Inside secret world of glam women paid to party on luxury yachts with millionaires – & the strict rules they must follow

THE super rich and famous love to party on luxurious yachts around the world – often with attractive young women.

But the girls are only there because they were hired to “look pretty”.

Three girls working in the industry reveal the secret party scene


Three girls working in the industry reveal the secret party sceneCredit: Included

While getting paid to party sounds like a dream job, sexual exploitation and coercion are a problem for those sought out by rich men for eye candy.

Here, three girls working in the industry, Georgette Culley and Ally Einstein, reveal the secret party scene.

“Rich men think they can buy anything. We are accessible to all of them.


MODEL Sarah, 27, from Birmingham says: “I didn’t realize how naïve I had been until I was sexually assaulted on a yacht by a drunk crypto millionaire and there was no escape.

“Now I would like to warn others about the darker undersides of the glamorous appearance.”

Model Sarah was sexually assaulted on a yacht by a crypto millionaire


Model Sarah was sexually assaulted on a yacht by a crypto millionaireCredit: Included

She says: “When I started living in Dubai in 2021, I couldn’t believe my luck.

“I was shooting a swimwear catalog when another model asked if I would be interested in getting paid to party on a superyacht.

“Her and two other models who I knew would leave and the pay was £600 for five hours of work. It was a party for a well-known DJ.

“She excitedly told me, ‘All we have to do is chat with guests, dance, mingle and pose in our bikinis.’ We are here to bring the glamour.

“A chauffeur took us to the yacht where a top team was ready to do our hair and makeup.

“We were told not to drink too much and not have sex with anyone.

“But if we happened to like someone, we could flirt and make out.

“I had the time of my life. After that I was invited to a party or two a month.

“It’s a very secret world that most people have no idea exists. I felt like a celebrity.

“It was addicting. Sometimes I would make £1,000 for seven hours.”

“But there were always more girls than men.

“I was not for sale”

“I’ve learned to be aware of my limitations. I wasn’t for sale, I was just there to celebrate.

“Most party bookers would ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement because of the quality of the celebrities in attendance.

“I lived the good life for months – but things changed last May at a boat party in the south of France.

“There were twelve girls and six men on board and I was offered £1,200 for five hours of work.

“I noticed that the mood was different than in Dubai.

“The other girls cheered on the crypto millionaire, his buddies and a well-known rapper.

“They were willing to do anything to make the men happy. It was humiliating.

“They made us look like escorts, which put us in danger.

“A man grabbed me from behind and tried to grope me. He was drunk and slurring.

“I was appalled and scared. We sailed the sea and had no escape. I felt trapped.

“In tears, with my friend’s help, I managed to push him off and we asked the organizers to take us back to shore in a speedboat.

“We were shaking. We realized how naive we had been.”

“I later heard that two girls had passed out and another was so drunk she had to go to the hospital.

“I vowed to stay away from the paid party scene after that. There is a dirty side to the uncontrolled yacht parties, especially in Europe.

“Rich men think they can buy anything. We are accessible to all of them.

“It’s very shabby. Girls should stay away.”

“At first I was skeptical and ashamed in case they thought I was an escort.”


PERSONAL trainer Pippa, 28, left, from Plymouth, recalls the “what happens on the yacht, stays on the yacht” culture.

She says: “I was in Ibiza for an Instagram photo shoot in 2022 when a representative from a yacht company asked me if I would like to be paid to party.

Pippa, from Plymouth, remembers the culture:


Pippa, from Plymouth, remembers the culture: “What happens on the yacht, stays on the yacht.”Credit: Included

“They said I just had to look pretty, sunbathe on the yacht and add glamor to the party.

“At first I thought it sounded too good to be true. I was skeptical and ashamed in case they mistook me for an escort.

“They assured me that would not be the case and said there were strict rules on the yacht.

“I asked if I could bring a friend and after seeing her picture they agreed.

“The next day we both spent four hours on a 60-foot yacht chatting to a group of very wealthy businessmen.

“There were ten girls and five men and we were each paid £300 for our time.

“We all wore bikinis and sarongs and spent most of our time sunbathing. After that, I did it for six months and made thousands.

“I’ve met millionaires, musicians, celebrities, movie stars and their friends.

“I got access to the most exclusive clubs and lived my dream.”

Pippa says it's important to know where your limits are and when to stop


Pippa says it’s important to know where your limits are and when to stopCredit: Included

“I had a policy of only throwing daytime parties, and I never accepted overnight invitations because I didn’t want to give the men the wrong idea.

“There have been times I’ve pinched myself sunbathing next to a well-known celebrity or chatting with a millionaire about his latest deal.

“But I was never allowed to photograph her or talk about her.

“That was the deal, we had to be discreet.

“What happened on the yacht stayed on the yacht.

“Event organizers have always booked me for my girl-next-door looks. We had to be polished and spotless.

“But it wasn’t all sunshine and champagne.

“A yacht captain told me about a girl who was attacked on a night cruise and girls who got so drunk they couldn’t remember what happened to them.

“I made sure I only had two drinks on board and if there were ever drugs around I never took them.

“The competition was tough. There were always younger models coming along willing to do anything to live the Kardashian lifestyle, so I worried about my durability.

“Overall I had a great experience and made a lot of money, but I was cautious. I decided to get out while I was still fine.

“I made great connections but gave it up to focus on my personal training business.

“I don’t regret getting paid to party.

“I’ve made sure I’m safe and respected, but you need to know where your boundaries are and when to break up.”

“I’m proud of how far I’ve come.” It’s an amazing industry if you’re smart.

Carmen Fearnley

Businesswoman Carmen, 27, left, from Leeds, says she lives the luxury life in Dubai, running her company Yacht Do You Want and chartering yachts to celebrities and millionaires.

She says: “My life today is a far cry from my old life in Leeds where I grew up.

Living the high life in Dubai, Carmen runs her company Yacht Do You Want, chartering yachts to celebrities and millionaires


Living the high life in Dubai, Carmen runs her company Yacht Do You Want, chartering yachts to celebrities and millionairesCredit: Included

“When I first moved to Dubai I worked in an exclusive club.

“I got so many requests from super rich men and celebrities for yacht parties and cruise rentals that three years ago I decided to start my own business.

“I charter luxury yachts to Instagram influencers, sports stars, business executives, wealthy cryptocurrency moneymen, millionaires and A-listers.

“The demand for a yacht in Dubai is 24 hours a day and I get calls at all hours of the day and night.

“Rental rates start from £100 to £5,000 per hour depending on the size of the yacht.

“They range from 50-foot to 220-foot superyachts. It’s good money.

“A hostess with the most resources can earn £100 to £200 for four hours of work.

“You have to look glamorous, well groomed and dressed to impress.

“They are hired to add to the general glamour. That is why it is important that the girls are spotless and behave properly.

“I will not tolerate girls who break the rules.

“They are all checked by me and I make it clear to them that they are not allowed to get drunk, use drugs or behave inappropriately in front of customers on board.”

“They are seduced by the money”

“If a girl ends up dating someone she met on a yacht, that’s her personal affair.

“I’ve heard from girls in Europe who have been emotionally and mentally devastated when they don’t play by the rules or think they know better than people like me who know the industry inside and out.

“They are seduced by money and can end up being taken advantage of and abused.

“It is vital that they respect the strict laws in the United Arab Emirates, where I operate.

“Some of these girls are naive and have delusional expectations.

“That’s why I’m proud of the company I’ve built. girls trust me

“They know that I have their well-being at heart and will look after them on board.

“Anyone who breaks my rules will be thrown off the yacht.

“I don’t want girls to get hurt and I appreciate and respect the laws of this country.

“In Dubai, the police patrol the port, so it is important that the boats are properly steered.

“I know some girls who met great guys at yacht parties and are now married with kids.

“You live the life of luxury that most women can only dream of.

“I’m proud of how far I’ve come. It’s a great industry if you take care of yourself and you’re smart.”

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