Indiana Jones 5 Director James Mangold Keeps Fighting Trolls

Indiana Jones in Dial of Destiny.

Indiana Jones in Dial of Destiny.
picture: Lucasfilm

It turns out the trailer for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny maybe only be second best thing that happened to the movie this month. The top spot might be reserved for them Film director James Mangoldwho was patiently but directly telling people on Twitter that he knows more about his film than they do.

It started a few weeks ago when Mangold came out to clear this up Online rumors about the end of the film—in which Indiana Jones is deleted and replaced by Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s character – were inaccurate. The director made that very, very clear Then what Even weeks later, people still don’t believe him and he continues to defend himself and his film.

“So,” the tweet reads. “I took a B-Day break from trolls. But it seems I have to say it again. We don’t shoot and have never shot new scenes or “alternate endings”. Our film is 99% complete and rated complete by MPAA & VFX. Happy Holidays!” Mangold’s tweet sparked a fresh round of replies, some of which were sensible and respectable. Others… were not.

“Have you ever wondered why Spielberg didn’t want anything to do with it???” read an answer. “Could have something to do with that [Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy’s] Desire to destroy every male character that either George or he has created? This woman needs help.” “No,” Mangold replied. “I never asked myself why the SS didn’t want anything to do with it. Because he’s the producer of the film, has seen it many times and we’ve talked weekly for over two years.”

“Bullshit,” replied another user. “Every Disney movie these days is made as a sort of scrapbook of alternate scenes.” The pThe problem with this answer, besides the grammar, is that Mangold has previously made films owned by Disney. “Well, Anthony,” he replied. “It’s kind of you to call me bullshit, but I made it logan and Ford versus Ferrari and Indiana Jones 5 and it hasn’t happened to any of them. I can only speak from my experiences. Be good.”

A particular point of contention seems to be a clip in which legendary composer John Williams is said to be saying something about a new ending. Mangold assures everyone that if Williams said this, he was only joking or getting it wrong and that the composer wrote and conducted “2 hours of brilliant music, at least 60+ cues. There may be a little bit or two left, but it’s a huge score and 99% in the movie.”

However, my favorite has to be a thread by someone criticizing the way the film looks and emphasizing this image.

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picture: Lucasfilm

“The lighting here is not good”, reads the tweet. “The bike and the man look like crops compared to the background shot. Obvious green screen and studio lighting. You can spot it by the headlights on his hair and back shoulders. It’s not natural light. It’s studio lights.” Too bad that person tagged the person who actually shot the scene. “Uh. That’s a real exterior shot of Boyd Holbrook on the street,” Mangold replied. Too weird. There is much more.

Well, to be fair, it’s true that people involved in movies sometimes have to lie about things. There are many well-documented accounts of actors or directors lying to protect spoilers in a movie – you think Andrew Garfield says he won’t be there Spider-Man: No Way Homeor possiblyEveryone denies that Khan was there Star Trek Into Darkness. But Mangold is not cheeky with his answers. If people had guessed the ending to his film, he would almost certainly just ignore it and hope the information wouldn’t spread. The problem is that for some reason we live in a world of distrust and misinformation Certain people would rather believe the babble of YouTube trolls than the words of the person most directly responsible for the work at hand. One with a financial and professional stake in the film.

He also knows, as Mangold emphasizes, that he will be right in the end if Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny hits theaters on June 30th his Twitter feed to see more destruction.

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