I’m an EV expert – there are SO many things I hate about Teslas… they’re noisy and the suspension is rubbish

AN EV expert has revealed what he hates about Teslas, claiming they’re too loud and the suspension is crap.

Kris Rifa has taken over youtube to list his favorite haters with Elon Musk’s own brand and “unearth the truth” about the quality of their cars.

Kris Rifa revealed what Tesla hates


Kris Rifa revealed what Tesla hatesPhoto credit: Youtube / Kris Rifa
He noted that the Model 3 and Model Y visibly shook while driving on a residential street


He noted that the Model 3 and Model Y visibly shook while driving on a residential streetPhoto credit: Youtube / Kris Rifa

While he said he doesn’t hate Tesla as a whole, he does have some specific dislikes that he thinks other manufacturers could handle better.

Kris said, “The first thing I don’t like about Tesla is the fanboys.”

“If you don’t praise Tesla for everything, you will be labeled a hater.”

His experiences largely stem from the online discourse surrounding Teslas, particularly on web forums, which he found disruptive as a content creator trying to produce objective reviews.

Kris also had concerns about ride quality and noise isolation in the Model 3 and Model Y.

To demonstrate this, he cut to footage from an earlier review that showed the car’s interior visibly shaking as it drove down what appeared to be a flat service road.

He found the suspension on other cars he had tested to be more sophisticated and felt that the Tesla’s suspension was too soft and therefore “never stabilized”.

Kris also felt that there weren’t enough physical buttons and switches on the dashboard, as basically every function was performed through the touchscreen infotainment system.

This included everything from controlling the volume of the stereo to controlling the air conditioning.

Ultimately, he felt that this overloaded the system a bit while the rest of the dash was largely blank.

However, he acknowledged that this issue is common across multiple manufacturers and that Tesla has “one of the best” infotainment systems on the market.

Other criticisms included the lack of customizable options on newer models and the relatively similar design from year to year, making them “boring and dowdy”.

Ultimately, Kris’ biggest problem was the autopilot feature, which he called a “deal breaker.”

He found that the system resulted in “phantom braking” when the car braked when there was no apparent danger, and also refused to change lanes while active.

There was also an irritating tone that couldn’t be turned off and which Kris found very distracting.

social media Commentators were quick to confirm him.

One wrote: “I’ve only had my Model Y for 6 weeks and I totally agree with you.

“I find the interior very sparse, almost too sparse for my taste.”

Another added: “I agree on almost every point.

“I’ve test driven a Model 3 a couple of times, but I just couldn’t stomach all the missing aspects.

“It’s really good on the electric side, but not so much on the car side.”

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He also felt that the cars were overly relying on the touchscreen system rather than physical buttons


He also felt that the cars were overly relying on the touchscreen system rather than physical buttonsPhoto credit: Youtube / Kris Rifa

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