Incredible ‘personality test’ optical illusion could tell if you’re reliable or anxious – what do YOU see first?

A “personality test,” an optical illusion, is designed to reveal whether you’re reliable or fearful — depending on what you see first.

Some say a newly viral image most clearly shows a shark, while others insist they’re instinctively focusing on a fleet of boats instead.

A TikTok video featuring an


A TikTok video featuring an “optical illusion” has been hailed as a personality testCredit: mia_yilin

Now the person behind the picture has interpreted what that could say not only about the personality, but also about self-confidence and future prospects.

content creator Mia Yilinfrom the United States, shared the picture with the words: “What is the first thing you see in this picture?”

And she believes your answer will shed light on whether you’re a solid and dependable worker or a more timid personality.

Her 51 second video on TikTok it has now been viewed nearly two million times and the debate over where to draw attention first is fierce – although the majority seem to agree with her opening option.


If the first thing you see is the shark, it obviously indicates that you are a reliable person who can get things done independently at work.

And Mia predicts: “You will soon have a lot of success in your career.”

“You are a very responsible person and always do your best, so the upcoming achievements have been a long time coming.”

“You are a great asset to any team and you know what you are worth.”

Still, she hinted the last six months might have been “quite stressful” but appreciated the rest of the year was “flowing smoothly” – adding, “And a lot of your dreams are coming true.”


People who are “very ambitious” seem to be drawn first to the boats sailing the ocean – but certain insecurities might be holding them back, Mia believes.

She said: “So far you’ve been eager to face the unknown and simply conformed to the expectations of those around you.”

But there’s better personal news ahead, she says, explaining, “You’re going to meet someone soon who will give you a lot of support and help.”

“You want to change your life for the better and this person will help you do that.”

Many people who tuned in to TikTok felt recognized and described the explanations as “accurate” and “absolutely correct”.

However, the responses also showed that opinions are divided on what catches the eye first: sharks or boats.

One commenter wrote: “I saw a shark and the last 6 months have been tough for me,” while another wrote: “I saw a shark first and it’s true my last 6 months have been stressful – let’s hope it gets better.” becomes.”

Another asked: “How can you be so specific? The last six months have been depressing.”

It was also suggested, “I saw the shark, so I’ll wait patiently” – as well as “I thought the boats were the shark’s teeth.”

Another commenter joked, “I’ve seen the shark but I don’t think I’m the best asset of the company I work at.”

But a rare dissenter asked, “Am I the only one who saw boats first?”

Mia, who has more than 456,000 TikTok followers, shares many similar poses of such optical illusions.

More recently, the question has been whether what you see shows you are easy-going or an overthinker, an outgoing leader or more of a compromiser – and also a divide between cynics and innocents.

A previous global viral sensation was a debate over whether a dress worn at a wedding was blue and black or white and gold.

Celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Taylor Swift, among others, took part in a Twitter argument about what color it was.

The designers of Project Runway were given free rein with the new challenge
RHONY star Brynn Whitfield's parents faced prison during her dark childhood

Similar divisions arose when an Australian TV reporter shared pictures of an outfit that some thought was white, others blue.

And Oscar winner Billie Eilish sparked controversy when she asked what color a pair of sneakers were, pink or green.

Shark seems to be the most popular option with people commenting on the video


Shark seems to be the most popular option with people commenting on the videoCredit: mia_yilin
TikTok Mia Yilin has high hopes for'shark people'


TikTok Mia Yilin has high hopes for ‘shark people’Credit: mia_yilin
Those whose gaze is first drawn to the boats are likely to be in the minority


Those whose gaze is first drawn to the boats are likely to be in the minorityCredit: mia_yilin
They are said to be more anxious - but someone special could be at the door


They are said to be more anxious – but someone special could be at the doorCredit: mia_yilin

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