I’m an EV expert – here’s 11 mistakes people make when buying a Tesla

An electric vehicle expert has uncovered 11 mistakes people make when buying a Tesla.

Ryan Shaw, a Tesla superfan from California, took to YouTube with his list of gotchas awaiting new buyers.

Many people make big mistakes when buying a Tesla for the first time


Many people make big mistakes when buying a Tesla for the first timePhoto credit: Getty
Tesla superfan Ryan Shaw shared his expert advice


Tesla superfan Ryan Shaw shared his expert advicePhoto credit: YouTube

He said that buying a Tesla for the first time requires research, preparation and caution.

Here are the 11 mistakes he warns about when buying a Tesla.

Buy too much reach

Many people wish their Tesla could match the range of their old gasoline-powered car — but only the expensive Model S comes anywhere close.

But while it would be a hassle to fill up a gas tank every day, you can charge your Tesla overnight – meaning you never come close to depleting its range.

In his VideoRyan said, “More range means more batteries, which means more cost. It also increases the weight of the car.

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“You don’t want to pay extra for a range you never actually need.”

Not buying enough range

The downside is that Tesla motors can’t drive their full advertised range because most drivers exceed test speeds in everyday use.

Tesla’s air-conditioned interior is another big drain on the battery – so you’ll want to choose a model with a advertised range well in excess of what you’d expect in real life.

Ryan said, “You don’t want to be stuck with a car that you have to charge on Superchargers more than you expect because in the real world it’s going about 12% less than its advertised range.”

Buy the wrong wheels

Tesla buyers have a choice of stock wheels, which offer a smooth ride and longer range, or sport wheels, which look smoother but make for a bumpier, shorter-range ride.

Ryan said: “For me, it’s a no-brainer. Upgrading Tesla wheels always decreases ride quality and range—sometimes significantly.

“I would always buy the stock wheels. However, I completely understand if the looks and handling of the wheels are more important to you than those things.”

Buy full self-drive

Ryan said, “At this time, I cannot, in good faith, recommend the full self-drive package to anyone.”

Tesla’s Autopilot technology is still in the “beta” phase, with users paying £9,500 ($12,000) in hopes that the technology will be road legal and installed in their car.

At the moment, according to Ryan, only the automatic lane change function is of any real use to the everyday driver.

defer order

The excitement surrounding Tesla means prices are only going to get higher and waiting lists longer.

It’s better to get your first Tesla while you can still afford it, Ryan said.

He added that many Tesla customers don’t buy proper charging options for their motor – leading to embarrassing battery failures in the first week on the road.

Buy what is available

As demand for new Tesla models outstrips supply, sometimes only “performance” models are available for immediate purchase.

But these models come with cosmetic upgrades that Ryan said aren’t worth the extra cost — and if you’re settling for a spot on the waitlist, you could do better for your buck.

Don’t get white seats

Many parents or drive-through fans might see white car seats as an accident waiting to happen.

But California resident Ryan said that while Tesla’s white seats stay cool in the sun, black ones get very hot and uncomfortable.

British drivers may find that their mileage varies.

Missing EV Credits

There are many rebates, grants and rebates available for those switching to electric vehicles.

Ryan’s examples were all American, but in the UK you should check if you’re eligible for government programs like the Electric Vehicle Charge Point Grant, which covers up to 75% of a charge point in your garage.

No inspection upon arrival

Ryan said: “Tesla makes great vehicles but they are a newer company and they still have major quality control issues.

“Cars are still being delivered with problems here and there.”

Also make note of minor problems upon delivery so that you can later claim repairs under your warranty.

Got the wrong insurance

Tesla cars are very expensive to insure, and many drivers choose to have the automaker’s own coverage.

Don’t assume that the insurer you chose for your old gas car will also give you the best deal on your new Tesla.

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Accessories are missing

Ryan said: “There are a lot of accessories that can greatly enhance your experience as a Tesla owner.

The Tesla superfan recommended the “essential” screen protector and extra storage space under the front seats.

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