How to Watch Reginald the Vampire

Forget the opera capes and screw the glitter. The last word this year Vampire sexiness wears a knit hat on his head and his hapless nerd heart on his sleeve. To meet Reginald the Vampire, the latest offering in the vampire genre that blends humor with horror in a suburban setting, with a neon plastic aesthetic and a delightfully grotesque sensibility. Based on the novel series Fat vampire through Johnny B TruantThe story goes against the popular media’s collection of impossibly hot bloodsuckers by portraying its main hero as some sort of underperforming everyman whose vampiric transformation only compounds his problems, but who in the process discovers his hidden strengths.

Developed by Harley Peyton (Dracula, Govern), Reginald the Vampire Stars Jakob Batalon (Spider-Man: No Way Home) as the titular creature of the night next to it Mandela Van Peebles (Mayor of Kingston) as fellow vampire Maurice, Em Hain (Hello, goodbye and everything in between) as love interest Sarah and Savannah Basely (Wynonna Earp) as the antagonist Angela. Here’s how to watch the series.


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When and where can you see Reginald the Vampire?

Reginald the Vampire Premieres on October 5, 2022, on Syfy. No word on a streaming or physical release yet, unless you’re counting author Johnny B. Truant’s six-book series.

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Reginald’s life is pretty dreary: he works a fast food job that he hates, his love interest is dating his boss, and he’s always struggling to find the courage to change any of those things. That doesn’t change when he meets a mysterious duo of lovely ladies who take an intense interest in certain parts of his anatomy, namely his arteries. Now, on top of his previous troubles, Reginald must contend with an allergy to sunlight, spontaneously appearing fangs, and a sudden and intense lust aimed at the throats of his colleagues – even the co-worker he’s secretly into.

“Reggie, you’re a vampire now,” explains Maurice, the colleague who got him into this mess in the first place, adding to Reginald’s growing sense of betrayal. Reginald is subsequently introduced to the underground vampire society that he is now technically a member of, but Naked Sting, Naked Bloodthirst and Naked People are all a bit too rich for his blood and he’s having trouble finding comfort among his new peers. To make matters worse, one of his colleagues seems to be getting into the vampire hunting business and Angela, the leader of the local vampire coven, is attempting to kill Reginald straight from the vampire through a series of petty games mean girls to just want him dead while we hear her rant about how unfit Reginald is to join their company. It’s all a lot of extra pressure on a man – an undead creature of the night – who was barely holding it together at first. But he is not without allies or strengths of his own. We see him adjusting to the daylight, growing closer to Maurice and – maybe – gaining some confidence. Thirsty? asks the trailer slogan. drink up

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What is the plot of Reginald the Vampire?

The story begins with Reginald, dissatisfied with his job and his looks, and longing for a girl he’s convinced is out of his league. His mysterious friend and colleague Maurice encourages him to shoot with her anyway, but when his insecurities get the better of him, Maurice apparently decides to take more drastic action and arranges the meeting that ultimately turns Reginald into a vampire – just like Maurice himself.

Vampirism actually doesn’t solve Reginald’s self-esteem issues. In addition to being thirsty for the blood of his associates, Reginald now has a whole new social world full of beautiful, vain, and murderous vampires that he doesn’t fit in at all, and things only get worse than Angela, the beautiful and deadly Vampire boss, decides that Reginald must face a series of challenges in order to prove he deserves to be among them, challenges where the penalty for failure is death – which may initially be Angela’s goal. It will take all of Reginald’s will, charm and a little help from his friends to survive and maybe build a slightly better future in the process. Simply not to bright, because of the sun allergy.

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Watch the show on Hulu

before Sarah Michelle Gellarthere was Kristy Swanson. 1992s Buffy the vampire slayerdirected by Fran Rubel Kuzui, is the original horror comedy about a super-powered, vampire-slaying cheerleader. Swanson is an unstoppable force as Buffy, who never loses her brazen teenage attitude even as she loses friends, a boyfriend, and the safety of her shallow world to an onslaught of (delightfully campy) bloodsucking fiends. Eventually, she sheds her snobbish superficiality in favor of a new perspective and relationship with social outcast Pike.

Let’s go even further back, 1987 The Lost Boys is a must-read for fans of dark comedy or vampire horror, and a direct influence on later works such as Buffy the vampire slayer and What we do in the shadows. The movie stars Jason Patrick as Michael, a newly transplanted teenager to California, who throws himself into an “angry mob” of teenage vampires and finds himself transformed into one of them. To make matters worse, his little brother’s new friends include a duo of vampire hunters. How to Watch Reginald the Vampire

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