I’m an NHS GP – you’ve been using your air fryer WRONG and it can be toxic to your health

Air fryers are hailed by many as a healthy way to prepare quick meals.

The kitchen gadget uses about half the energy of a regular stove, making it a bit of a money-saving hack.

Air frying food can potentially produce carcinogenic compounds. Photo credit: Getty


Air frying food can potentially produce carcinogenic compounds. Photo credit: GettyPhoto credit: Getty

And despite its name, it doesn’t actually fry food.

It simply restores the crispiness of fried foods without the need for additional fat.

Some now fear that the small stoves could be hazardous to health.

However, the research surrounding the popular deep fryers is still very limited.

An NHS doctor has revealed how dangerous air fryers are and when exactly they can become a hazard.

post on tiktok, dr Karan Rajan On the whole, using air fryers is fine — as long as you use them properly.

Like non-stick pans, air fryers are coated in polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), also known as “forever chemicals,” he explained.

The toxic substances are found in drinking water and other everyday products such as food packaging, carpets, furniture and contact lenses.

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancerthe chemicals may be linked to some types of cancer, including endometrial, ovarian, pancreatic, breast and throat cancer.

dr Karan said, “It’s only really a problem if the air fryer is damaged.”

“As long as you’re not planning on eating the liner of your air fryer, you’re fine.”

You should try to minimize damage and scratches to your fryer’s non-stick coating to prevent the chemicals from leaching into your food.

When cleaning or collecting food from your cooking appliance, avoid using abrasive tools and use wooden or silicone utensils and liners.

“And if you’re really concerned about the nonstick coating, you can use a ceramic or stainless steel air fryer,” he said.

How do air fryers work?

The device works a bit like a convection oven.

A heating element generates hot air, which is then circulated around the food by a fan.

The vegetables or meat placed inside are held in the basket, allowing the hot air to cook the food from all sides.

Using an air fryer, as opposed to traditional deep frying, means you can get your food crispy and browned without having to use a lot of oil – although you can use something to prevent your food from sticking.

Doctors had previously told The Sun that hot air fryers could actually be good for people’s health.

dr Rachel Ward, a GP at Woodlands Medical Center in Didcot, said one of her “key concerns” at the moment is that patients cannot afford to heat their homes and eat well due to the cost of living crisis.

“An air fryer offers an energy-efficient way of preparing food, so that’s a positive,” she explained.

“It also uses far less fat than frying, which is an obvious health benefit.”

Meanwhile dr. Sarah Jarvis, General Practitioner and Clinical Consultant patient infosaid Air fryers can help people lose or control their weight.

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“The theory The advantage of hot air fryers is that they provide the flavor and crispiness of food with up to 75 percent less oil and therefore fewer calories.”

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