IPL 2022: Aakash Chopra on Mumbai Indians’ win over Delhi Capitals

Aakash Chopra pointed out that the victory of the Mumbai Indians (MI) in the final match at IPL 2022 against Delhi Capitals (DC) could not conceal their poor performance in the tournament.

Rohit Sharma’s side beat the Capitals by five goals in their encounter in the Indian Premier League on Saturday (May 21). However, the five-time champion is still last, trailing the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in net run rate.

In a video shared on his YouTube channel, Aakash Chopra had the following to say about the Mumbai Indians finishing the tournament with a winning record:

“The Mumbai Indians ended their campaign with a win. Mumbai plays a bit out of pride, they’re not used to ending up here. Nothing has changed because of this win. It’s true that the season plays out. It turned out perfectly normal and this victory didn’t heal the wound properly.”


Reflecting on the chase of the Mumbai Indians, the former Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) player highlighted Rohit Sharma’s ride against Khaleel Ahmed. Chopra explains:

“The chase went on in an interesting fashion because they were tied up from the start. How good is Khaleel at bowling, the two pitches he threw to Rohit Sharma were probably the two best overtakes in the game. This IPL. The hitter didn’t hit the nine-dot ball for Rohit Sharma, it never happened like this.”

While praising Ishan Kishan and Dewald Brevis for their punching moves, Chopra pointed out that the latter may have followed the former to the booth one at a time from Kuldeep Yadav. He observes:

“Then he got out and it looked like the game could be tough. Dewald Brevis came in and he hit really well. There were a couple of chances getting stuck on spin and one was created. Two. players can draw. Ishan Kishan has been sacked, Kuldeep Yadav has sent him off after a good hit. He (Kishan) is brilliant.”

While saying that Rishabh Pant gave up an offer quite easily, the popular commentator added that Brevis’s subsequent dismissal gave the Capital Delhi the upper hand. Chopra explains:

“In the same situation, Dewald Brevis tried to head, the ball went up in the air. It was a very easy catch by Rishabh Pant standards but missed. Dewald Brevis scored a few times later before escaping. out. momentum begins to shift slightly towards the opposing team.”

Brevis was eliminated by Pant when he was just 25 years old. The Proteas youngster added 12 runs to his roster after that before he was sacked by Shardul Thakur, prompting the Mumbai Indians to claim 65 more runs in 33 deliveries at that stage.

“Then came a pivotal moment” – Aakash Chopra on Rishabh Pant Not Commenting Against Tim David of the Mumbai Indians

Tim David's lightning strike helped the Mumbai Indians chase the target [P/C: iplt20.com]
Tim David’s fiery butt helped the Mumbai Indians chase the target [P/C: iplt20.com]

Aakash Chopra questioned Rishabh Pant’s decision not to reconsider when the on-field umpire dismissed an appeal to the back on the first serve Tim David faced. He reasoned:

“But then came a crucial moment. There’s the external edge, there’s the appeal, if there’s only five excesses left and you have two DRSs available, why not? Grab it even if there’s 50 % chance. Tim David’s wicket, you know it’s a game, set and match.”

While praising David for playing an aggressive knock-out, the 44-year-old concluded by questioning the Mumbai Indians for not sticking with the famous Singaporean after a few early defeats. first. Chopra explains:

“Tim David – Mumbai’s big story, why don’t you play him? You bought him for eight crores but didn’t play him eight games in the first place. He’s a six hit machine. He had the strength, it started for a six even when it didn’t hit mid-club Ramandeep finally came in and played a couple of important shots Tilak Varma scored 21 crucial runs and Mumbai won the game. win.”


David smoked 34 shots to 11 balls, one quadruped knock-out and four six-balls, all but the match in favor of the Mumbai Indians. After being sacked, Ramandeep Singh got the job done with an unbeaten record of 13 after just 6 balls.

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