Inside ‘Lotto Lag’ Lee Ryan’s mind-boggling car collection including £145k Ferrari after he burned through £6.5m jackpot

THIS is the fantastic ‘Lotto Lag’ car collection snagged by Lee Ryan after winning a £6.5million jackpot including a £145,000 Ferrari.

Lee, 63, won the prize in 1995 but was the first UK lottery winner to serve a prison sentence for screwing up cars, a mansion and shady business ventures.


“Lotto Lion” Lee Ryan had an amazing car collection in 1995Photo credit: Rex

After living on the road for a while he is now back on his feet as a painter/decorator and can count these stunning vehicles among his past vehicles.

The exact models are unknown and his personalized registration numbers are no longer in circulation. Here’s everything we know about his high-performance stable.

Ferrari supercar

One of its crown jewels was a Ferrari supercar


One of its crown jewels was a Ferrari supercarCredit: Alamy

The self-proclaimed “spiritual millionaire” took on a sporty Ferrari to please the car enthusiast within.

However, it drew unwanted attention in the years that followed when an arsonist attempted to set it on fire in front of Lee’s home.

The supercar was parked in the driveway of his £1million mansion when an idiot tried to set it on fire but luckily couldn’t.

Bentley sedan

His Bentley would have cost nearly £200,000


His Bentley would have cost nearly £200,000Photo credit: Rex

The Bentley, featured in a famous photograph of Lee enjoying life with his wife Karen, was one of the most luxurious items in his collection.

Assuming it was the latest model at the time, the retail price was around £200,000, which is around £491,000 today.

Long a favorite of the super-rich, Bentley has a reputation for comfort, quality and a smooth ride.

Porsche sports car

Porsches from the 1990s can now be had for around £40,000


Porsches from the 1990s can now be had for around £40,000Credit: Alamy

In addition to his souped-up Ferarri, Lee also got hold of a fancy Porsche sports car.

Back then, the latest models sold for around £64,000.

For those looking for a taste of ’90s high-life, Porsches from the ’90s can be found online for around £40,000, so they’ve held up relatively well.

BMW sedan

The BMW was one of Lee's cheapest cars, but was excellent for everyday driving


The BMW was one of Lee’s cheapest cars, but was excellent for everyday drivingCredit: Alamy

More of an everyday vehicle than the others in its collection, the BMW combined excellent performance with comfort at a relatively good price.

At the time they cost around £25,000 each from the showrooms, but today you’re lucky to sell one for well over £10,000.

Back then, however, they were considered solid, reliable cars that would get you from A to B in style.

Ducati Superbikes

In addition to his four-wheel rides, Lee snagged a pair of Ducati superbikes


In addition to his four-wheel rides, Lee snagged a pair of Ducati superbikesCredit: collect

In addition to his impressive group of four-wheelers, Lee acquired a pair of Ducati superbikes.

The Italian manufacturer has excellent racing experience and is a favorite among prominent enthusiasts including Ewan McGregor.

And they’re still popular today, with the larger capacity classics selling for between £7,000 and £29,000 online.

Vauxhall Vivaro

He now drives a Vauxhall Vivaro for his job as a painter/decorator


He now drives a Vauxhall Vivaro for his job as a painter/decoratorPhoto credit: Jon Bond – The Sun

Lee’s current car is a little less glamorous than his previous rides, but it does the job.

The Vauxhall van he uses for his work as a decorator is as reliable as it is functional and, at around £10,000 today, is significantly cheaper than previous vehicles.

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Ultimately, he appears to have changed his life after losing millions investing in Central Asia.

These days, he spends his time furnishing fancy homes while largely keeping himself out of the public eye.

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