I tested everyone’s favourite EV until it died & left me stranded… trying to rescue my dead motor was agony

A man was left testing the nation’s most popular electric vehicle after it broke down in the middle of the road.

Björn Nyland revealed on YouTube that he struggled to save his car after it broke down.

Björn Nyland drove a Tesla Model Y until it died


Björn Nyland drove a Tesla Model Y until it diedPhoto credit: YouTube
The car came to a complete stop when a warning sign asked the driver to stop


The car came to a complete stop when a warning sign asked the driver to stopPhoto credit: YouTube
He was left stranded in the middle of nowhere


He was left stranded in the middle of nowherePhoto credit: YouTube

The car enthusiast began his vlog by showing viewers the vehicle he would be driving – a black Tesla Model Y.

Nyland had been asked to drive the car below zero until it stopped to see what would happen.

The Tesla was equipped with 18-inch wheels from Minerva, a 160-watt solar cell, a charging cable, Ecoflow Delta with a maximum output of 2 kilowatts and a charging port.

After getting into the driver’s seat, Nyland showed off the iconic Tesla touchscreen, which displayed the 103 km of range the vehicle had left before he began his journey.

He held down the screen to find the furthest the car would take him, since the EV only had 14 percent.

The video then shows the car expert driving on a stretch of road surrounded by fields.

“We’ve been going back and forth on this route and now we’re down at five percent,” he said.

He explained that the car’s built-in technology didn’t give him much detail about the vehicle’s remaining range, but a handy app on his phone – Scan My Tesla – informed him that he still had a power limit of 257 kilowatts.

“That’s still pretty high, which is more than a lot of other electric vehicles on the market,” he said.

Nyland quickly receives his first warning as the engine drops to three percent, while Tesla advises him to plan his next charge as he is “almost too far from known charging locations.”

He continues driving and captures the moment the Tesla drops to its last percent as it quickly exits the highway.

“Now we’re taking the smaller roads where there’s a lot less traffic,” he said.

The video shows the moment the Tesla reaches zero percent, but Nyland’s app informs it that it actually has 0.4 kilowatts left and therefore drivers should reset the trip once they reach zero kilometers.

He continues his journey when the same warning message appears on his screen – but that doesn’t deter him.

Nyland drives as the kilowatt hour per hour continues to decrease until only 0.3 remains.

“The battery will run out soon,” he said.

As he drives along winding roads and over a hill, he plans where he can get out when the car reaches its limits.

The car receives its final warning that it is about to die when a yellow light flashes and the message appears on the screen: “Unable to drive, battery level too low.”

But Nyland is shocked to find it still has power and keeps driving, calling the Tesla “unstoppable” before the nightmare begins.

Eight minutes later, a warning sign and a red light appear on the screen saying: “Vehicle is leaving, drive off safely.”

Just thirty seconds later, Nyland stops as the sign begins flashing red and he turns on the hazard lights.

Saving the Tesla begins with the driver taking out the Ecoflow and putting it in the shade so it doesn’t overheat.

He then connects the charging cable, switches on the air conditioning and shows the audience the solar panels that were set up to recharge the vehicle.

The touchscreen inside the vehicle shows that the car is charging – but there is still a huge “24 hours plus” left until the battery is full.

He waited by the fields for over half an hour as the vehicle slowly came back to life, accompanied by nothing but his cell phone and the dead car.

As soon as the car has enough battery, he dares to set off again to find a charging station where he can quickly supply the vehicle with power again and get it ready to drive again.

It comes after Nyland bought an electric Kia Niro and drove it until it gave up – leaving him stranded in the middle of nowhere again.

Although the Kia Niro offers a range of 285 miles, the motorist decided to drive it with minimal charge to test its performance.

Read more at the Scottish Sun

Another motorist bought the UK’s cheapest electric vehicle and drove it to the death. He said the range is half that of other cars.

He found that it didn’t get as many miles on a full battery as other electric vehicles – and even ended up at an intersection when it ran out of juice.

Luckily, the car expert had a charging set with him


Luckily, the car expert had a charging set with himPhoto credit: YouTube

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