I’m a car mechanic but guys think I’m dumb – so I show them what I’m made of

A FEMALE mechanic kills “Mansplainer” in the best way possible.

Instead of getting angry, this sparkling woman uses a lot of humor.

This TikToker is not a dumb blonde


This TikToker is not a dumb blondePhoto credit: Tiktok
She is a mechanic and a welder


She is a mechanic and a welderPhoto credit: Tiktok

But not everyone gets it — mansplainers are still in force, making their presence known in comments on their post.

Vermilionvixen’s (@vermilionvixen) version of the silly Southern Belle is class.

She works in a male-dominated industry and outdated attitudes still exist.

Some miss the point of her post, but she’s not concerned.

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However, many more totally get it and stand behind her all the way.

The sheer number of replies proves it: there were over 86,000 likes and almost 1500 comments on her post.

The mechanic and amateur welder is a legend when she plays up the image of a dumb blonde in her video.

She pretends not to know the names of basic mechanical tools and invents a whole new vocabulary.

Holding up an impact wrench, she begins, “Sometimes I use these Doohickies.”

Next comes a wrench. “Or these flim flams.”

she plays dumb


she plays dumbPhoto credit: Tiktok

She is very funny as she continues her way through a garage workshop.

“Put it around the Watchyoumacallit,” she says, wide-eyed and innocent, bolt remover in hand.

Nothing beats a little brute force on the bolt, she says: “Then use my god-given arms and levers.”

Even a hot wrench gets a new name.

“And then sometimes the stuff wants to be persistent, so you reach for the fire stick.”

This mechanic then comes up with a brilliant name for a welder that her fans love: “Or you need to fix something, so you reach for the industrial glue gun.”

“That’s how you do it,” she finishes with a fluttering swing.

Comments on her video piled up.

Mansplainers were in the minority, but they were quick to correct their apparent parody.

“Stupid woman. That’s not a firestick. It’s a hot wrench,” was the reply of one.

But she knows exactly what she says and does


But she knows exactly what she says and doesPhoto credit: Tiktok

While another said: “Ummm that’s not a fire stick, it’s called a red wrench.”

But the vast majority of followers loved her post.

They could see the funny side and thought it was great.

“And those are actually the right terms. lol I love the industrial glue stick, this is funny. Keep doing what you are doing,” was a typical comment from many.

Her novel approach to tool naming was also appreciated by many: “I will never call a welder anything other than an industrial glue gun in the future.”

“These are all terms I’ll use from now on,” said another.

“I would now copyright industrial glue guns,” demanded this fan.

Her video brought a welcome slight relief: “Great, I’m rolling with laughter.”

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Don’t be put off by the doubters, many said, “You are a darling. stay real Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not great.”

Finally, a sweet comment: “You’re smarter than you think you are, but thanks for being cute.”

Fans loved some of the names she gave tools


Fans loved some of the names she gave toolsPhoto credit: Tiktok

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