I’m banned from using the BBQ after I accidentally set fire to a fence… £460 later and my husband’s trying to fix it

BEAUTIFUL wife blushed after burning her garden fence.

Danielle Rose decided to treat her husband and grill a steak on the barbecue, but it was a disaster, costing her hundreds of dollars and she was banned from cooking over coals.

Danielle decides to grill a steak for her husband, but it ends in disaster


Danielle decides to grill a steak for her husband, but it ends in disasterSource: tiktok/@danielle…rose
Danielle points out the chaos she caused


Danielle points out the chaos she causedSource: tiktok/@danielle…rose

A brutal heatwave sent Britons back to the garden in September, but grilling burgers and buns can have some chaotic consequences, as Danielle discovered.

“I was banned from the BBQ,” she captioned her video, which revealed all.

Filming in selfie mode, Danielle looked serious as she described her meaningful meal.

She shared: “The most expensive meal I ever made for my husband was $625 (£500).

“That was $50 (£40) for the steak I bought at Costco and $575 (£460) for the fence I burned making them.”

Danielle smiled sarcastically, admitted her mistake, then moved the camera through the house and towards the crime scene.

Stepping out into the back garden, viewers can see a candy floss machine on the porch.

Behind it was a long white fence with all its boards missing, revealing what we assumed was the neighbor’s garden.

“I did that,” she said, pointing into the void.

Moving deeper into the garden, Danielle pointed her camera at a man trying to replace a burned fence panel.

Those two steaks turned out to be a very expensive dish but fortunately, Danielle was by no means alone.

So far, 730,000 people have watched her videos and they have embarrassing stories to tell.

One user revealed: “My wife beat you. Made me a steak and lobster tail one night. I’ve been paying for that for 14 years now.”

A second person confessed: “A pizza once cost us $700 (£560) because my dog ​​barked so hard at the delivery person her eyes were bulging out of their sockets and she had to to the emergency vet.”

A third said: “Don’t feel bad… I melted the walls of my house.”

And a fourth commented: “My sunglasses cost $300 (£240). $20 (£16) for glass and the remaining money to repair the liftgate on my SUV, after I backed into a pole in the car park.

Finally, someone asked the question on everyone’s lips – do they eat steak?

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Danielle replied: “Burned to a crisp.”

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Her husband is trying his best to repair the damage


Her husband is trying his best to repair the damageSource: tiktok/@danielle…rose

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