I’m a cleaner – what people always forget to do when vacuuming & it’s why their homes are never fully dust-free

A CLEANING guru uncovered the one mistake everyone makes when vacuuming – so it’s your fault too?

Melissa Marker is a cleaning professional with a massive following on social media, amassing 2.04 million subscribers on YouTube alone.

The whiz kid explained why it's important to keep your vacuum cleaner filter nice and clean


The whiz kid explained why it’s important to keep your vacuum cleaner filter nice and cleanPhoto credit: TikTok/@cleanmyspace
According to the pro, you should rinse the filter every time you remember to use the vacuum


According to the pro, you should rinse the filter every time you remember to use the vacuumPhoto credit: TikTok/@cleanmyspace

Since building a huge online platform, the woman from Canada has also started sharing cleaning hacks on TikTok.

Some of these include guides on how to clean your vacuum cleaner so you can get the most out of it.

The cleaning expert asked homeowners, “When was the last time you cleaned your vacuum cleaner filter?”

Although many forget this on a regular basis, it is actually an essential step in keeping the vacuum cleaner running and cleaning your home effectively.

“If it’s dirty, it can’t suck anything in and put a strain on the engine.

“It takes seconds to clean,” she told her fans.

“By far the worst part of your vacuum cleaner is the filter and it’s so easy to forget to clean it.

“But once you rinse it off and let it dry, there’s no more strain on your vacuum and it can pick up all the fine particles it should.”

The guru added in the caption, “Cleaning your vacuum cleaner filter is EVERYTHING.”

But are there other spots in the house that you are likely to forget to clean?

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Well, according to Steve (@cleaningandme), a cleaning freak from Liverpool, it’s five – so when was the last time you wiped those down?

Behind the toilet

Most of us scrub the toilet vigorously to make sure the front is sparkling clean—but what about the back?

“Put on gloves and take an antibacterial spray. My favorite is method’s Anti-Bac All-Purpose Cleaner in Wild Rhubarb to disinfect and remove any germs that may be lurking.”

Toothbrush holder

We all like to keep our pearly whites sparkling clean – but is your toothbrush holder just as sparkling clean?

“Make it a habit to clean your toothbrush holder regularly when cleaning your bathroom, which should be at least once a week.

“Use a non-bleach formula – I choose Method’s bathroom cleaner in eucalyptus mint.

“This will prevent germs from multiplying – which is important considering your toothbrush is going to go in your mouth,” the whiz kid explained.

washing machine

If you’ve noticed that your laundry still smells moldy despite the amount of detergent you put in your laundry, it might be high time to give the washing machine a thorough cleaning.

“Cleaning your washing machine’s detergent drawer, drum, door and seals regularly is the way to go,” noted Steve, adding that this should be done once a week.

Every washing machine comes with cleaning instructions.

“In most cases, a hot wash with a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar will keep your machine and laundry fresh.”

skirting boards

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably successfully avoided wiping down baseboards for months — and over time, they become a breeding ground for nasty bacteria.

“Be careful when placing a pet’s food bowl near baseboards. As we all know, our pets don’t have the best table manners!

“Before you know it, there is coagulated food and liquids feeding the bacteria and germs.

“I recommend the following: Reuse an empty spray bottle and dilute some cleaner in it. Then just grab a cloth and wipe away dust and bacteria to give your space an instant boost!”

bed frame

In our beds, we spend quite a large part of our lives – and it’s best to make it a good part too.

We can wash our bedding and exchange it for a fresh sheet every week – but the bed frame remains untouched.

“Whatever the type of frame you have, it’s important to clean it to avoid dust and dirt buildup.”

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The guru further explained: “A quick fix is ​​to use your vacuum and then wipe over all surfaces with a slightly damp microfiber cloth.

“Do this just before washing your linens so any dust that’s thrown up is immediately removed and washed away.”

Cleaning hacks and tips


Here are some tips to help you clean your home like a pro:

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