I look naturally tanned but I’m a pale disgusting monster – my 3 steps will get you a flawless, unclockable fake tan

One BEAUTY guru said you never catch her without a fake tan.

She knows that a little color can make a big difference, so she’s perfected the process to achieve an artificial glow.

One beauty enthusiast said she loves looking radiant and when it comes to fake tanning, she's the pro


One beauty enthusiast said she loves looking radiant and when it comes to fake tanning, she’s the proCredit: TikTok/notkatiefawn
Katie Fawn said that while she always looks tan and dewy on the outside, she's actually


Katie Fawn said that while she always looks tan and dewy on the outside, she’s actually “pale” on the bottom.Credit: TikTok/notkatiefawn

Katie Fawn (@notkatiefawn) said if one thing about her is consistent, it’s that her fake tan is always “uncontrollable,” and she wants to help women look as good as she does.

In the clipShe said, “People see me in public and they’re like, ‘Oh my god, you’re so tan.’

“No, I’m not. Below me, I’m actually a pale, disgusting monster. But you’ll never know. You want to know why? Because I know how to tan. Well, I’ll tell you how.”

Step one includes a pair of exfoliating gloves for $13 from Amazon.

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“The first thing you’re going to do is scrub your body. You’ll get in the shower and scrub your body until you think you might die, but you won’t.”

She explained that all the dead skin would fall off and there might be a slight reddening.

“But I don’t want any dead skin left on you because it just looks awful under the tan.”

Katie said you should let your body dry and cool down after your shower before moving on to step two.

Once done, hydrate your body with the $10 Nivea Skin Firming Hydration Cream.

“Use this lotion purposefully.

“You’ll put a small amount, I’m talking a small amount, maybe less, on your kneecaps, the backs of your knees, your ankles, the crooks of your elbows, your actual elbows, your forearms, and anywhere you’re a little caked.”

However, she issued a disclaimer, saying if you exfoliate the day before applying the tan, you should actually hydrate your entire body after the exfoliation the day before, and only apply the small “crusty patches” right before application Fake Tan.

As we moved to the third and final step, she told me to definitely get a $6 self-tanning mitt.

“I don’t want to see you all wearing those finger gloves that make you look like you’re getting a pan out of the oven. NO.

“You should use the one with the rounded head because if you don’t, your thumb will mess you up because it’s picking up extra product and spreading it where it’s not needed.”

The expert said that after using it, you should start with your legs and work your way up.

“Because if you’re moving all around and you’ve just worked your arms, there’s a very good chance you’ll bump your arm with your leg and that’s going to mess things up. We don’t want to do that.”

She recommended applying in front of a large light or a well-lit room and said to take your time and spread it evenly, looking for streaks to rub in further.

Which tanning product do you like best? The $40 Loving Tan Two Hour Express.

“Don’t use the Dark shade unless you already have darker skin.

“If you’re out here and you’re very pale but you’re trying to use the dark shade, you just have to accept the fact that you’re not that dark yet, maybe in the summer you will be, but for now you are. ” You are not. Get the middle shade.

“We don’t want to see your brown knuckles.”

However, if you have a brown or olive undertone like her, go for the dark shade.”

Katie said she leaves it on for about 8 to 12 hours after applying it and then rinses it off.

“When I shower for the first time, I don’t use loofah or washcloths or anything like that. I just use my hand and soap and pat dry so it lasts longer.”

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When she got out of the shower, she told her to apply lotion “right away.”

And to avoid the dreaded orange-skinned hands, she recommends rubbing everything off your hands and applying moisturizer to them in the shower.

Katie said it's important to moisturize before and after tanning if you want to avoid a blotchy look


Katie said it’s important to moisturize before and after tanning if you want to avoid a blotchy lookCredit: TikTok/notkatiefawn

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