I lost my virginity in a field behind a pub with an older woman who slapped me on the bum, says Prince Harry

PRINCE Harry has revealed he’s lost his virginity to a horse-loving elderly woman – in a field behind a pub.

He said she “didn’t treat me any differently than a young stud” but branded his first bonk an “inglorious episode.”

I lost my virginity in a field behind a pub with an older woman, says Prince Harry


I lost my virginity in a field behind a pub with an older woman, says Prince HarryPhoto credit: Getty

In a pathetic account of outdoor romping in his memoir Spare, Harry says, “Quick ride, then she slapped my butt and sent me to graze.”

He also reveals he used cocaine, cannabis, magic mushrooms and even nitrous oxide while Meghan gave birth.

Harry, 38, refers to the loss of his virginity as he describes how a royal bodyguard named Marko visited him at Eton in 2001 when he was a teenage student.

He says Marko was sent to him to “find out the truth”.

Harry writes: “I had a suspicion that he was referring to my recent loss of virginity. Infamous episode with an older woman.

“Among other things, what was wrong: It happened in a meadow behind a busy pub. Obviously someone had seen us.

“The truth, Marco?

“Marko said, ‘About whether or not you do drugs, Harry’.”

The bombshell book, which will be released on Tuesday, goes further into Harry’s dealings with illegal substances – and sees him admitting to having used cocaine for the first time.

The Duke of Sussex recalls him and a friend downing “gallons of beer” and inhaling a “grocery bag full of weed” after an interview with a journalist.

Prince Harry says horse-loving older woman'didn't treat me any differently than I would a young stallion'


Prince Harry says horse-loving older woman ‘didn’t treat me any differently than I would a young stallion’Photo credit: Getty
Harry also revealed that he has used cocaine, cannabis and magic mushrooms


Harry also revealed that he has used cocaine, cannabis and magic mushroomsPhoto credit: Xposure

Harry even says he used to take psychedelics – and once had a bad trip with shrooms.

Harry writes of his antics: “Of course I was on cocaine by that time. I’d been offered a snake during a weekend hunting at someone’s country house, and I’d made a few more since then.

“It wasn’t much fun, and it didn’t make me particularly happy like everyone around me seemed to be making.

“But it made me feel different and that was the main goal. Feel. Different.

“I was a deeply unhappy 17-year-old willing to try almost anything that would change the status quo. At least that’s what I told myself.”

He goes on to describe his experiences under the effects of magic mushrooms.

Describing his friends going to the fridge for a drink, Harry wrote: “While the door was open we discovered a huge box of black diamond mushroom chocolates.

“Someone behind me said they were for everyone. Help yourself guys.

“My buddy and I grabbed several, gobbled them up and washed them down with tequila.”

But it soon turned into a nightmare when he started hallucinating in a bathroom.

Harry says, “Next to the toilet was a round silver trash can, the kind with a foot pedal to open the lid. I stared at the bin. It stared back. Then it became. . . ahead.

“I stepped on the pedal and the head opened its mouth. A huge open grin.

“I laughed, turned away, took a ***. Now the toilet has also become a head. The bowl was his gaping maw, the hinges of the seat were his piercing silver eyes. It said, ‘Aaah’.”

Harry says he and his buddies would also commandeer a bathroom where they would “introduce a surprisingly sophisticated, orderly assembly line” for making joints, with the smoker straddling the toilet.

Spare is scheduled for release on January 10th


Spare is scheduled for release on January 10thCredit: AP
Prince Harry wrote about his escapades with drug use in his memoir, Spare


Prince Harry wrote about his escapades with drug use in his memoir, SparePhoto Credit: Ken Goff Photos

The boys would then “go and giggle us sick” about the cartoon Family Guy. He says of the show, “I felt an inexplicable connection to Stewie, the prophet without honor.”

In another drug incident, Harry says he got so high that he started whispering to a fox.

He says that one night he “spread on the loo,” then took a “big hit and looked up at the moon, then down at the school grounds.”

He says he saw his bodyguards, Thames Valley Police Officers, “marching back and forth about me and stationed out there”.

He says they “didn’t make me feel safe,” they “made me feel locked in.”

Harry talks about how he thought about the beautiful wide world, then writes, “Just then I saw something darting across the yard.

“It’s frozen under one of the orange streetlights. I also froze and leaned out the window.

“I whispered to the fox, ‘Hello, mate. How are you?'”

Harry’s drug use led to him completing a stint in rehab in 2001 when he was just 16 years old.

Dad Charles sent him to Featherstone Lodge in Peckham, south London, for the day after discovering he had been drinking and smoking weed frequently.

It was reported at the time that Harry had admitted experimenting with cannabis on several occasions at the home of the current King Highgrove, as well as at a pub in Wiltshire.

In the book, Harry describes how he used psychedelics. He says: “Psychedelics have also been good for me.

“Over the years I had experimented with it for fun, but now I had started using it therapeutically and medicinally.

“They didn’t just allow me to escape reality for a while, they allowed me to redefine reality.

“Under the influence of these substances, I was able to let go of rigid prejudices and see that there was another world beyond my heavily filtered scenes.

“A world that was equally real and doubly beautiful—a world with no red fog, no need for red fog. There was only the truth.”

Harry continues, “After the psychedelics wore off, my memory of this world would remain: That’s not all there is. All great seers and philosophers say that our daily life is an illusion. I’ve always felt the truth in that.

“But how comforting it was to experience it for yourself after munching on a mushroom or ingesting ayahuasca.”

Harry got laughing gas when wife Meghan went into labor with Archie


Harry got laughing gas when wife Meghan went into labor with ArchieCredit: PA
Prince Harry leaves a party


Prince Harry leaves a partyCredit: Matrix

Harry also writes about feasting on Nando’s chicken and getting nitrous oxide when Meghan went into labor with Archie at London’s Portland Hospital in 2019.

He says: “Our doctor came in, spoke to us and said it was time for an induction.

“Meg was so calm. I was calm too. But I saw two ways to improve my rest.

“One: Nando’s chicken. (brought by our bodyguards).

“Second: A canister of nitrous oxide next to Meg’s bed. I took several slow, penetrating strokes.

“Meg, bouncing on a giant purple ball, a time-tested way of giving nature a nudge, laughed and rolled her eyes. I took a few more hits and now I’m jumping too.

“As her contractions began to accelerate and deepen, a nurse came in and tried to give Meg some nitrous oxide.

Damar Hamlin asked who won the game when he woke up and grabbed people's hands

“There was nobody left. The nurse looked at the tank, looked at me, and I could see the thought slowly dawning on me: Good God, this man has everything. “Sorry,” I said sheepishly.

“Meg laughed, the nurse had to laugh, and quickly changed the canister.

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