Is Courtney and Cameron’s Slow Burn Fizzling Out?

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Stargirl Season 3.DC’s Stargirl follows Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger), as her family relocates to Blue Valley, Nebraska, where she stumbles upon a cosmic staff and long-hidden secrets about her stepfather, Pat (Luke Wilson) and his connections to the superheroes that once made up the Justice Society of America. Now, halfway through The CW’s third season, Courtney’s life as a stargirl has become infinitely more complicated as she tries to redeem former enemies who, despite their best efforts, aren’t exactly known for handling tense situations optimally. But the most complex aspect of her life right now is her blossoming romance with Cameron Mahkent (Hunter Sansone), something that has been slow Buildings since the beginning of the series. And now that we finally see this dynamic explored? There’s not the satisfaction we’ve been waiting for.


From the start, Courtney’s relationship with Cameron was incredibly complex, although he wasn’t privy to the secrets. Almost as soon as Courtney became Stargirl, she became embroiled in battle with the Injustice Society of America, the enemies who eventually killed and defeated various members of the JSA in a brutal battle some ten years earlier. The catch? The leader of the ISA was Jordan Mahkent (Neil Jackson), Cameron’s father, who later developed a crush on Courtney’s mother, Barbara (amy smart). Her most powerful enemy was her love interest’s father, who was absolutely delicious TV to devour. Since the end of the first season, however, the further development of her slow burn has been rather disappointing.

As if that wasn’t complicated enough, her stepbrother Mike (Trae Romano), accidentally killing Jordan and smashing him to pieces in his icicle form during the final fight made matters worse. Plus, Jordan’s parents – Cameron’s grandparents Sofus (Jim France) and Lily Mahkent (Kay Galvin) – aware of Courtney’s involvement in her son’s untimely death, something they have not disclosed to Cameron. Courtney kept his distance from Cameron throughout the second season, while his role was limited to brief appearances when he created a mural of his father in the middle of town. Their limited interactions definitely showed their feelings for each other, but Courtney’s guilt was too strong and she couldn’t bring herself to reveal the truth about Jordan. Meanwhile, Cameron began developing his own superpowers: cryokinesis, like his father and grandparents.

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In season three, her dynamic finally shifted…kinda. As his powers grow at breakneck speed, Cameron struggles to control them. Courtney finds out and, for many reasons, offers to help him learn how to use his abilities to ultimately help him not turn into his father. After finally spending a lot of time together and spending two seasons filled with longing looks and intense interactions, Courtney and Cameron finally decide to indulge their feelings for each other and kiss in his cryokinesis generated snow. They’ve progressed in their relationship and even had an awkward family reunion with Courtney’s parents and Cameron’s grandparents, but it was ultimately a bit disappointing to see how things turned out.

It’s gotten pretty difficult to invest in the couple now that they’ve actually made it official. Perhaps in part due to the fact that they hardly spent any time together that Courtney wasn’t conflicted in her feelings about the many mysteries hanging over their heads. Or rather, because this flame actually only burns slowly. It takes “slow burn” to the extreme, and it’s hard to care for when not much has changed. There has been little to no resolution to the issues that have plagued the pair since season one, so why have we waited so long for the two to get together? Courtney almost constantly lies to Cameron, who still doesn’t even know she’s Stargirl. He knows nothing about the key role she played in his father’s final moments, which will obviously shake their romance as he discovers the truth and how much she has been hiding from him while he has been relatively open with her in comparison.

There is also the question of whether or not he will follow in his father’s footsteps draw continues as the show consistently chooses to focus on other stories, giving us so little time to know who Cameron is and whether those powers will also cause his perspective to change, which is a possibility . His grandparents are definitely just as bad as his father, so it’s hard to know if he can overcome decades of evil and break free. And a new complication to this romance is that the other members of the JSA don’t trust Cameron because of what his father has done, leaving Courtney in a horrible situation where she’s torn between everyone and nobody in her life can tell the truth about what is going on. Simply put, there’s just way too much going on with this dynamic that doesn’t seem to matter much to the writers.

star girl always struggled with having far too many characters in the spotlight with so few episodes, and the Cameron and Courtney storyline was always on the losing side of the battle. Well, the slow burn between Cameron and Courtney just doesn’t really work because there’s just too much to do after so many little things built up over the course of the show that more is now being piled on. The show has effectively killed enthusiasm for the sequel because it has been so poorly handled so far. Given the state of The CW, it’s entirely possible that the current season could be the final season of star girl. With only seven episodes remaining, there’s no way the series can bring this story and romance to a satisfying conclusion, even if they don’t end up together. Unless something drastically changes in the next episode, that slow burn will completely fizzle out and live on as one of the most disappointing aspects of an otherwise fantastic show, which is a shame because Courtney and Cameron had the potential to be one of the most interesting dynamics we’ve seen of DC’s superheroes on The CW.

star girl continues Wednesdays on The CW. Is Courtney and Cameron’s Slow Burn Fizzling Out?

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