I’m an appliance pro – five things you must never put in your air fryer or it will break, dough is a no for a start

A TECH expert has uncovered the most common mistakes that can shorten the life of a popular kitchen appliance.

When it comes to preparing healthy food quickly and easily, air fryers are the must-have equipment to invest in.

An expert shared his top tips for preventing air fryer damage


An expert shared his top tips for preventing air fryer damagePhoto credit: Getty

Social media is currently being inundated with quirky recipes that can be prepared using the device.

A device expert from RGB Direct points out that not all food is suitable for storage in an air fryer if it is to have a long shelf life.

Even a base model can cost at least $250 to swap out, so this isn’t a device you don’t need to constantly spend money on.

Air fryers can last up to six years with regular cleaning and proper care.

I make amazing 37p potatoes in my air fryer - it's so quick and easy

The expert found that wet dough or liquid mixtures can quickly lead to major damage.

“Avoid putting wet batter or liquid mixtures directly into the air fryer as these can drip onto the heating element and cause smoking, splattering and possible damage.

“If you want to air fry breaded foods, it’s better to pre-coat them with a dry breadcrumb mixture before putting them in the air fryer,” says the expert.

When you’re busy in the kitchen, it’s easy to accidentally put some non-food item in the air fryer.

The expert said: “Air fryers are designed to cook food. It is therefore important that no non-food items, such as B. Plastic utensils, aluminum foil, paper towels or other packaging materials are placed in the device.

“These items can melt, catch fire, or release noxious fumes.”

If you want to make sure you don’t shorten the life of your appliance, it’s also important to consider the portion size of the food you’re preparing.

“Air fryers have limited cooking space. Therefore, do not place large objects that could impede air circulation,” said the device professional.

“Cutting food into smaller pieces or using proper cooking utensils can help ensure even cooking.”

“Dough can stretch and get messy when cooking in an air fryer. If it expands, it can block airflow and cause problems,” they added.

The expert also advised caution when cooking greasy foods.

“While air fryers are great at reducing oil consumption compared to traditional deep frying, extremely fatty foods can still cause excessive smoke and splattering.

“Food with a high fat content can cause fat to build up in the appliance, affecting its performance and potentially creating a fire hazard.”

The expert warned against preparing greasy foods, wet batter or liquid mixtures in air fryers


The expert warned against preparing greasy foods, wet batter or liquid mixtures in air fryersPhoto credit: Getty

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