites list items can be viewed by clicking Favorite product in Google Play.

5 ways to use your Google Opinion Bonus

With the money saved in the Google Opinion Rewards app, you can put it to good use. Want some ideas?

Using the money earned with Google Opinion Rewards over the past 12 months, I have:

  1. Paying for an educational app subscription
  2. Bought a movie
  3. Stumped for half a dozen games
  4. Upgraded the app from ad-supported to premium
  5. Bought some songs and albums

In short, Google Opinion Rewards paid for all my Google Play Store purchases. It’s not a lot of money, and I don’t make enough money to rent (or buy) a movie a week. But it is enough to pass the time and provide an evening of entertainment.

That’s a good deal.

Make Google Opinion Rewards Right for You

Easy to set up, free to use, and with some simple ways to get more surveys and earn more, Google Opinion Rewards is an app everyone should use.

By earning credits for places only, buying media is essentially free. While it may not matter to iPhone users, the money will instead be credited to PayPal, ready for you to spend as you see fit.

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