I’m a flight attendant – there’s a big travel myth that you should ignore… I’m constantly asked about it

A flight attendant has revealed there’s a big travel myth people need to ignore – and she keeps getting asked about it.

Brodie Capron, who works for Virgin Atlantic, took to social media to answer some of the travel-related questions she gets asked most often.

Brodie Capron took to TikTok to answer people's questions about flying on planes


Brodie Capron took to TikTok to answer people’s questions about flying on planesPhoto credit: Instagram/@brodiecapron
Brodie has worked for Virgin Atlantic for two years


Brodie has worked for Virgin Atlantic for two yearsPhoto credit: Instagram/@brodiecapron

She visited her TikTok page to satisfy the public’s curiosity about her work and to answer all the questions you wanted answered.

First, she addressed the long-standing question about aircraft water safety, with many warning against drinking anything that doesn’t come from a sealed bottle.

Brodie handled it with ease, saying it’s perfectly safe to drink — at least on her flights.

She said in the footage: “It’s clean and filtered.”

Another perennial question she grappled with was why the blinds were always raised during takeoffs and landings.

These are the most dangerous parts of any flight and having the window shades up will allow our eyes to adjust to the outside light in an emergency.

When a passenger’s vision is optimal, they can react more quickly to potentially dangerous situations.

For this reason, the cabin light is also dimmed at these times.

Brodie also revealed a lesser-known reason.

She said: “This way everyone can see the engines and warn the cabin crew if something is wrong.”

Another myth Brodie debunked was what happened to the waste from the toilets.

Many seem to think that if it flies over seas it will simply be thrown out of planes, but that’s just not true.

She said: “It doesn’t just go to heaven. Bodily waste is drained into a holding tank that is emptied upon landing.”

Another question people asked was why they need to put on an oxygen mask before helping someone else.

My parents want to make sure their kids’ masks are put on before their own, but Brodie warned against it.

It could have potentially fatal consequences and prevent you from helping others who need it.

Brodie said: “You have to put your mask on before you help others because you won’t be of much use if you don’t have oxygen with you.”

Another person asked if the aircraft doors could be opened during a flight.

The flight attendant replied, “The doors cannot be opened in flight unless you have superhuman strength.”

To open a typical passenger door, which is typically about six feet tall and 36 feet wide, at 36,000 feet, you would need to overcome about 24,000 pounds of pressure.

Someone else asked why carry-on baggage has a specific weight limit.

The overhead bins where the bags are stowed have a specific weight limit to prevent the cabin from tearing.

Cabin space is also limited, which is why airlines have size requirements for all carry-on baggage.

Finally, someone asked Brodie if people got drunk faster on planes.

Many people enjoy a drink or two during a flight, especially if it’s a long-haul flight.

But travelers often find that their alcohol tolerance drops when they’re in the air.

Brodie said: “Yeah, you get drunk quicker on planes. This happens because the low level of oxygen in the air causes the effects of alcohol to become stronger.”

Many fans thanked her for taking the time to answer their questions.

One said: “This is actually so interesting.”

Another added: “She’s definitely not wrong about the alcohol – I’ve got a glass of wine and I can’t get off the plane.”

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A third wrote: “Didn’t know the one with the blinds thanks for sharing.”

While a fourth shared: “It blows my mind that some people think going to the bathroom is like falling out of the sky – maybe that answers their questions.”

Brodie has debunked some myths about flying on airplanes


Brodie has debunked some myths about flying on airplanesPhoto credit: Instagram/@brodiecapron
The flight attendant found the water on airplanes to be potable


The flight attendant found the water on airplanes to be potablePhoto credit: Instagram/@brodiecapron

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