I’m a car expert – here’s how to give your motor that ‘new car shine and smell’ – it’s so easy

An AUTO expert has revealed how you can give your engine that “new car shine and smell” – and it’s really easy.

Between leftover drive-through cups, accidental spills from the kids, and the elements, it can be difficult to keep a car looking its best.

A car expert revealed how you can give your engine that "shine and smell of the new car"and it's that easy


A car expert has revealed how you can easily give your engine that new car shine and smellPhoto credit: Getty Images

For those looking to make the most of the warmer weather and want to keep their vehicles in top condition, car experts are on hand Vertu engines have shared their best cleaning tips.

Prepare your car for cleaning

Start by clearing out any junk or clutter in your engine, such as food wrappers, receipts, or tissues.

Then remove any items that you want to keep in the vehicle but stow away during the cleaning process, e.g. B. a car seat or a tool box.

Finally, take the floor mats out of your car and wash them thoroughly on high heat.

Prewash your exterior

Use a snow foam washer, which is essentially a shampoo for your car, and ideally a pressure washer or hose, to remove dirt and grime from your vehicle’s exterior.

Be sure to take care of your car’s wheels and tires with this powerful pre-wash by spraying them.

Brush dirt and dust dry

Before vacuuming, you should treat the car upholstery with a dry brush and use it to remove dirt and mud on the seats.

If you’re having trouble removing dirt or crumbs from certain spots, try using a toothbrush to reach all those tricky nooks and crannies.

Freshen up the interior

Next, it’s time to completely refresh the interior of the car

Begin by treating all of the stains in your vehicle.

A simple and inexpensive solution to this is to sprinkle baking soda over any stains or bad smelling spots in your car.

Let it soak for up to an hour, then vacuum the baking soda thoroughly along with the rest of the car.

Wipe down every inch of the vehicle interior that is not upholstered, e.g. B. the steering wheel and cup holders.

Make your appearance shine and radiate

While the pre-clean helped remove dirt and debris, this next step allows you to give your car a thorough scrubbing to give it a shiny look.

Fill a bucket with a combination of car cleaner and warm water.

Using a microfiber sponge covered in the soapy water mixture, scrub every inch of paint in a circular motion, including the bumper and car doors that are easy to miss.

Rinse the sponge with clean water in a separate bucket to avoid contaminating your cleaning mixture with dirt residue.

Kill bacteria and create a new car smell

When it comes to achieving that new car look and smell, some steps are best left to the experts.

Although many motorists depend on their air conditioning, they may not be aware that bacteria can quickly build up in air conditioning systems, especially if they are not used over the winter.

Therefore, the experts recommend arranging a professional air conditioning treatment to fight bacteria.

Keep track of your cleaning

As important as it is to give your car a deep cleaning every few months, prevention is also important to keep your car looking its best.

For example, it can be difficult to remove the dirt that gets into the bottom of cup holders.

However, lining your cup holders with silicone cupcake liners to prevent crumbs and general debris from landing on the bottom makes them much easier to remove and clean.

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This comes after motorists were stunned after discovering a 1 pound hack that will make your car’s interior shine and it’s that simple.

Also, a TikTok user revealed that she uses a detergent capsule mixed with hot water to remove stains from her car seats.

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