How to roast a chicken: 7 all-star recipes

A relatively manual way of cooking chicken is grilling and simmering the bones. There are three ways to approach this, each with its advantages. Leaving the bird whole makes for a dramatic tabletop presentation and, once carved, allows the meat to be served without the bones. Spatchcocked (aka butterfiled), the birds will cook more evenly and in less time, which is handy when you want to cook quickly. Starting with pre-cut pieces makes serving easier and, for some, eliminates the need to figure out how to carve whole or cut poultry without (pardon the pun) butchering the meat.

If you’re going the all-bird route, Zuni Cafe Roast Chicken with Bread Salad could forever change the way you prepare chicken. A teaspoon of medium-grain sea salt for 4 1/2 pounds of meat may sound like overkill, but salting 1 to 3 days in advance (and storing, lightly covered in the refrigerator) will produce the full flavor, Bold and moist, tender meat has a rich chicken flavor. Comes with a drip pan, the bread also has a strong chicken flavor.

Whole grilled chicken with cauliflower makes for a lively party presentation, especially if you use the variety of colorful vegetables that are now readily available. The nutty flavor of the chicken and the sweetness of the carrot caramel accentuate the delicate flavors of the cauliflower.

A classic Peruvian dish, Pollo A La Brasa marinates overnight to absorb the rich flavors of the soy sauce and marinade from the gochujang with ginger, garlic, herbs and spices. Over an hour in the oven and you’ve got an umami-rich dish to your table.

In case you haven’t noticed the theme here, one path to successful roasting of chicken is to season or marinate thoroughly before cooking.. Grilled Chicken and Potatoes with Salsa Verde also exploits this technique. Leave the marinated chicken in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. When you’re ready to pop it in the oven, throw some potatoes in the pan to cook and absorb all the good stuff from the chicken. Served with salsa verde, it makes for a delicious and relatively quick evening meal.

Cockfighting is easier than you think and full instructions are included in the recipe Dried spiced butter chicken, but Please let your butcher do it for you to save some time. The dry spices add a lot of flavor without adding moisture, leaving the skin crunchy.

If you love working with chicken parts, Grilled Chicken on Bread with Dill-Arugula Salad will reward your minimal effort with amazingly spectacular results. The bread absorbs the water from the chicken, and the exposed parts of the bread become crispy while the parts directly underneath the chicken become rich, moist, and chewy. The dish is an overall texture bomb. The lemon in the sauce balances the spiciness of the arugula with the sourness of the chicken.

Grilled chicken with thyme and honey is made by layering chicken parts in a layer of fragrant fresh herbs and vegetables to soak in water and caramelize in a honey glaze. Delicious in taste and easy to make, this dish is both suitable for a holiday party as well as for a casual meal on the first evening of the week.

A pre-salted bird will complete a relaxing chicken dinner with potatoes and salsa verde goby.

Time1 hour

yieldsServer 4

The flavor of this chicken is full and deep. It’s not salty at all, but has a strong chicken flavor. The meat is moist and tender; butter texture.

Time1 hour 10 minutes

yieldsServe from 2 to 4

An umami-rich sauce of soy sauce and seasonings imbues rich flavor with this classic Peruvian-style whole roast chicken.

Time1 hour 30 minutes

yieldsServe 2 to 3 as a main course

Toast under the chicken feet to become crispy and soaked in chicken broth in this one-pot dish.

Time1 hour

yieldsServer 4

Jewish cookbook author Leah Koenig uses a blend of fresh herbs and herbs to soak the sauce when the chicken is roasted and caramelized with honey. It’s so amazing!

Time55 minutes

yieldsServer 6

Earthy notes of chicken, caramelized carrots and crisp hazelnuts accentuate the delicate flavors of cauliflower.

Time2 hours 15 minutes

yieldsServer 6

Buttered chicken will grill more evenly and the skin will be crispier, which is the best part.

Time1 hour 15 minutes

yieldsServer 4 How to roast a chicken: 7 all-star recipes

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